My Beautiful Commander
165 Moody Xia Lian
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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165 Moody Xia Lian

" It's good that you are listening to me! So, go back now." Xuan Li Wei retracted his hand from her hair and flicked her forehead.

" Hey!" Xia Lian shouted while rubbing her head " Why do you always flick your finger on my forehead? It is quite painful"

" Just for now. Hurry up and go back." Xuan Li Wei's voice was gentle and patient as if he was coaxing a kid.

" I will send you both off." Xia Lian did not understand why this fellow was sending her away, so she could only admit that she want see them off.

" No need to do such things. Lu Wen, take her away." Xuan Li Wei sent a meaningful glance to the man standing behind the little girl.

" Master, let's go inside. We still have to get the wolf cubs from them." Lu Wen patted her shoulder successfully making her turn towards him. He winked and she spoke in a flustered voice as a sudden realisation dawned on her " Ah! I will be going in then…"

" Both of you, please be careful on your journey back." she flashed a brilliant smile at both of them before heading into the auction house with Lu Wen trailing behind her.

' Oh S*it! Xia Lian, you are turning more foolish with each passing day. They obviously had something that they want to discuss alone. Not only did you fail to take their hints and leave them alone but also insisted that you would send them off! What sort of mud was accumulated in your brain ah?!' she was busy scolding herself in her heart that she did notice the wall before her and bumped right into it.

" Ouch!" she cried out loudly but did not stop walking as she wanted to return home soon with her wolf cubs. There was this nagging feeling inside her heart, something that is making her uncomfortable. And somehow she knew that it was because she was returning back without properly sending off those two idiotic friends of hers. This feeling was making her suffocated and so she wanted to go to her bunny, her only salvation in this cruel world.

Truth be told, she was having these crazy urges to turn around and wave her hands at them. But she was not sure if those fellows are busy discussing something or not. Maybe they are not as enthusiastic as her…

That thought itself was so depressing…

She shook her head to get rid of these ridiculous thoughts and restrained herself from turning around.

" Heartless fellows…" she cursed under her breath " Even this Moyin is a heartless fellow and that Li Wei is a ice cold wooden block…"

Lu Wen who was silently following her all this time had an extremely amused expression on his face and his eyes turned into crescents after hearing her complaints. She was now like a little furry cat which was provoked and would explode in fury at any time.

" Stupid girl…" Xuan Li Wei chuckled when he saw her bump into the wall. His eyes had a never seen gentleness as he stared at her departing figure. Jun Moyin was long accustomed to this side of Xuan Li Wei and he knew better than anyone the whirlwind of emotions in the heart of his brother.

His brother must be feeling terrible now. He was sure that if chance be given, this brother of his would gladly leave everything behind to follow her like a tail.

Only when she was out of his sight did Xuan Li Wei turn around to face Moyin. Gone was the warmth and the gentle smile on his face. All that remained was that signature poker face of his as he spoke " Let's get to work. We need to move these crates…"

Inside the auction house…

" What do you mean that you will not give those wolf pups to me?" Xia Lian was starting to get impatient and the people who were responsible for the exchange of goods broke out into a cold sweat.

Lu Wen started to get a headache and not knowing what to do he just pulled her behind him and apologised to the two men who were trembling " My master is in a bad mood. So, don't be so scared and we have no problem with you sending those cubs to our place tomorrow. We will be counting on you."

Lu Wen's words made the two trembling bodies finally calm down and they thanked him for his grace.

" What is the problem with you? I can understand that you are not happy, but you should direct your anger on the weak and innocent…" Lu Wen's voice was helpless as he was dragging her away from the place.

" I…" she wanted to retort something but she stopped in the middle and let out a long sigh " I understand and I'm sorry. I will not act like that again."

" Good…" Lu Wen nodded and stared at her with a serious expression as he spoke the following words making the little girl's face darken almost immediately " You are quite a handful. I am really feeling sorry for your future husband…"

" Doctor Wu…" It was Du Weng's voice that saved Lu Wen from getting hit by the hot headed girl before him.

Seeing that the young doctor's attention was on him, Du Weng spoke in an urgent voice " My master wants to meet you."

" Even I want to meet him. Take me to him." Xia Lian then snorted at the woman who was still kneeling on the floor " You can leave now and the next time you go against me I guarantee you that you would regret it for the rest of your life."

Xia Lian did not spare another glance at the woman as she turned around and followed Du Weng. If she had, she would have noticed the undisguised murder and rage in Lin Rong's eyes. Lu Wen who noticed all this furrowed his brows but he did not say anything.

' If that woman dared to do anything stupid, he himself would strangle her.' he vowed in his heart.


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