My Beautiful Commander
190 Detailed Plans 3
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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190 Detailed Plans 3

"Brother He, do you accept this proposition?" Finishing her long explanation, Xia Lian stared at He Chun with puppy dog eyes, while the latter simply nodded his head as he couldn't bring himself to refuse under such pleading gaze.
He should just negotiate with the crown prince and go against the medical council, right?
If only it was as easy it sounded!
"I will do my best." Letting out a sigh, He Chun begrudgingly accepted his bestowed upon fate.
On getting the answer that she had wanted to hear all along, Xia Lian beamed widely, with the smile never leaving her face, she spoke "Brother He, I know that you will not disappoint me. I will leave Fan Ling with you. She will help you in your work and please take of her in my stead."
"Oh! I almost forgot..." Tapping her forehead, Xia Lian pointed towards the stack of books at the corner of the room "Those are the journals I prepared for you. It has all the necessary theories and that I taught you during this period and much more. I'm leaving them in your care."
"I understand and I will not disappoint you." With a smile of his own, He Chun responded. Standing on the side, Fan Ling listened to the exchange with her head bowed down.
Noticing the not-so-discreet exchange of smiles, Lu Wen raised his brows. It seems that his sworn sister was capable of attracting people no matter her gender. To wake up the smitten doctor from his delusional daze, Lu Wen cleared his throat, which successfully made both Xia Lian and He Chun to turn towards him.
"Since, you've allotted the doctor his mission, isn't it time for you to tell why you called us for?" Feigning an innocent expression, Lu Wen questioned Xia Lian.
Not suspecting him, Xia Lian nodded instantly agreeing with his words. He Chun who was seated stood up, he knew that he was not welcomed in all of their discussions and personally he was not interested in talks concerning other than medicine. With a tiny bob of his head, he excused himself from the crowded room.
As the door closed behind the doctor's disappearing back, Xia Lian beckoned Bao Su and Yinri forward. Gently lifting Xia Ming from her lap and placing him on the couch, Xia Lian then tucked the little one in a blanket.
Standing from the chair Xia Lian stretched her body, stifling a yawn she gave away their tasks "I'm leaving the training of the army to both of you. Both of you know your own ways of training the army. Both of you can draw out your plans for training after discussing among yourselves."
"And, when you feel that the men monitored by you are good enough, you can train them in battle formations."
"Young master, aren't I enough for this task?"
It was not only Xia Lian, but even Yinri raised her brows in amusement as they took in the meaning behind Bao Su's words.
Is he underestimating me?, Yinri felt her lips twitch at the mere notion.
"No, you are not." was Xia Lian's clipped reply.
"Nothing could be done by a single person alone. You will find that you have many things to learn from Yinri later. So, please get along well with her."

"I will, pardon me for speaking out of my turn." Tossing out a hurried apology, Bao Su left the room in deep thoughts.
He truly could not understand Xia Lian's thought process and much less her decisions.
Any master would want to have his people with a clear background. But, there was nothing related to Fan Ling, and if it was any of his other master, they would have killed her without a doubt. But, Xia Lian had not done so. Instead, she said that she would not kill anyone, not unless they did some unforgivable crime.
She treats Lu Wen and Yang Qiu, who are shunned by the society as family. She gave the simple doctor a task of momentous importance. And, even now, she was willing to trust Yinri, who she had just met.
Is she so trusting of everyone?, Bao Su could not help but ponder deeply. At this thought, a deep worry crept into his heart.
No wonder the prince sent me to protect her. Lady Xia is too kind.
With a new found determination, Bao Su vowed in his heart that he would keep any eye on any potential threats. And since, Yinri was their newest addition, he decided to keep an eye on her movements.
Not knowing that Xia Lian and Yinri are acquainted from their past life, Bao Su made an useless resolution to keep his guard against Yinri.
"So, when are we leaving this place?" Before Xia Lian could open her mouth, Lu Wen surprised her with his question.
"How did you know that I'm taking you with me?" Xia Lian sported a baffled look.
Lu Wen raised his brows and sneered as if saying 'Are you really that stupid?'
"Other than me and my wife, who is left ah?!" Saying so, Lu Wen flicked Xia Lian's forehead.
"Ah!" Rubbing her forehead, Xia Lian mumbled "Fine! You are right and we will leave tomorrow. Please prepare your wife for the trip."
"Did both of you forget that I'm here?" With blackened face, Yang Qiu scowled. He was standing here and the brother and sister pair are discussing about him, treating him as some invisible ghost.
"Dear wife, you wound me. How could I ever forget you?" With a mock hurt expression, Lu Wen placed his hand against his chest, his actions earning a sneer from Yang Qiu.
"As if you remembered me!" Flicking his sleeves, Yang Qiu left the room as he harrumphed.
"Brother Lu, it seems that your wife is sulking." Xia Lian chirped, her tone containing traces of laughter.
"Yes ah! I'm off to placate him now." With a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, Lu Wen bounced out of the room.
Ah! With Lu Wen and Yang Qiu, this trip will never be dull... Xia Lian mused.
"Why am I getting the feeling that you asked Lu Wen and Yang Qiu to come only for the reason that you can see some PDA?"
*Cough! Cough!*
How come this girl always guesses right about me?
What she said was completely true, she did not want the stern Bao Su with her. And, Yinri was the best to train the army, so she could not take her. And personally, she liked Lu Wen. So, the decision was long made in her heart.
Burying the guilt in her heart, Xia Lian spoke with a calm and collected expression "No, that's not the case. Bao Su is the best to help you with the army training. Doctor He has his own work. Lu Wen and Yang Qiu are the only ones who are idle now. They have decent martial arts, so, they are most suited with me on this journey."
Though dubious in her heart, Yinri nodded as Xia Lian's words indeed made some sense.


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