My Beautiful Commander
161 The Grand Auction 6
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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161 The Grand Auction 6

On sensing the silence everywhere, Xia Lian quietly tiptoed into the room and whispered in Xuan Li Wei's ear " Which one of your brother's takes care of law and order, I mean who knows the statistics of crime?"

" My second brother, Xuan Li Min." Though Xuan Li Wei was suspicious on why she was asking that he did not hesitate in the least to sell his brother out.

" Thanks…" she blurted out in a hurry while rushing out of the room. All this time Xia Lian was standing in a dark corner while speaking, but now she chose to stand in the area which is brightly illuminated.

Now that she was in the light, many turned their heads to take a peek at her. They were all stunned by the sight of the person before them. He was young but that face was… too good-looking! All those women who cursed insults found themselves staring at the young man in a daze.

' If only I am younger, I would have definitely pursued him to death.' that was the only thought running in the minds of all the women at that moment.

" It's sad to say this, but I need to. According to the crime statistics, most of the poisoning cases were either due to envy or greed of women."

Just as they were about to doubt the credibility of the information she dropped a huge bomb " It was the Crown Prince of the Qilin Empire, who gave me this information. And out of moral duty, it was decided that we will stop selling poisons to women. The Crown Prince is truly the one who cares for his citizens. If you have any doubts, you are free to doubt him."

The Crown Prince who is also the next in succession to the throne? They would be retarded if they were to doubt such a man! They didn't want to lose their heads ah!

" *cough* *cough*" a man in a private room started coughing violently on hearing his name being used like that. No! He did not want to be popular! If the word of this spreads out, all those stupid officials will

" It seems that our sister-in-law is quite clever and sly like a fox… Really suited to be with little fourth. I approve…" Xuan Li Yan spoke in voice tinged with mirth. His eyes were on the handsome young man who was speaking in the corridor.

The three princes heard that their younger brothers were going to the auction to meet this girl. They heard from Moyin that she was going by the identity of Doctor Wu. Thanks to their curiosity, they secretly arrived to the Dark City much to the amusement of the old emperor on the throne. They tried to take a peek at her when she entered her own room which they failed at miserably as they were not even able to take a single glance at her.

They were disappointed and restrained themselves with great difficulty from barging into the room when then they saw Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin also enter her room. But now that she entered into the light, their eyes were naturally scrutinizing their future sister-in-law.

It was totally unexpected to them that she would use Li Min's name, but that only made them more amused than before. They had to admit that this girl was completely different from what they expected, different in a good way.

Xuan Li Min whose name was used had a proud smile on his face "Hehe… Sister-in-law used my name first…"

Xuan Li Yan and Xuan Li Shan: "..." Shameless!!

At this time, Xia Lian was speaking in such a way that all the women are blushing furiously.

" All the ladies here, I believe that each one of you is a fragile flower. You should not stain your hands by using such poisons."

"If you find your husband cheating on you, then just murder him. Don't think twice about such things and just go for the kill. Why to harm the women ah?"

" As women you should learn to support each other, but not harm each other."

" Of course, not all women are good and some are as dangerous as snakes. Just beat them in front of everyone, killing is not the best form of revenge."

' Why is this Doctor spoiling all the ladies?' all the men had the same thought in their minds and their eyes started twitching on seeing the fangirl expressions on all the faces of women who were with them.

" Personally, I hate to see women resorting to such shady schemes. I would love to see you fight head on with your enemies. So, I naturally forbid selling poisons to women." Xia Lian's husky voice sounded out " To make it up for you, I made some special creams for you all which will make your skin supple and soft. They will be introduced into the market later."

" Do you think that I am unreasonable now?"

" No, N-no… We are the ones who were in the wrong. We apologize." All the women who initially criticized her immediately admitted that they were wrong. This Doctor Wu is really biased towards them, in a good way. Initially they thought that he hated women, but who knew that he was such a sweet talker ah!

" I am not the one who bears grudges over such petty matters. All are not the same, if I were you I would think twice before offending anyone." she advised them in a gentle voice before fixing her gaze on Lin Rong.


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