New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
2 Cheat too OP! Plz Never Nerf!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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2 Cheat too OP! Plz Never Nerf!

Opening his eyes, Fang Lin... no Song Shuhang's throat was desert dry and he felt the worst goddamned headache in his 17 years of life... wait a minute... 17 years? That's not right? He should be older than this? Suddenly, a mass influx of memories surged through his brain causing his headache to worsen even further. "Fu-..." Before he could cursed out loud however, he passed out out yet again from the intense pain.

Throughout the whole time Shuhang was unconscious, he kept dreaming of his life from infancy all the way to present time as if he was watching a really long movie marathon. The next day, Shuhang finally regained consciousness and this time, he had full clarity. Blinking a few times, he looked around the room that he's never been in before yet at the same time knowing that it was 'his' room.

Just at this time, a middle aged woman walked in and was surprised to see Shuhang was already awoke. "Oh! You're finally awake... scaring me half to death with that cold of yours. This is why I keep telling not to stay up all night doing who knows what!" Immediately, the woman, whom Shuhang finally recognized as his mother, started nagging like all mothers do. (Wao! So it wasn't all a crazy dream... I really have become Song Shuhang!)

After sitting through a long bout of nagging later, Mama Song finally left him in peace so he could fully recover from the cold. Taking this chance of being left alone, he examined himself in the mirror and found himself facing an ordinary looking youth that had a kind countenance. (Meh... it's decent I guess. But what about the cheats I asked for? Speaking of cheats though... why was that goddess crying after granting my wishes...? meh whatever, must be a R.O.B thing... who knows what crazy things go on in that head of theirs)

"Let's see... first the 'Boosted Gear'... how do you bring it out again? Imagining the strongest thing in your mind and pull it out from inside...?" With a bit of effort, there was a bright glow on his forearm and soon was replaced by a red gaudy looking gauntlet with an emerald green jewel. Examining the boosted gear in wonder for a bit, he released it again and examined his other cheats. Well... he wished he hadn't!

The moment Shuhang activated Kaleidoscope, he felt as if his mind got blasted into a far away place. For a moment, all he could see was a myriad of different colors reflecting off of each other endlessly. And soon, he started to see different worlds, realities and all their beginnings and endings. People being born and dying in an endless cycle until he became numb to it all. (This... fucking hell... no wonder that vampire bastard was such an uncaring troll! No way anyone being exposed to all this shit can stay normal! Wait... I'm not gonna start getting really into magical girls too am I? NOOO!!)

Shouting with all of his might from the bottom of his heart, Shuhang forcibly cut off his connections with the Kaleidoscope. "Hu hu huuu.... fuck! Seems like I need to seal this thing off until my mind is strong enough to handle all that stress.... if I suddenly turned into a mahou shoujo fanatic, I'm definitely gonna find the pointiest, sharpest looking thing and run that shit straight through my heart!" firmly promised Shuhang.

It actually took him around 30 minutes before he finally calmed down again. "Ok... that was very highly unpleasant... Anyways what else do I have left? Ah, right. The library." At first, Shuhang was confused on how to summon it but just tried calling for it strongly in his mind and within a moment, his surroundings was replaced by rows upon rows of bookshelves all filled with equally endless amount of books. Seeing this, Shuhang almost drooled for a moment before pulled himself back in check.

Now back in his room, Shuhang was thinking hard of a proper training plan for this one year before the 'plot' starts. Not a lot of time especially since he has no 'resources' to help him get on the path of cultivation, cheats or not. It's like having a car, where said car is the cheat, but the gas tank is empty... fat lot of good that will do.

After a bit of thinking, Shuhang decided on using the Boosted Gear to cheat with his physical training for at least a month before moving on to other subjects. Then with a thought, the Boosted Gear reappeared. (Hm... I wonder if the reason I can't talk to Ddraig is because I'm still too weak?... eh whatever I'll think about that later...)

"Now then... the target for the boost is... my recovery speed!... duration, permanent!"

For 10 whole minutes, the only sound that be heard from Shuhang's was a series of [BOOST!] every 10 seconds or so. When he reached 10 minutes, Shuhang finally collapsed onto his bed, his whole body drenched in sweat as he used up all stamina in the 'boosts'. Already he could feel the effect of his increased 'recovery speed' kicking in as he slowly felt better and better.

As a test, Shuhang ran his finger through the sharp edge of a pair of scissors until he felt a cut and started bleeding. Not even 3 seconds later, his 'wound' could be seen healing at a visible rate until there was no longer any trace of a 'cut' anymore. Seeing this result, Shuhang gave a shit eating grin and said "Well damn... the boosted gear is more of a cheat than I thought. So much so that I probably wouldn't even need the other two cheats to reach apex in this world. This is going to be... very fun..."

And with that starts Song Shuhang's 1 month long of intense physical training that would kill any normal man thrice over from each session.


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