New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
4 F**k! Should“ve Read That Crap Earlier!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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4 F**k! Should“ve Read That Crap Earlier!

Now on his 2nd month in this world, Shuhang had reached the peak of the 1st stage of cultivation with 5 acupoints opened. With his experience in revising the 'Body Tempering Liquid' formula, Song Shuhang had it much easier when it came to changing the 'Blood and Qi' pills' ingredients to mostly common stuff. The only reason why he's at the first stage still is because the materials needed for the 'Leaping Through Dragon's Gate' process were too important to switch out!

As for the innate abilities, Shuhang was pretty unlucky to only get 1 when he opened his eyes aperture and gained the 'Divine Sight' ability. It's really a very perfect ability... for seeing women's clothing! --cough-- jokes aside, it truly is a powerful ability. With it, Shuhang is able to expand his vision very far, see through solid materials, and even help with finding flaws in things such as formations and such. That last one especially would cause any cultivators of this world to salivate with jealousy. It's too bad though that his 'Library of Heaven's Path' can do that even better and much much more. Oh well... seeing through clothings is still nice at least. ✨

Since Shuhang couldn't advance in his cultivation, he refocused his attention towards body refining and reading through the books in his library to further his knowledge even more. In just one month, Shuhang's physical prowess made such a rapid improvement that his strength is currently equivalent to a 3rd stage cultivator, the Acquired Battle King realm even without utilising his Blood and Qi.

For the knowledge part, that would be even easier than his Body Refining sessions. With his already perfect memory, all Shuhang had to do was boost his thought process to near lightning speed, then speed read through books after books and he would instantly memorise everything. That boost was of course only temporary since he didn't want to experience the world around him in slow motion 24/7.

After one month of this in repeat mode, Shuhang can now also be considered an expert in the field of Medicine and Talismans. With his now vast array of knowledge, were Shuhang to claim being 2nd, no one in the world would dare to claim 1st as the most knowledgeable. For the Medicine department, Shuhang can now make practically anything with just regular non-precious ingredients by just tinkering once or twice. Their effects would of course be shitty still as they were made from regular ingredients.

As for Talismans... hehe.. he could now just pick up any random piece of paper and make one as easily as that. Their effects however, would be pathetically weak as his source of energy is still Blood and Qi rather than True Qi. Other than that, Shuhang also perma boosted 3 other things. One such example would be his Life force/Life span which now made him practically immortal. He even started to doubt himself on why he should still cultivate when he's pretty much already got eternal life... until he slapped himself hard to shake the 'bad thoughts' away.

The other 3... well 2 of them are really 2 sides of the same coin so it might count as 1 instead? Anyways, he boosted was his 'charm/charisma', 'charm resistance', and finally 'Luck'. The first one didn't even need to be explained... seriously, there's just simply no way anyone wouldn't. If they did, that person would be just plain abnormal or got a strange aesthetic sense. As for the 'charm resistance'... that was to prepare himself for when Venerable White comes out seclusion as Shuhang wasn't sure if he still got that abnormally high resistance like the 'original him' does.

Luck... yeah... Luck is king! No doubt about that one... just look at Venerable White. 'nuff said. He's also learned the 'Qi Storage Expanding Technique' and also compiled the 'True Heavenly Dragon' from the Dragon form of the 33 Divine Beasts Techniques since he doesn't have any 'innate true qi'.




It was now his 3rd month, and his 2nd since he started his body refining and reading through the 'Library' except he's added in 'Formations' into the topics. All Shuhang has to say once he's gained enough knowledge on the subject... well he was an idiot! Why didn't he read through this crap sooner!? Fuck the materials needed for the 'Dragon's Gate'! Now he can just make a formation that simulate that process!

The reason why this was so... well not all formations need special materials! Some can be formed simply using the natural already existing terrain or by placing things in 'certain' ways! With his current 'expertise' in the formation arts, simulating the 'Leaping Through Dragon's Gate' experience is as easy as him lifting him lifting up his own palm.




Song Shuhang is currently standing in the woods that is devoid of all people. Well the fact that he laid down a 'Warding Formation' to keep regular people away also helped in that regards.

"Phew... 'Qi Storage Expansion Technique'... ✔ using the 'True Heavenly Dragon' technique to make pseudo true qi... ✔ since forever ago. Fake dragon gate formation... ✔ 'Cheatin Gear' to [Boost] dantian size even more along with quality of pseudo true qi... of course ✔. Now then... let's get this party started" said a smirking Song Shuhang as he moved a stone into position to activate his formation.


Immediately after the activation, Shuhang could feel pressure from all around his body, trying to 'push him down' as if he was standing beneath a waterfall. Shortly afterward, there were even 'lightning bolts' trying to 'strike' him down. Even with all that going on however, Shuhang barely 'felt' any of those things! It was only then that he remembered "Oh! That's right... just my physical body alone is already equivalent to a 3rd stage Battle King... how can a mear tribulation from the 1st stage can even hope to do anything?"

It doesn't matter however, whether or not he could feel that oppression with his body as Shuhang suddenly felt his Qi and Blood crazily revolve and finally rushing to his lower abdomen! "It's here!" excitedly shouted Shuhang. Soon, the Qi and Blood in all five apertures within his body combined into one, opening up his dantian while turning into true qi. "NOW!" shouted Shuhang as he quickly operated the 'Qi Storage Expansion Technique' and struck his own abdomen. Immediately, he could feel the link between his 5 apertures' Qi and Blood with his 'Dantian' getting cut off.

"Fufu... hahaha... HAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Finally! Now then, just a few more step and here come my road to OP-ness!" With a thought, his very lovely, though still gaudy looking as fuck, crimson gauntlet appeared on his left hand. And then, there was only the sound of the sweet... veeeeery sweet and beautiful symphony of [BOOST!]


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