My Beautiful Commander
178 Strange feelings of pain and longing
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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178 Strange feelings of pain and longing

On seeing Yinri salute her so emotionally, Xia Lian tried hard to control herself not to let out a laugh. This was not their modern world ah! All the crowd are now eyeing both of them as if they were two lunatics. This little girl got carried away and saluted her in that ramrod straight posture.

But, a part of her was moved after hearing Yinri's concerned voice. Xia Lian curved her lips into a gentle arc and nodded her head lightly at the girl in acknowledgement, making Yinri grin widely.

' This girl surely lost all her IQ!' Xia Lian screamed in her mind and swept her gaze on the crowd only to find that all the men were observing Yinri with hazed and passionate eyes...

Bewildered, Xia Lian focused her gaze abruptly on Yinri. The girl now had deep black pool like eyes with long fan like eyelashes with thick eyebrows. Her tiny pointed nose coupled with that full luscious red lips were definitely like an invitation to all the men with right minds.

On top of that, Yinri looked to be around 16 years old with a curvaceous body and slim waist. The black robes did a good job enhancing her curves and it hugged her body not too tight. Her flowing long black hair and her heroic aura made her look like a mysterious enchantress...

Yinri was now too beautiful to be described by words.

But, Xia Lian was displeased by all those lecherous gazes ah! How dare they eye her comrade like that!

She frowned deeply and flicked her hands in the direction of Lidan, making the veiled hat in his hands fly in her direction and land safely in her hands. She then walked forward with lightening speed and placed the hat on Yinri's head, successfully blocking her visage from all the drooling men. All the men broke from their stupor and glared at Xia Lian with displeasure.

" Heh! Dare to look at her again with those eyes and I will personally gouge out those eyeballs from your skulls!" Xia Lian glared back at them. If they thought that they could defeat her in the match of glaring, they are utterly mistaken!

Muttering some curses under their breath, all of those in the crowd averted their gazes elsewhere. They did not dare to disbelieve the kid after seeing her fight ah! Beauty is important, only next to their life.

Xia Lian scoffed disdainfully on seeing their cowardly retreat and went back to the task of adjusting the veiled hat on Yinri's head.

Humph! Dare to lay their hands on Yinri, they have to get her approval first!

Yinri was a head taller than Xia Lian. So, the act of short and petite Xia Lian standing on her toes and adjusting the veiled had looked quite comical in Lidan's eyes as he burst out into fits of laughter. His little sister's acts are turning more amusing everyday. How good it is to see her like this, smiling and fooling around. His happiness soon disappeared as he thought how she would behave once she remembers her past.

He had to admit that he was curious about the weird exchanges between her and the woman dressed in black. There are many things which are rather confusing at the moment. He knew that something was different about his sister, but he was not able to pinpoint what exactly was happening. He could ask her but he did not want to be source of her worry.

Lidan thought for a while and a figure popped up in his mind. Right! Only that block-head of silver hair must have done something wrong, that's why his little sister ended up being weird. Slowly, a sinister smile bloomed on his face. He is going to kill that damn fellow right now!

He had to leave now to beat the crap out of that man, without any hesitation he leaped on to the stage to inform Xia Lian that he would be going somewhere for a long time.

Yinri raised her brows on seeing a gentle warm refined jade blah something like man making his way towards her beloved darling commander. Neglecting the momentary pause where she admired his features, she immediately shielded the petite frame of Xia Lian with her body and raised her sword to his neck.

Stupefied, Lidan raised his hands in surrender " Young lady, I am a business partner of your little master."

' Little master...' Yinri's face reflected absolute horror. So, her cute commander is now a boy?! Slowly, all color from her face drained and sensing her turmoil, Xia Lian interjected in a timely manner " Yinri, there is nothing to worry."

Yinri's face brightened up like the lanterns in the dark sky and a foolish grin spread on her lips. Now, Lidan was confused. He thought that his sister was the only strange one, but his intuition is screaming that the woman in black before him is also a weirdo. As if struck by a bolt of lightning, Lidan remembered that Yinri was the one who initiated a salute and they spoke as if they knew each other for a long time. The frown on his face deepened, his mind and heart was in a complete turmoil.

' Damn Wu Gong! What exactly have you done?' Lidan cursed that old man for the umpteenth time.

Xia Lian and Yinri shared a glance on seeing the weird halo around Lidan. He looked extremely terrifying and Xia Lian was sure that someone is going to end up battered in this man's hands.

" Young master Wu, I have some matters to take care of. I will be away for a long time." Lidan sighed heavily. He really did not want to leave her side but there are things that he want to verify first as he cannot bear to lose her again. Since he had no choice but to leave, Lidan fished out a charm from his robes

" This is a safety charm that will always safeguard you from any dangers in this world." Lidan spoke pensively as he tied the charm around her wrists.

" Are you kidding me? How can a string of red thread save lives ah!" Yinri scoffed as she eyed Lidan and the red thread around Xia Lian's wrist suspiciously.

Contrary to his expectations, Xia Lian stared at him silently as she assessed the serious look in his eyes. She felt that there was a deeper meaning in his words, though she couldn't pinpoint to it. Also, Lidan had never meant any harm to her from the start. So, she chose to believe him and respect his wishes. If a thread around her wrist could make him feel safe, then she would wear it obediently.

" Yinri..." Just a call from her commander, Yinri immediately closed her mouth and stepped back a few steps.

" Brother Lidan, fear not. I will always wear this thread and I promise that I will take care of everyone."

" Aiya! Remember to take care of yourself!" Lidan admonished her in a helpless voice. He knew it! This girl never took care of herself...

Xia Lian felt a bit embarrassed on seeing that blaming look on his face. She felt as if she was a child getting reprimanded ah! But, it did not feel as bad as it seems...

" Brother, I will take care of myself." Xia Lian smiled flashing her canines making Lidan's ears turn red. His little sister was too cute!

" Alright! I will be going now." Lidan patted her head awkwardly and disappeared in a flash.

Xia Lian felt something tugging at her heart on seeing him leave. It was not the first time she was patted on her head. Xuan Li Wei and Lu Wen always patted her head leaving her warm. This time it was a pain in her heart as if she was missing something important...

Xia Lian frowned as she patted her chest as if to dispel the pain and longing in her heart. She was feeling strange and sad, which was strange. From when did she start experience such feelings.

" Yinri, let's return." Xia Lian no longer wanted to stay at the arena. She had enough up's and down's for a single day.


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