My Beautiful Commander
193 Target Red Scorpion 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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193 Target Red Scorpion 1

Xuan Li Wei paid no heed to Jun Moyin's incessant chatter as his mind was still hovering over his dream, or so he thought. He want to dismiss off the dream as pure nonsense, but a part of him was telling him otherwise.
It was not like he could narrate this experience of his to someone. They would simply dismiss him off and they might even label him as an imbecile. Sighing in his heart, he buried the beautiful nightmare in his heart- it was a nightmare as he found his actions of burning the garden unforgivable and it was beautiful because of her. Though the woman had a slight muscular body and tanned skin, he was sure that the woman looked like Xia Lian, more like older version of her.
Is the current Xia Lian going to look like that a few years later?
Though many things in his dream did not make sense, like him being a dragon and her being hundreds of years older than her, he would not mind in the least if she looked like that in the future.
She was exotic and enchanting, well to him she definitely was.
Seated by his side, Jun Moyin was totally baffled on seeing his brother's blushing face.
Why was his big brother blushing?
For sure, he did not say something embarrassing.
Then, is it...
With a naughty look on his face, Jun Moyin bent towards his still dreaming brother and whispered in a low voice "Brother, you had a perverted dream. Didn't you?"
The expression on Xuan Li Wei's face stilled and his usual coldness returned, in a chilling voice he said "Don't you want to live anymore?"
"Aiyoo! Big brother, why are you so boring?" Jun Moyin whined, folding his hands across his chest and sporting a scowl on his face, he started "Actually big brother, you were blushing the entire time I'm speaking. You looked like you were in a daze, even now your cheeks are stained red. If your skin is pale white, then I'm sure that you would have looked like a ripe tomato."
"Jun Moyin, get out before I strangle you!"
"Well, I will. But, big brother are you sure that it's not a..."
"I'm leaving!" Noticing the edge in his brother's voice, Jun Moyin made the wise decision to flee away from the place. Though he was feeling bad that he was not able to extract the truth from his brother, he had witnessed a truly exciting scene.
His stone of a brother was blushing!
Hehe! It's time to spread the news to his other brothers!
With a new mission on his hand, Jun Moyin hopped away while Xuan Li Wei was currently looking into a mirror to determine if he was truly blushing or not.
And, the answer clearly gave rise to a new question in his heart.
Why was he blushing?
The night had descended in the city. Xia Lian and Lu Wen strode in the streets lit by lights their feet tracing the familiar roads.
Turning into the dark alley at the corner of the street, Xia Lian and Lu Wen made their way towards the tiny door which seemed to be embedded in the wall.
Reaching the door, Xia Lian tapped on the door a few times in a predetermined pattern.

The door opened revealing two burly looking bodyguards. Taking a look at the signature mask of Xia Lian, both men bent their waists respectfully "Please enter in, Slayer."
Xia Lian cringed at the title which everyone addressed her in the slayer grounds. It had all started the night when she had defeated the man who had the title of slayer. Just like that, the title slayer was passed on to her.
After witnessing her fight in the ring, not many dared to challenge her. Everyone who had dared to were soundly defeated by her. So, she had now become a godly figure in the eyes of all the fighter and the sight of men about twice her age bowing to her made Xia Lian rather uncomfortable. So, she had stopped coming to the grounds which had initially caught her interest.
Today she had to come because she was challenged and coincidentally her challenger was the man she had wanted to meet.
The man went by the code name Red Scorpion and the interesting thing was that the man was the top fighter of the Mogui Fen organization, which was rumored as the top among the horde of the mercenary organizations.
Xia Lian had her own plans for the said mercenary organization and for them to come into fruition she had to meet with the owner first. And this red scorpion was the perfect bait in her eyes.
As she entered the threshold of the fighting ring, many eyes fell on her. Unaffected by their stares, Xia Lian strode towards the wine counter and settled on one of the stone stools, with Lu Wen seated beside her. Initially she asked Lu Wen to stay back, but the over protective big brother had insisted on accompanying her lest any mishaps should happen.
On seeing Lu Wen, Old Guo who distributed wines flashed a wide smile. Almost instantly, the old uncle placed Lu Wen's preferred wine on the table. Xia Lian felt envious on seeing this scene, previously when she had asked the old man for wine he had chastised her. He said that wine is not for underdeveloped men like her.
The old uncle had concluded that she was too young to drink, he even ordered the other uncles to not serve her any wine. If not for his kind face, Xia Lian would have believed that the old man had a grudge against her.
On seeing her blaming look, old Guo raised an eyebrow "What's with that look? Grow up a bit and you can have all the wine you want."
With a deadpanned look on her face, Xia Lian turned around only to have her view obstructed by a person.
"So, you are slayer." A voice sounded above her head.
"Yes, I am." Meeting the eyes of the man who's face looked rather scary, Xia Lian answered calmly.
On seeing her unaffected, Red Scorpion swept his eyes across her figure. With mirth filled voice, he said "You are rather tiny for a man..."
On the side, Lu Wen froze but Xia Lian raised her brows in amusement.
Reciprocating his earlier gesture, Xia Lian swept her gaze across the man named Red Scorpion.
In the same mirth filled voice, she dropped the words "Well, you are rather huge..."
On her side, Lu Wen was so stunned by her choice of words that he choked on his wine.


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