Naruto Reincarnation
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Naruto Reincarnation
Author :GodSupremeKingofSY
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It has been one day since I have been in this world and I am bad. I am probably even worse the normal Naruto. Well, probably not that low. I am a little bit more talented.

Naruto- Time to get up.

As I got out of the bed I quickly went to the bathroom to wash my face. As I looked up a see-through blue screen popped up.

Naruto Uzumaki (Level 1)

I think I am going crazy. Do not tell me this is going to be like those gamer Web novels. Awesome!!!!

Hmm if I say status will it react.

Naruto- Status

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 12

Bloodline: Uzumaki/Namikaze (Grant chakra boost and fast regen. Also a bonus to training in seals)

Level 1 (0/1000)


STR:13(20 is a normal academy student)


VIT:35(Not Sure)

INT:7(40- From past life)


Clone Jutsu- Level 1 (Rank e)

Sexy-no-Jutsu- Level Max (Rank e)

Substitution Jutsu- Level 5 (Rank e)(50 levels)

Hand Seals- Level 3 (Rank e)- How fast your hand seals are(Current 3%)(100 levels)

Naruto- Not bad, but does need a little work. I am probably am going to try to recreate the hand seal for Shadow Clone Jutsu.

(Try Failed) +2 Exp...

Naruto- This might take a while.

Twelve minutes later...

I finally leveled up and I also got Shadow Clone Jutsu


Shadow Clone Jutsu Obtained (Rank SS)

Naruto- finally I Get to train way better. Also, I get to train handseal fast with combat abilities and if I am for sure, that Naruto had the wind Affinity.

I am going to try to sense it in a different way. First, what is the meaning of wind... Second, try to gather my chakra into my palm and rotate it.

swoosh... I got it. I got a reaction from my chakra.

Affinity gained:

Wind- SS Ranked(+ 50% faster in gaining and training Wind skills)

I am wondering if there is mana

New Power gained:

Mana- SS Ranked(+ 50% in gaining and training mana skills)

Now I could probably get other types of powers...

New Powers gained:



Hope you enjoyed the chapter... Kinda of rushed because I had community service today.

Sorry, It won´t happen again and really hope you enjoyed and did not waste your time.



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