My Beautiful Commander
168 Protective sister wolf
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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168 Protective sister wolf

After making sure that Fan Ling and her little bunny were seated on a high branch which is at a safe distance from the ground, Xia Lian cracked her knuckles not in anticipation, but in fear.

She was afraid! After all, she was a human and the opponent is a wolf. A damn wolf! How was she expected to go against that thing!! Wouldn't she be scratched and bitten to death?

' No!' Xia Lian slapped her cheeks hard 'If you can't even tame a wolf, then how can you lead an army of thousands? Lian Lian, brace yourself for you will like a scratched kitten at the end of the fight. Keep yourself together girl.'

' Ah! Lian Lian, little Ming wants to play with the wolves. So, you must tame this big wolf at any cost. The little wolf is looking harmless, so it can be considered as a success if I am able to tame this big wolf.'

After encouraging herself for who knows how many times, Xia Lian opened the cage and immediately took a step back. The wolf did not make any moves and stared at the little human before her calmly.

The damn wolf is clever! Xia Lian wanted to cry now. It was of no use on being defensive, she decided in her heart and slowly approached the wolf.

" Wolfy, I will not harm you and your little brother. I can cure him." even Xia Lian didn't know why she was speaking with a wolf.

" Grrr…" the wolf let out a growl as she saw Xia Lian extending her hand towards the little wolf. Deciding that the person before it was an enemy, it immediately pounced on her.

The wolf was heavy and Xia Lian was pushed down as she was caught off guard. Her attention was on grabbing the little wolf as fast as possible. But, she did not think that the wolf would be faster than her.

Never underestimate a wild animal! Xia Lian learnt her lesson.

On seeing that the wolf was about to bite her neck, Xia Lian immediately placed a long wooden pole against its mouth thus blocking the fatal attack.

" Hiss…" But, it's paws managed to reach her face and the sharp claws scratched her face and neck, making her groan in pain. That's it, now she would beat the crap out of this damn wolf!

Xia Lian bent her legs into ninety degrees angle and using all her strength she aimed a kick at the wolf's belly. Xia Lian has been training well and now that she used all her strength, the kick must have been quite painful. Sure enough, as soon as the kick landed the wolf let out a groan of pain and was thrown into the air.


The wolf landed on the ground far away from her feet...

Xia Lian attacked on the sensitive and weak acupuncture points of the wolf, so she was pretty sure that the wolf would not be able to get up. Even if it was able to get up, it would not be able to fight against her.

Xia Ming was staring at his sister fixedly. His eyes never left her figure and truth be told he was not at all scared when the wolf pounced upon her. But he was angry at the wolf when it scratched his sister! Deep inside his heart, he knew that his sister would never lose and would definitely beat the wolf. So, he calmed himself and now he was just enjoying the fight.

Sensing no movement from the wolf which was lying on the ground, Xia Lian slowly walked towards the cage and crouched down before it. The little wolf was curled up and it's tiny body was trembling. She carefully took the cub into her hands and stood up.

Just when she raised her head, she saw the wolf which was supposed to be lying on the ground staring at her with murderous eyes. Xia Lian stared at it's profile for a while, it's legs were trembling but there was an unwavering determination in it's eyes.

Xia Lian was sure that the wolf would rather die and bring her to death along with it, if she did not prove to it that she meant no harm to them.

Letting out a sigh, she stared fixedly into the eyes of the wolf as she slowly walked towards it. Though her pace was slow, her steps were firm and determined. She meant no harm and she will treat the little wolf before it to prove that she did not want to kill them.

The wolf was confused on seeing the human walking towards it. It's anger subsided a little, but it maintained it's guard against the approaching human.

Xia Lian stopped walking when she was two feet away from the wolf. She then sat on the ground and placed the little wolf on her lap. She poured a liquid on a cloth and wiped it's body.Before the eyes of the big wolf she took out some bottles and started applying the ointments all over it's body before wrapping them in a cloth bandage.

Wolves are clever and they can understand if the people before them meant harm or good. They have the thinking power to differentiate between the good and the bad. After observing Xia Lian's actions, the wolf calmed down and stared at her and little wolf fixedly.

After injecting the wolf with a painkiller, she opened it's mouth and poured a liquid into it. After that, she did not move and stayed at the place checking the temperature of the little wolf.

Three or four hours passed but Xia Lian and the wolf remained in the same positions.

" Awuu…" the little wolf finally woke up and blinked it's eyes at Xia Lian. After observing her for a while, it snuggled into her embrace and let out a faint grunt of satisfaction.

Xia Lian: "..." Little wolf, your sister wolf is going to kill me now for sure!


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