My Beautiful Commander
187 Bai Long“s Confession 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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187 Bai Long“s Confession 2

"Grrrr..." A deep growl rumbled from the dragon who began to shake his head as if wanting to say something.
The series of successive and incoherent growls eased the atmosphere, breaking away the prevailing tension.
With a roll of eyes, Feng Huo flicked his fingers following which the white dragon started to morph into human form.
Very soon, a young handsome man with ruby eyes and silver hair appeared before them. The appearance was so striking that it would make people want to look twice at him, but, Feng Huo who had seen all of the world stared at him indifferently, his patience running thin as he waited for the answer.
Sensing the old man's displeasure, Bai Long answered in a hurry "We all know that the human girl is the reincarnation of Princess Huang Lian. To stabilize her soul and to prevent her death, I summoned a part of her soul to occupy the body."
"We all searched for parts of her missing soul with no positive results. How did you manage to summon a fragment of her soul?"
This was the question which Bai Long feared the most. Then again, after coming this far there was no turning back. He had to admit and only hope that the old man does not flip out in anger and roast him to death.
Gathering the remaining of his courage, Bai Long gritted his teeth while answering "I summoned her soul from the future."
How come...?
Feng Huo stiffened at the abrupt realization of the white dragon's powers- Bai Long can see through time and manipulate it to an extent.
The astonishment lasted only for a while, and soon the implications of the dragon's thoughtless actions settled in.
It was a taboo to summon someone from the other dimensions of time other than the one they are living in. Summoning from the future meant killing the physical body and trapping the soul to travel through the time, directing the aimless soul to occupy the body given by the summoner. The sad thing is that the summoned soul will have no idea about what happened to them and why they were in a whole new world!
Souls cannot transmigrate through the time without the aid of external forces, in this case the force being forbidden magic.
"So, you killed a person?" As usual, Feng Huo did not mince his words.
Letting out a deep breath, Bai Long continued "It was necessary and I only did what I thought was right."
"You did what you thought was right! You took a life!" Feng Huo exclaimed, exasperated.
How could killing someone be right?
"Lord Huo, I know that what I'm going to day will not be to your liking, but, I will tell you everything."
After a momentary pause, Bai Long confessed "I did not take just her life. I summoned more than one soul from there to this world."
"And, I presume that you know all about this." Turning towards Lidan, Feng Huo stated.
"I only asked Bai Long to save the girl by using any means possible. I didn't have any idea that he will use summoning. Then again, even if I knew, I would have gladly agreed."

Yes, if he could see his younger sister again, then he didn't care if what he was doing is falling under right or wrong.
Moreover, Bai Long summoned the part of Huang Lian's soul which had been sealed away in the future. It was not like they did her any wrong, they only brought her back to her rightful place and time. That was the same with the other souls which Bai Long summoned; they all belonged here, in this messy world.
The shocking revelations fogged Feng Huo's mind, a wave of tiredness swept over his entire body making his legs go weak and his body slump into the cushioned chair behind him.
"Old Huo! Are you alright?" Lidan rushed forward but was stopped after a few steps by Feng Huo's wrathful glare. As much as Lidan worried about the Feng Huo's body, he was not ready to get himself killed by going near the enraged old man. So, staying back, Lidan swept his eyes over the old man and sighed in exasperation on seeing the downcast expression on Feng Huo's old visage.
"Old Huo, aren't you relieved seeing her alive?" Lidan asked in a puzzled tone, he could not begin to comprehend why the old man was acting so depressed after hearing the news, shouldn't he the one who must be jumping around in joy? He was the one who doted on Huang Lian the most, so, why is he visibly disappointed now?
"What's there to be happy about?! Knowing that she is alive and happy in another place or time would have been enough for me." Burying his head in his palms, Feng Huo mumbled "I would rather prefer her to stay happy and far from us, than getting involved in the mess of this world."
So, he is worried about this?
"You do not need to worry about her, I will protect her with my life." Lidan vowed solemnly.
"Hah! What's done is done, we will do our best to protect her." Knowing that nothing could be done to salvage the situation, Feng Huo resigned.
"Did she remember anything of her past?" the question was directed at Bai Long, who thought carefully for a while before replying "She remembers nothing, not yet. But, the Divine whip found her and she might have remembered the fragments of her past. Then again, it looked like she ignored them, I can't say anything for sure."
Feng Huo let out a faint hum in understanding, pondering for a while, he declared "Lidan, keep an eye on her and keep her safe at all costs."
Glancing at Bai Long, Feng Huo dismissed him brashly "You can leave now. I would appreciate it if the dragons would stop interfering in our matters. If any word of your baseless actions reach me, I wouldn't mind roasting you lizards!"
When did the mighty dragons become lizards in this old man's eyes?
Though Bai Long's face darkened, he didn't dare to retaliate lest he be roasted alive. Thanking the Old Phoenix for his magnanimity, Bai Long left the palace like a wisp of smoke.
"Lidan, let me update you with the affairs of our race..."
Lidan who was quietly tiptoeing out of the hall, stumbled at the old man's words. It was precisely because he hated such discussions that he tried to slip away unnoticed, but, it seems that the old man had other plans for him.
Surrendering to his fate, Lidan followed Feng Huo into the meeting hall listlessly.
In the meanwhile, a few weeks had passed in the mortal realm.


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