My Beautiful Commander
160 The Grand Auction 5
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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160 The Grand Auction 5

'Explanation?' Xia Lian sneered in her heart. This little concubine was truly becoming impudent.It's time to show her who exactly is the boss. Xia Lian felt the need to pacify all the ladies who are now showing hostility towards her. But, she cannot be rude before her bunny and scare him.

" Yang Qiu, leave now with Fan Ling and my brother."

Xia Ming was also feeling drowsy and he readily complied with her words. She turned towards He Chun " Brother He, the way I am going to deal with them is not something that I wish you to see. I would like it if you take Bolin and Bohai back with you."

In reality, He Chun would not feel uncomfortable at all. What had he not seen in all these years? But, he felt understood that this kid might have something he wanted to discuss with the two handsome men in the room. Without any protest, the group of six left the auction house without attracting much attention.

Now only four members were left in the room. Xuan Li Wei saw that she did not send Lu Wen away which made him rather curious. How could Lu Wen not understand his probing look?

" If she is not a girl, I wouldn't be so protective of her." his blunt and direct words made Xuan Li Wei gape in amazement.It was his first time seeing such over protective brother ah! Would be turn like that when his little sister also finds a man? His thoughts wandered to a far and distant land…

" Sis Xia, now what should we do? The crowd is going crazy." Jun Moyin was rather anxious on seeing her unaffected and calm profile.

" Don't be so nervous!" Xia Lian patted his shoulders and flashed a charming smile at him " It's time you see my abilities…"

Xia Lian's altered look can be considered as good looking. She did not look too gentle like He Chun or playful like Jun Moyin. And she did not possess heaven defying looks like Xuan Li Wei. She possessed above average looks and can be considered to be a handsome scholar.

But, there is one thing that was attractive about her and it was her smile. A smile capable of making young maidens heart palpitate and making men's heart burn with envy, she possessed such smile. She also had a pair of hypnotic obsidian black eyes into which women would lose themselves willingly.

It was only when she smiled that Jun Moyin realised how fatal his sister-in-law was as a man. The smile made her sculpted face look seductive and evil, a kind which all girls would fantasize about.

" O-Ok…" Jun Moyin was too flustered to reply and he managed to blurt out only that single word. Xia Lian's smile deepened on seeing her effect on him.

Xuan Li Wei did not see her smile as her back was facing him, but Lu Wen who sitting beside Moyin clearly saw this little brat's actions and he had to admit that he was amused by her actions. With a doting smile on his face, he rubbed her head " En, we will clearly watch you. Go now…"

"Hmm…" Xia Lian was embarrassed by his sudden display of affection and strangely she liked this feeling. Lu Wen immediately retracted his hand not sure of what she was thinking about him. But his worries were unfounded as she took his hand and placed it on her head.

Jun Moyin: "..." Is his sister-in-law a puppy?

Xuan Li Wei: "..." My wife is too cute! Now, I am tempted to rub her head!!

Allowing herself to be spoiled for a while, Xia Lian hesitantly stepped out of the room into the corridor. She really like Lu Wen patting her head ah!

" Ladies…" Xia Lian's clear voice sounded out in the room silencing everyone.

" Doctor W-Wu, I think I can …" The auctioneer tried to persuade Xia Lian not to get involved in this argument. It was really not easy to silence the angry crowds, especially women. Moreover he was their honored client and how could they allow him to take any damages!

" They are finding problems with me and so it's only natural that I should be the one who clears up." her voice left no room for any argument and the auctioneer found himself nodding his head.

" To all the ladies present here, I would like to ask you a few question. I would like to expect answers from all of you."

" Why are you all so interested in poisons? Don't tell me that like to play with them?" she chuckled at that " Your interest in bidding only makes it obvious that you want to kill someone."

After this she suddenly changed her question which rendered all the men speechless for a moment before they burst out laughing " To all the husbands here, tell me how many of you will eat the food cooked by your wife or concubines without testing them?"

The laughter from all the men broke the tense atmosphere in the room. What she said was true and with each man having three wives and four concubines who knew which one of them would plot against him? It was only in the fear for their life that they check the food for any traces of poison and this matter was also known by all the women here, so they were unable to lift their heads out of shame.


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