My Beautiful Commander
169 Na Na and Pug
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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169 Na Na and Pug

Xia Lian glanced at the wolf only to find that it has completely calmed down and was now staring at her face. Xia Lian squinted her eyes and injected a liquid into the wolf's neck using a dart. It was a pain killer. The wolf did not squirm under her touch as it was convinced that this human will never harm them. Also, her little brother cub seemed to be attached with the human. So, it would not harm this person…

Xia Lian raised her hand and patted the wolf's head. It was strangely obedient making her eyes turn into crescents. A side of her face and her neck had deep scratch marks and she felt a stinging sensation as soon as she smiled. She immediately retracted her hand and tore off a piece of her outer robe and covered her face with it.

Her little bunny must have seen that the wolf had scratched her face, but she didn't want him to see her face in a close up and he would definitely be scared if he saw the garish scars on her face and neck. Even she was not sure how messy she looked at that moment.

After covering her face, she motioned Fan Ling to get down. When she saw that the both are on their feet, she called out to Xia Ming " Come and touch it. It won't harm you."

Though the wolf harmed his sister, he liked this fierce wolf. It was big and fluffy. It was also in a snow white color that he liked so much. So, he ran towards it and started petting it's head eagerly. The wolf also did not avoid him and allowed him to play as much as he want.

" Ming, which one do you want? You will take care of one wolf and I will take care of another." Xia Ming tilted his head to the side and she felt looked really cute like that.

" I want this big wolf!" Xia Ming jumped onto the big wolf and rubbed his head against its body. He really liked this wolf ah! And the little wolf seemed to like his sister, so there were no problems.

Xia Lian thought for a while and she also felt the same. With this large wolf at his side, she can be at ease. She can count on this wolf to safeguard him, if something happens whenever she was away. Though she sincerely hoped that nothing bad should happen, it's better to be safe than sorry.

" I will take care of the little wolf, and you will take care of my little brother." Xia Lian spoke while pointing her fingers at the cub and little Ming. She stared into the eyes of the wolf while saying this.

" Awuu…" the wolf whimpered and licked her hand before proceeding to lick the little bunny's face.

' It understood, right?' Xia Lian could only tell herself that the wolf understood her words after seeing its actions or to be precise its 'show of affection'.

Now, what should they call them? This was something very important. Though they are technically wolves, they cannot call them as wolves all the time.

" Ming, what do you want to call this wolf?"

Xia Ming glanced at the wolf thoughtfully and then turned towards Xia Lian with large twinkling eyes and flushed cheeks as he announced " I will call it Na Na…"

Na Na? She suddenly remembered Banana…

Xia Lian felt that her bunny was too adorable. Such a cute name for such a fierce animal, only he could do that. Anyways, Na Na sounded good and it was the name the little one chose for it. So, she was perfectly happy with it.

" Na Na…" Xia Ming patted the big wolf's head " I will be calling you Na Na from today."

"Hmm… Now what should I call this one?" she voiced out her thoughts as she poked the sleeping wolf in her embrace gently. The little wolf looked really adorable with snow white fluffy hair and due to it's tiny body it looked like a domesticated puppy instead of a wolf.

" Pug…" Xia Lian spoke in a faint voice " I will call it Pug."

In the next two months,

Xia Lian immersed herself in the producing various kinds of pills, powders and medicines. She holed up in her working place, day and night producing all kinds of medicines for treating different kinds of ailments and illness.

On the other hand, He Chun and the twins were busy with treating the patients and producing the antidotes in their free time. From time to time, Xia Lian took them along with her whenever she is performing a surgery.

Except for a few cases, she was able to save many of her patients. Moreover, she treated all her patients for free. She served as a military doctor in addition to her identity as a soldier in her past life. Healthcare is a form of service in the army and she followed the same rule in this life.

She was skilled and on top of that she treated her patients with care. Soon enough, her fame as a benevolent doctor spread around to the neighboring villages attracting many patients to the Wu Gong's hospital.

Training with Lu Wen in the morning, treating the patients and then manufacturing the medicines. But, no matter where she went her wolf Pug always followed her like a tail. Xia Ming was learning basic techniques of self defense from Lu Wen. Bolin and Bohai learnt how to make all the pills and powders from her. They then started to teach to some of the young villagers.

It was only after two months that Xia Lian was able to relax for the first time. She stared at all the numerous crates before her in satisfaction. This was enough to start her first pharmacy and the stock was enough to last for six months. She sent all the crates to the Black Dragon House as Lidan told her he would be responsible for all the sales and maintenance. He also told her that he brought some people who have decent knowledge about medicine and that she need not work hard any longer.

" Then what I am supposed to do?" Xia Lian was finally unable to endure. This big boss of hers was spoiling her to no end.

" Just relax and enjoy. I opened an account on your name and all the money will be deposited in it." was his narcissist reply which made Xia Lian speechless.


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