New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
6 It“s Happening....!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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6 It“s Happening....!

On a nameless mountain peak, in a region unknown, an 18 years old youth faced towards the last

wave of 5th Promote 6th heavenly tribulation with a confident smirk. Although his clothes seemed to be in tatters with burnt marks all over, there were no discernable damage whatsoever upon his body itself. One could even say that he was absolutely in perfect condition. This youth is naturally Song Shuhang!

"Well... it's been fun, but it's time to end this little farce of a tribulation..." said Shuhang. As if enraged by his careless comment, the sky quaked and rumbled, lightning seemed to be increasing in number at a frightening rate! doubled..... tripled... until finally 10 times that of that of original! *BOOM!* All of a sudden, they all struck down at once! "Oh?... guess I made it mad? What are you a teenage girl? Getting mad so easily... tch" said Shuhang in contempt.

The 'Severing Heaven Sword' in Shuhang's hand suddenly glowed in resplendent light as he changed into an overhead slashing stance. "Hmph..." snorted Shuhang as his eyes narrowed then suddenly "Sever!" shouted Shuhang as he made a cutting motion. As he expected, a light beam the size of a skyscraper instantly shot from his sword and traveled towards the oncoming tribulation lightning. Everything that met that sword beam were immediately torn apart and scattered until it reached the tribulation cloud.

A loud rumbling sounded out from the tribulation cloud as if it were in pain and letting out a miserable cry as it's link towards 'Heaven' was cut. The tribulation clouds which covered hundreds upon hundreds of kilometers immediately dispersed afterward, showing a clear blue sky. Shuhang's sword beam however still had not lost its splendor as it continued traveling towards outer space to parts unknown. A little innocent satellite happened to be in the way and was immediately cleaved in half.

"Woops... I hope that's nothing too important..." said Shuhang exasperatedly as he saw the sad fate of that satellite. 😅 With the completion of his tribulation, Shuhang could feel a change in Gold Core as it started melting down into becoming his 'Spirit Lake'. 1 layer... 2... all the way until the 10th layer, yet his spirit lake depth continued to grow unceasingly. "Uh... why is it still growing...? Weren't there only supposed to be '10 layers of Heaven'?..... From the look of it... this process might take up to a year to complete and that's at the fastest!" exclaimed Shuhang in surprise.

Of course he would be... even with his 'Library of Heaven's Path', there were only supposed to 10 layers in all. Is it because he had been cheating his way up since 1st Stage and breaking all known rules? Perhaps, this in turn made him unknowingly carved his own path to immortality rather than the known way? "Huh... I wonder if this is what Meng Hao from ISSTH felt like everytime he got an upgrade? Not to mention, my 'Life Wheel' already started condensing at a rapid pace too... and looking at the size of that thing's silhouette! Dyaam! According to the Library, that's close 100x the size of normal Life Wheels!"

As Shuhang was inspecting his lake, he started feeling his 'Soul' beginning to sublimate as well. From now on, normal resurrection items would no longer on him and would need to use a powerful formation instead. With his Library though... what was there for him to fear? Suddenly, 'Kaleidoscope' activated by it self and enveloped his body, spirit lake, and his soul!

"Wha..! Kaleidoscope!?" exclaimed an extremely confused Shuhang. Ever since that 1st time he's activated this 'cheat' of his, he's not used it since! So then, why did it suddenly activate on its own now!? Uncaring of Shuhang's confusion, the light of Kaleidoscope continued to do... whatever it is doing and now, it's light even reached the area of his soul where 'Boosted Gear' is at and enveloped it as well! Heck, not even his 'Library of Heaven's Path' was not spared from this process. Oh! Might as well throw in my sword to start nourishing the thing... *PLOP!*

As Shuhang couldn't feel any negative effect appearing, he let Kaleidoscope continue to do it's thing. Not that he knew how to stop it in the first place though... After some times passed, changes started to occur at first with his body. To be more precise, both his eyes started to change from usual black color into a myriad of colors constantly changing and moving, as if one is looking through a kaleidoscope along with his 'Divine Sight' activating on its own. After awhile, it faded back to its normal black color and his 'Divine Sight' also deactivated.


"Un..? Was that Ddraig that just fell into my Spirit Lake just now? Is he unconscious?" Just as Shuhang was about to check up on Ddraig, the 'Boosted Gear' appeared on it's own over his left arm. The gaudy looking gauntlet actually started to condense and become more form fitting on his arm while the emerald green jewel actually changed into that of the Kaleidoscope's color! "Hoo... interesting... and it seems even Ddraig's scales started to change in colors. Heh, he's definitely going to flip once he wakes up... he was really proud of his red scales after all..."

After a while, a jeweled color lotus appeared on top of his 'Spirit Lake' and the changes finally slowing down to a stop. Surprising, there was no changes to the 'Library of Heaven's Path' at all. Or maybe there was some changes, but he just couldn't see it? No matter, he'll investigate further once he return to his dorm... Ddraig seems to still not be awake yet as well...




Back at his dorm in Jiangnan University, Shuhang entered his room and walked over to his laptop and turned it on. "Ah, my body actually moved on it's own... must be the reflex I've built in my previous life or something...." said Shuhang as he sweatdropped. "Well that's fine as well... since I just promoted, might as well take this chance to put 'True Monarch' to my chat handle name..." whispered Shuhang as he opened his chat application. Before he could do anything however, he got a notification in his chat application.

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain (*****) sends you a friend request.]


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