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My Husband Is The Demon King
Author :Bikash2410
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2 Melissa Pas

I don't remember,when people started calling me "Hero",but i do remember the same people once calling me a "Bastard Child".

15 Years Ago

Look at her smiling! she is crazy!bitch....!"

The man whipping my mother, including raping her is a 45 years old noble, glancing at my mother back that is bleeding with his whimp marks.

"How dare you?!"slack during work,the man whipping her shouted.

She coughed blood while holding the medicine for Melissa fever due to whipped of last night.

Worthless piece of shit,he threw his whimp and walks out.

"Hahaha"Alisa (Melissa mother) gave a hysterical laughter.... Whipped, sexually abuse, including raped.

She put her hands in Melissa head and spoke while smiling to hide her pain near her,she spoke-

"Every single day you will live here,you will never be a free,Run Away Melissa"as she lost her consciousness and her life"

The next day,few butler threw her body in a pit and they see Melissa frozed in the place of her mother died with inhuman eyes that watched and blazed with hate as her mother is thrown in the pit.

Ten minutes later, they put Melissa in a cage and drove towards the city of Ottoman empire.

The Esir(market place) is full of slaves of both sexes,while the slaves stood in a cage naked with wrists bound together.

Potential buyers make a careful examination of the "merchandise"checking the quality of the slaves.

Melissa was taken by a woman with shackle in her legs.They cleaned her body dirth and dressed her beautiful and made her tood in a stage and ranged in a line according to age.

The procession begins,when any of them strikes a Spectator's fancy they bet money till no one can value more.

Each slave was sold with higher price,Melissa was brought by a large bulky man with deep black eyes, golden hair but for some reason he payed double the amount and a great fiery hand pull her from the stage.

What sort if beast preyed on her, Melissa looked at him with her eyes.

You are free,I will help you be strong as put his hand over her head.


Melissa groaned in sheer pain of unable to kill him and said in an almost faint whisper, "I....will....kill.....you....bastard".

You will suffer all your life,like my parents did because of you and I will make you suffer. I am incapable of doing it myself, but that doesn't mean I am incapable of making you suffer, Melissa slapped him and fainted.

End of Chapter 2


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