My Beautiful Commander
158 The Grand Auction 3
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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158 The Grand Auction 3

Initially Mo Yan thought of bidding for these pair of pitiful wolf cubs, but he stopped when he heard the same voice again. It was the person who bid against him for the lion. Since the man already lost the lion, he decided not to bid against him for these pair of wolf cubs. Praising himself as a benevolent man, he started sipping his wine again with no intention to bid for those cubs .

It seems that the crowd was really not interested in these cubs, the bidding stopped at 1000 gold coins. The auctioneer hit the bell three times in the blink of an eye afraid that the bidder would change his mind.

" Ming, now they are no longer alone. The same goes for us." Xia Lian spoke while pinching the little bunny's cheeks " All those who are in the room are our family. So, we are not alone."

Though he was not able to understand everything his sister spoke, he knew that his sister was always right about everything. So, he nodded his little head without any hesitation.


" We have come to collect the money for the latest bid. Can we come in?" a young girl spoke in a sweet and charming voice.

" Come in."

The door was pushed open as soon as Xia Lian's voice fell. A young woman entered the room with a tray in her hand. She was rooted at the spot on seeing the bunch of handsome men in the room. On seeing her flustered appearance, Xia Lian did not wait for her to speak and placed the thousand gold coins on the tray.

The clinking sounds of the coins snapped the woman out of her gaze.

" Y-young master, you can take the cubs with you after the auction. Here's the token and please show this token at the collection counter. Also, please excuse me for my absent mindedness earlier."

She apologised for her behaviour to which Xia Lian just laughed and let go of the matter. The woman was just appreciating beauty and it was not a capital offence that requires any sort of punishment. Xia Lian accepted the token from her and dismissed the woman.

On the other hand, the woman was still in a daze as she closed the door of the private room. If it was any other person, they would have at least slapped her or whipped her. But the young man in there just laughed and let her go. This type of man was a rare gem, the woman sighed as she walked.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, the most awaited moment has arrived. Let's start the auction of the medicines concocted by the peerless genius doctor Wu." the auctioneers announcement made Xia Lian choke on the water she was drinking.

" *cough* * cough*..." she patted her chest to calm down her heaving chest. As soon as the symptoms of her cough subsided, she immediately exploded " What is that Du Weng instructing his people?! What peerless genius? I thought of announcing my master's name but this old man spoiled everything."

" Master, calm down." Fan Ling patted her shoulders gently " We can find another occasion to do that thing."

Fan Ling's voice had an effect on Xia Lian as she immediately calmed down. Xia Lian stared at the calm and cold faced older girl beside her with mixed feelings. She really wanted to break that ice cold facade, but she absolutely had no idea how to do it. As if remembering something, Xia Lian took the little bunny who was in Xuan Li Wei's grasp and placed him in Fan Ling's arms. It was as she expected, the sight of the little one softened Fan Ling's sharp contours. It was at that moment Xia Lian decided to leave Xia Ming in Fan Ling's care whenever she was busy.

" Let's start the bidding for the poison Silent night."

The auctioneers announcement caught Xuan Li Wei's attention for a while, then he turned towards the little girl " Silent Night, hmm… I want to bid now."

" You are really stupid." Xia Lian rolled her eyes at his stupidity. On seeing his confused face her lips twitched. Is he thinking that she will extort money even from her friends? She was disappointed but she did not show it on her face.

Instead she slapped his shoulders " Do you even need to bid? I would never take money from you and Moyin…"

" Oh!" Xuan Li Wei really did not think in that direction. He was not willing to accept anything from her and he wanted to bid. " No problem, I want to bid."

Very well then! She rolled up her sleeves and took out a jade bottle from her robes. Noticing the jade bottle on her hands, Xuan Li Wei felt apprehensive " What is it?"

" A new poison. I am not sure if it freezes a person or makes a person die from excessive bleeding. If you are kind enough to become my test subject, then I will allow you to bid." she spoke leisurely as if she was reading a weather report while playing with the bottle in her hands.

" No thanks, I think it is not a good idea to refuse your good intentions." Xuan Li Wei gulped " Since you are giving it to us for free, I won't be hesitating any longer."

" Hehe... Now, you are on the right track." Xia Lian squinted her eyes like a lazy cat.

" 220,000" the excited shout of a woman made Xia Lian rise her brows in amusement. Why did she find this voice so familiar?


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