My Beautiful Commander
181 Tongue-tied
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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181 Tongue-tied

" Lian, what exactly is the meaning of this?" Yinri spoke in a frighteningly low voice as she eyed the horde of male specimens before her.

There was no trace of visible anger on Yinri's face but her scrunched brows and pursed lips did not escape a certain person's sly eyes. Xia Lian knew that Yinri was extremely furious. Wanting to aggravate her further, Xia Lian blinked her eyes innocently " What is it? Why are you angry?"

Yinri was beyond furious as she eyed the group of five handsome men blinking their eyes at her in unadulterated confusion. She actually hated these type of flowery men, no, she hated men to be precise and her commander had done an excellent job in collecting all of them. The mere sight of these glowing handsome men is driving her crazy ah!

Not noticing that their presence had irked the beauty before them, the fellows flashed a welcoming smile which resulted in the instantaneous darkening of Yinri's face.

He Chun averted his gaze after taking a single glance at the woman before him. He had no interest in women, he would rather observe the little doctor Wu performing surgeries. It was more pleasing to his eyes than anything. It was Bolin and Bohai who stared at Yinri enraptured, completely oblivious of Yinri's murderous gaze.

It was not their fault as Yinri's so called murderous gaze was in fact seductive. Xia Lian tried hard to control her laughter as she shifted her mischievous eyes from the twins to Yinri.

Thanks to his perceptive genes, Lu Wen detected the young woman's hostility towards them.He was both amused and confused by her obvious display of repulsion on her face. As far as he remembered, they had not done anything to bug her. Unable to find the answer even after racking his brains, Lu Wen flashed a harmless smile at her and questioned Xia Lian " Young master, who is this young lady?"

" She's called Yinri. She's going to be with us from now." Xia Lian chirped timely on seeing the eager expression on Bolai's face. Bohai was relatively calm, he was awestruck in the beginning but his now calm face showed that he was either not interested in Yinri or that he was extremely good in concealing his emotions.

" Oh! That's great!" Bolin exclaimed excitedly while Lu Wen simply nodded in understanding.

" It's a pleasure to have you here lady Yinri." He Chun bowed slightly.

" Hmm..." Yinri tilted her head as she stepped forward just stopping a few feet away from the seemingly refined jade like man. Despite the close proximity of such a tempting woman, not even a flicker of change could be detected on He Chun's face.

' Oh God! This doctor is going to be busted in Yinri's hands...' Xia Lian mused. Yinri was most adept at reading other's personalities and Xia Lian was sure that the sagacious doctor is in for a treat.

Yinri scrutinized He Chun from top to bottom without any hints of embarrassment. Rules like men and women should maintain their distance, she didn't pay any heed to them and she never once cared about her decorum.

Her lips quirked into a smile as she parted her lips, her voice similar to that of a soft breeze caressing one's hearts.

" Eyes resembling the twilight of night, their splendor unnoticed due to cold heart hidden beneath."

" A man without expressions is similar to a painting without life..." Yinri's voice held a trace of amusement as she spoke " It's no wonder you are not married."

Her casual remark evoked gasps from everyone while Xia Lian chuckled lowly as she expected this turn of events.

' This woman is becoming too blunt...' Xia Lian rubbed her nose as she eyed He Chun who was staring at Yinri with his usual placid face.

Yinri did not feel enraged on seeing his undisturbed gaze, instead she smiled even wider than before...

Are women these days so straightforward? Did the world change abruptly when he was deeply immersed in studying herbs? As a person who considered himself distant from the worldly affairs, a woman like Yinri was unfathomable in He Chun's point of view.

" I can say that you are the same, young lady. Your trust is difficult to be earned."

" You are right! It seems that you must be my elder brother in past life..." Yinri continued her rumbling " Don't worry bro, I will find a sister-in-law for you."

' Elder brother? Sister-in-law!' Horrified was not even close to what He Chun was feeling at the moment. For a woman like Yinri, He Chun understood that he was of no match in badinage. Being the wise man he was, he curtsied politely before taking leave " Lady Yinri, hope we get along well in the future. Doctor Wu, I will be taking my leave now."

" Yes, brother."

' Huh! It seems that I got myself a troublesome younger sister ah!' He Chun stumbled at that thought and immediately hurried into the room.

Xia Lian's eyes crinkled on seeing He Chun stumble on his way back.

From the beginning Lu Wen's sharp gaze never left the pair of Xia Lian and Yinri. He could tell that both are familiar with each other and as of how they met it was of no importance to him. It was best that he warn the pretty lady beforehand, so that she would not betray his sister in the future.

" Young lady, you better protect my young master well. If anything goes wrong or perchance you betray him, be warned that I would personally dismember you."

Lu Wen's words were so sharp that even Xia Lian raised her brows in surprise. When did this brother of hers become so protective ah?!

Yinri who had no good impression on men in general did not explode in anger due to his warning. Instead, she smiled warmly at him which was eerie in the latter's eyes " You need not worry. No one can touch him as long as I am alive. Being a person who values life greatly, I will not let any mishaps befall us."

Lu Wen nodded in satisfaction on seeing her calm and collected response. Only this kind of woman is suited to protect his sister, he thought to himself.

" You better take care of your lover if you are that free..." Yinri's eyes darted between Lu Wen and Yang Qiu making both the men blush furiously. How could Yinri miss their intertwined hands and secret winks all this time? She long concluded that these pair of love birds need some privacy. All this time, she was being forced to eat dog food.

She really didn't want to trouble these sweet fellows but a little bit of teasing never hurts.

" Such a good looking pair! Eh?! Why are you both red like tomatoes?"

" Wait! Why are you both running away?" Yinri laughed boisterously at the sight of their fleeing backs.

Wiping away the tears in her eyes, she turned around and her smile was quickly replaced by a frown on seeing the still enraptured Bolin. She tilted her head and clapped her hands breaking him from the trance.

Not expecting to be caught in the act, Bolin felt his cheeks burn from embarrassment.

" Don't overwork yourself trying to impress me. I am not into little kids..."

Bolin: "...."

Even Xia Lian gaped at Yinri, wondering how this lady was able to make everyone speechless with her words...


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