New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
5 My Dao Name Shall Be...!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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5 My Dao Name Shall Be...!

Inside an ancient city long since forgotten to the passage of time; where lethal traps are still active and ferocious beasts abound, laying claim to this lost city as their home, a 17 year old Chinese youth whom should have no business whatsoever in being there, was seen walking through the ancient dilapidated streets. That youth is precisely Song Shuhang!

"Ah what the hell... normal teenagers are usually hanging out at the mall or arcade or some other shit on the weekend... so why then... am I spending my weekends dungeon crawling in an ancient creepy ass shit of a city? ---sigh--- where did I go wrong in life....?" complained Shuhang to no one in particular. [Oi partner, didn't you tell me before that you wished for this kind of life? Why complain now?] asked Ddraig in confusion. To which Shuhang didn't even bother to answer.

Dressed in the casual clothings of a white T-shirt underneath a crimson sweater with the zippers undone, loose black sweatpants pants, and black running shoes, Shuhang looked just like any other ordinary highschool student you can randomly point out on the street. The only thing that's ruining this perfect image of 'normalcy' is the shiny metallic sword being held loosely in his right hand. There were also many ancient looking texts and markings covering both of the sword's flat sides making it look even more majestic.

Said sword is currently Shuhang's flying sword which he planned to nourish into his 'Living Item' once he reaches 6th Stage, True Monarch realm. To be honest, this sword wasn't something that Shuhang made himself, or some rare Treasured Sword found in ancient ruins or anything like that. It is actually just a modern day carbon steel sword ordered off of a website for sword otakus, which he just took a liking to the designs when he reached 4th Stage Inborn realm. Before he realized what happened, the sword was already delivered to his house....

The reason why Shuhang dared to use such a thing and not some rare treasure made of absurd materials as his 'flying sword' is of course because of the existence of the 'Cheating Gear'. With his mastery in the Dao of Talisman; Shuhang engraved many arrays and layers upon layers of runes and even some formations with his 'Innate True Essence' before boosting the sword's 'Durability' and 'Sharpness' all the way to goddamned Jupiter and back.

Needless to say, his sword is now one of the sharpest thing in all of existence and completely indestructible. Ah yes, Shuhang had also named this the 'Severing Heaven Sword' and now all he really need to do is pass the 'Fifth to Sixth Tribulation' then make this sword even more OP. Speaking of tribulation, Shuhang's current at the peak of 5th Stage, Spirit Sovereign realm.

As for the number of marks that his Gold Core have... well... thanks to a certain gauntlet, he had so many marks that it covered the entire surface of his Gold Core and then some. According to the 'Library of Heaven's Path', his core is in the 'Ultimate Grade', or 'Perfect Grade' which is supposed to be an impossible existence. Too bad though that Shuhang's very existence itself is already an impossibility that defies all common sense.

Speaking of core grades... Shuhang remembered reading that all Ultra High Grade Gold Cores (10+ marks) would start squirting living spring water to eventually form a 'Spirit Lake'. The only problem with his Gold Core though... is that instead of 'squirting', it's blasting out water like an endless torrent, almost as if the dam suddenly disappeared without warning, and that the water being blocked was endless! At this rate, rather than a 'Spirit Lake', he might form a goddamned endless ocean with infinite depth instead. Hmm?... okay so maybe it's not actually a problem after all?

Back to Shuhang's exploration; along the side of the streets, overgrown vegetations could be seen hugging, and covering the broken wreck of what should have been a pristine wall of a glorious noble's estate. Time is an ever present and silent killer however, as said walls were also included into its list of victims.

All of a sudden, the ground burst open and the figure of a giant serpent-like worm the size of a school bus emerged. It's target was of course Shuhang who was foolishly walking through his hunting grounds. With his 'Divine Sight' ability to see through solid matters though, he can Shuhang not be able to see this worm thing hidden in ambush? With a tap of his foot on the ground, Shuhang suddenly disappeared from sight and reappeared behind the worm before nonchalantly started walking again.


Not too soon after he started walking, the sound something falling to the ground could heard. If one were to look over, they would discover that the worm was actually perfectly split in half from head to rear. "Hmm... wonder what crazy treasures I'll be able to find this time around?" said Song Shuhang, completely confident in his own luck.

Why wouldn't he be? It was due to his 'luck' after all that he kept on stumbling into, or tripping on all the materials he just so happen to need for his promotion. One might even say that his luck is comparable Venerable White but better since his luck had never brought any danger to those surrounding him. At least there weren't any that he's noticed yet.

Just as Shuhang finished asking himself that question however, he suddenly tripped on a rock and fell face down to the ground as he put his out in front of him on reflex. He seemed to be forgetting his current physical strength however as the moment his hand touched the ground, it exploded and a crater around 50 meters in diameter formed in front of him. Which immediately turned Shuhang speechless.

Naturally what made him at a loss for words is the a hole in the crater which seemed to lead to an underground vault filled with treasures. In the corner of his eyes, he even saw a Universal Bag of Holding! How is this possible? Wasn't his 'Divine Sight' active all the time? How did was this vault still hidden from his eyes?

"Eh, whatever. I guess it's looting time..." shrugged Shuhang in a careless manner. "Hm now that i think about it... it's already been the 9th month since I started cultivating and only 3 months left before I get that 'invite' True Monarch Yellow Mountain... if I even still get that is. OH! Speaking of invites... I should really changed my handle name... 'Stressed By A Mountain of Books' is just.... just no." [Of course it's got to be the Red Dragon Emperor!] Ddraig was once again butting into his monologue... geez what an inconsiderate dragon.... "Hm... I know! I should take a name that is based on the combinations of all my cheats! Let's see... there's the 'Boosted Gear', 'Kaleidoscope', and 'Library of Heaven's Path'.... Okay.... this might be harder than I thought. I'll keep thinking more about this later. For now, it's time to loot! Still got to make it back in time for dinner after all..."


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