New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
1 You Can“t Be Serious...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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1 You Can“t Be Serious...

In the infinitely vast expanse of empty space where everything was white, stood two figures facing each other. No, to be precise, one figure stood while looking down on the other figure who seems to be... kneeling in apology...?

Shell shocked at the current predicament, the figure that was standing, Fang Lin, was obviously in great confusion and turmoil. Okay... seriously, wtf!? Wasn't he just sitting at his computer doing *cough*research*cough*? How the heck did he end up here all of a sudden? And who the fuck is this blond loli that's been kneeling in front of him this whole time!? Say something at least, Oi!

Perhaps sensing Fang Lin's heated gaze, the loli in question shuddered a little and raised her head. What greeted Fang Lin were eyes of the deepest blue which also seemed to be sparkling. If one were observe really closely, they would be able to see many specks of light floating about, as if they were an ocean of stars, as if the entire universe was contained within.

Those eyes and her long blond hair however were the only two discernable to features that Fang Lin could make out. Everything else seems to elude his perception as if saying that Fang Lin is not at all qualified to gaze at her face. If Fang Lin were rate the attractiveness of that face based on shape and contours alone... there would definitely be many weird uncles forming a mob within seconds of her being seen in public.

"Ah... um... I'm sorry!!!" suddenly blurted out the strange loli before Fang Lin could deign to open his mouth. Her sudden apology however definitely brought more questions than answers. Not knowing how to proceed further, he just raised one brow toward the little loli as if expecting her to get what he meant. And in fact she really did as she proceeded to explain herself.

"Um... well please don't be too shocked with what I'm about to tell you but... you have died! And it was completely my fault!" quickly explained the loli while not actually explaining anything at all... The hell? Dead? Now getting even more impatient, Fang Lin crossed his arms with one foot tapping... what he believes to be the floor...? One can't be sure of anything in this space since everything in literally all directions are white and nothing else.

Feeling the impatience oozing out of Fang Lin, the little loli is starting to panic a little before suddenly doing a breathing exercise to calm herself down. Not too long after, it seemed to work as she was no longer seemed to be nervous... as much as before at least.

"Ano... I'm... what humans would refer to as a God you see." Suddenly hearing such a bold claim, Fang Lin can't even react properly and could only tilt his head to the side whilst silently urging the loli-goddess? to continue. Taking the cue, she continued "Well you see... while I was erasing a few dozens universes out there that... contained only dead worlds, I kinda... got lazy along the way. So... you see... instead of doing it one by one I just blasted everything in one go! And uh... I kinda... maybe... lost control of the energy for bit due to a... sneeze... and a fragment of that energy leaked and... kinda found its way into your world... your room to be exact. Which is the reason why you died so for that I am so SORRY!"

After hearing such a ridiculous reason for his death... Fang Lin lost all energy and will to retort any further and just sighed the biggest sigh he's ever done... After sometimes, he despondently said to no one in particular "Really... died because someone else sneezed... you can't be serious =_=..... Also, erasing universes? That's pretty damn terrifying... Well, if what this loli-goddess? said is true... wouldn't that mean everything in my room was vaporized as well? Phew, thank god-" taking a glance at the loli-goddess? "-dess... that means my browser history and hard drive can't be seen by anyone else! There's a good side to everything in life... uh death... I guess. =)"

At the side was a stunned loli-goddess? after hearing his reactions. "W-wait! You actually believed me?" suddenly asked the loli-goddess as if she herself couldn't believe her own explanation and yet... this human believed her, just like that? Seeing her reaction, Fang Lin merely shrugged as if it weren't that big a deal.

"Well... the fact that I can do both abstract and critical thinking and questioning myself proves that I'm not dreaming... Not to mention this unbelievable space, your mysterious presence I've been able to sense for awhile now, and that little flash of light I remembered seeing before ending up here... well, let's just say I convinced myself and stick with that." replied Fang Lin nonchalantly.

"Now then... there must be a reason why I'm here correct? There's no way it was just to apologize to me correct?" asked Fang Lin in wonder... What in the world was this seemingly crazy powerful loli want with this unlucky as shit that is me?

Hearing Fang Lin's question, the loli-goddess? seemed to have brightened a bit as she quickly replied "Ah! Yes of course! The reason why I brought you here instead of letting your soul fade away..." (Oi oi!... fade away?) secretly thought Fang Lin as he seemed to have heard something quite unsettling...

"Well since it was my fault, I thought it would only be right if I compensated you for it! And after reviewing your memories before your untimely death, it seemed you have quite a peculiar wish but one that easily fit with this situation. :) As for the compensation... I shall allow you to choose any world you want to reincarnate into, fictional world included, as any thing/person and at anytime timeline you want along with three wishes!"

Hearing what his 'compensation' is, Fang Lin nearly died again due to heart attack. Holy crap...!? The legendary R.O.B event!? After thinking for close to an hour, Fang Lin had finally answered "I have decided! For the world I wish be reincarnated into... it is the Cultivation Chat Group world as Song Shuhang himself! As for timeline, please make it 1 year before the start of the 'story line'.

Hearing his request, the loli-goddess? nodded in agreement. "Very well. That can easily be done. And as for your three wishes?" At that, Fang Lin gave one last contemplation before finally deciding.

"For my 1st wish... I want the 'Boosted Gear' that is able to Permanently boost anything I wish, even concept itself!" Hearing that first wish, the loli-goddess? twitched a little... really can your first wish not be so hard?.... Alas she did promise.... Unaware of her thought, Fang Lin continued saying his wishes.

"For my 2nd wish... I want the 2nd True Magic, Kaleidoscope! of course with full knowledge and ability to operate it." Hearing this second wish, the loli-goddess? almost puked blood... really? why don't you just wish to be a God yourself at this rate?....

"As for my final wish... I want the 'Library of Heaven's Path' along with all of the CCG world's cultivation manuals of all kinds that has ever existed and will exist!"


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