My Beautiful Commander
189 Detailed Plans 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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189 Detailed Plans 2

Bao Su was unconvinced by Xia Lian's way of thinking, but he swallowed his words after seeing the obstinate expression on her face.
"Bao Su, could you bring Doctor He, Lu Wen and Yang Qiu here. I need to discuss something important with you all." Xia Lian spoke as she started to bind the papers with a thread.
"I will be back in a moment." After excusing himself, Bao Su disappeared from the room in an instant.
"Commander, are you planning something dangerous?"
"Yinri, have I put any of you in danger?"
"Oh, please! I'm not worried about me. Rather, it's you who always runs into perilous situations willingly. All I fear is that you will go out alone by yourself again..." Casting a doubtful glance at Xia Lian, Yinri expressed her fears.
How did she guess correctly?, Averting her eyes, Xia Lian cleared her throat, her actions making Yinri confirm her suspicions.
"Commander! I knew it! I was always right..." As if realizing something, Yinri stopped speaking abruptly, with a downcast expression she pointed her index finger right at Xia Lian's nose while accusing "You are going to leave me here. I am right, aren't I?"
Bao Su, wherever you are please come soon...
Else, I will be buried alive.
"Why are you not saying anything?"
Not able to stand Yinri's cries of agony, Xia Lian sighed helplessly "Did I do anything without a good reason? I have my own plans and what I am planning is not safe for a girl..."
"Commander! Did you forget that you are a woman?!"
"Of course not!" Xia Lian scoffed, in a self gloating tone she praised herself "But, I'm different from the normal woman, strong and sensible..."
"Which part of you currently can be considered as strong?" Pointing at her under-developed body, Yinri asked baffled.
"Haven't I turned thirteen a few days earlier?"
"Yes, you are thirteen not thirty!"
"It would only be a matter of time before I develop into a full fledged woman." Xia Lian declared, rubbing her chin for a while she sighed "No one will doubt that I'm a woman after seeing my thin body. So, you can be rest assured."
"Even then, it's not safe for you to go alone..."
After hearing Yinri's complaint, Xia Lian smiled mysteriously "Who said I am going alone?"
"Who are you taking then?" Not able to hold her curiosity, Yinri poked Xia Lian's for an answer, while the latter ignored her coolly.
In spite of Yinri's continuous barrage of questions, Xia Lian remained tight lipped as she played with the little bunny's hair who was currently sleeping on her lap.
Realizing that Xia Lian is not going to divulge anything, Yinri ceased her efforts and leaned against the wall to take a short nap.
"Master, can we come in?" Bao Su 's muffled voice traveled through the air, rousing Yinri from her slumber.
After granting them the permission to enter, Xia Lian saw He Chun enter the room with a bright smile on his face. That was a smile of a man who was satisfied with his life.

He was a healer who worked solely for the welfare of the people, and, because of reopening of this abandoned hospital, he was able to treat a large number of patients. In the process, he inherited the science of surgery from Xia Lian. So, He Chun had all the reasons in the world to be happy. Serving the people was his ultimate goal and working with a non-greedy partner lifted his positive spirits. Watching Xia Lian working so hard to teach him new techniques of medicine made him inspired to work hard. The kid might be younger to him by a few years, but, deep down his heart he admired Xia Lian the most.
"I heard that you asked for me. Do you need any help? If so, you can state your need without any hesitation. As long as it's in my capabilities, I will help you at any cost."
As the time passed, He Chun dropped all the formalities slowly under Xia Lian's insistence. Now, He Chun was completely informal with her which made Xia Lian happy. The doctor was a good man and naturally she was pleased to make his acquaintance.
On seeing his natural carefree smile, Xia Lian had a sudden urge to tease him.
"Will you kill for me doctor?"
"W-what?" He Chun choked on his breath, and even Lu Wen snickered from the side. It was only after hearing Lu Wen's laugh did He Chun realize that he was being teased.
"If you insist, I will..." With a red face, He Chun tried to retort which only garnered another series of laughter in the room.
Xia Lian chortled at He Chun's reaction. He sounded as if he would kill someone for her. Xia Lian knew that the man couldn't bear to hurt even an ant, so, how could he possibly kill someone?
She had teased the poor man enough and now it was the time for business.
"Doctor He, I have a proposal for you." Xia Lian began, her somber voice attracting He Chun's attention.
Taking out a parchment from the desk, Xia Lian beckoned He Chun to come closer which he promptly followed. Spreading the parchment on to the desk, Xia Lian started to explain him about her plans to develop the medical system throughout the Qilin Empire.
He Chun listened to Xia Lian in a smitten daze, he had never heard about multiple chain system of hospitals and the so called pharmacies where they sell medicine at a fixed cost. And the concept of allocating doctors for each division in the capital was enough to make him stare at Xia Lian like a fool.
"We can first start it in the capital and slowly expand it throughout the kingdom, if we are successful. Think about it, if this plan is successful, then we can save the lives of many. Then, medicine will no longer be a luxury!" Xia Lian went on rambling as her eyes shone brightly, as if encompassing myriad of stars inside them. The longer she spoke, the more she grew excited and what she did not notice is that all the men were staring at her dumbfounded, while Yinri puffed her chest in pride at the sight of the awe-struck men.
Isn't my commander too stunning and beautiful?!


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