New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
8 Dat Divination...!?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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8 Dat Divination...!?

As soon as Shuhang got off the chat app, he went and did self examinations right away and boy was he surprised at the upgrades. It seemed that for one, the upgrade to the 'Divine Sight' that Shuhang got from the Kaleidoscope was even better than he had expected... Before, one of the 'Divine Sight' ability was to allow him to extend his vision far more than ordinary however, the higher the realm achieved, the less useful this ability becomes and now that he's in the 6th stage, it became pretty much useless to him.

The 2nd use for that 'Divine Sight' was to allow Shuhang to see through solid materials which again became useless as his realm increased. At higher realm, one can just cast their 'spirit' or a lack of a better term, their divine sense into objects in order scan their compositions. At his current rank, this ability became almost just as useless as the first utility. And as for the 3rd utility where he could see through the weaknesses of myriad things such formations or a cultivator's techniques... that's even more useless! He has the 'Library of Heaven's Path' after all.... 'nuff said.

After the Kaleido upgrade however, it seems his 'Divine Sight' melded itself and combined with both the Kaleidoscope AND the Library of Heaven's Path! For one thing, his 'Divine Sight' can now see through both And Time and can pretty much allow him for a limited future sight! For example, if Shuhang uses the 'Divine Sight' on a person, he would then be able to see a multitude of possibilities of actions with the probability of it happening that the person would take in the future! Holy shit! He became a seer... a real Sage just like his Dao name O_O.

That's not all there is to the upgrade either... His 'Divine Sight' is also connected to the Library itself. So whenever Shuhang look at something with the 'Sight' on, all the informations and flaws would instantly be recorded and sent to his mind for perusal pretty much instantly! So now, Shuhang doesn't have to actually access the Library to read the book(s) on the flaws of people or things he's examining. More importantly... he's got the feeling that his 'Divine Sight' can now even see through space of hidden worlds no matter how powerful a barrier is blocking him! In conclusion, it truly has earned its name of 'Divine Sight' now and not some bogus ones like before.

As for the changes in the 'Boosted Gear'... the only thing he could think is that it's boosting ability became even stronger than before. Even the still unconscious Ddraig at the bottom of his 'Spirit Lake' is also constantly growing in strength or to be more precise... he's slowly regaining the strength he's had from his prime and at this rate recovery... he might become even stronger than his prime altogether! What this means for them though is uncertain since he's still locked in the sacred gear after all.

The biggest surprise of all however... it seems that Shuhang had somehow gained the boosting ability of Ddraig! Although, the number of things or efficiency that he can boost pales in comparison to Ddraig himself, the ability itself is slowly becoming stronger as time passes. Soon, he would be able wield all abilities of Ddraig even if he doesn't use the sacred gear. Again... he has no idea what this meant for both him and Ddraig in future. Maybe in time... he could even find a way to free Ddraig and give him a body? After all... if he could gain Ddraig's ability... what meaning is there in keeping the sacred gear and Ddraig locked up in it...?

For the main culprit of this whole thing, the Kaleidoscope... just as it had affected both the library and the boosted gear... those two in turn had affected it as well. Even without actively using it, Shuhang can sense that his ability to manipulate space, time, and reality had gotten 'Boosted' by a whole nother realm entirely. Once he's grown strong enough and mastered the new boosted ability of Kaleidoscope, Shuhang had a theory that he would be able to cross into different worlds, universes, or other realities as he pleases without any restriction whatsoever.

That however still remain nothing but a theory as it seem to be something in the much distant future as he's nowhere strong enough... nor does he possess enough masteries over the over Kaleidoscope for that matter... Last minute checking on Ddraig who still seem to be asleep and that his 'Severing Heaven Sword' seem to be 'growing' well... much more than he expected which made him satisfied. Afterwards, Shuhang went on to checking his new 'Spirit Lake' itself, the 'Life Wheel', and the 'Jeweled Color Lotus' and this time much more in-depth as those are the bases on which he uses to advance into the 7th Stage, Spirit Venerable after all.




Before he knew it, the whole night had passed by and it's now the second day since he's joined the chat group. Taking a little break, he went online to watch the chat, of course with status as 'invisible'. Oh as for classes...? Heh with a bit of low level hypnosis spell, he can freely skip class while being marked present. As for the class itself... that's even less of a worry for him as he's already read through this whole year's curriculum. The moment he went online, he saw True Monarch Yellow Mountain logging on as well. o.O.. wao, what a coincidence!

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: True Monarch, who is that 'Kaleido Sage Dragon Emperor' you'd added yesterday? Which sect does he come from?"]

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "The newcomer yesterday? Haven't you communicated with her? She's the daughter of an old friend of mine, born in this era. It seems her aptitude is excellent, she's at 3rd Stage, Battle King and will be advancing to 4th Stage, Innate Realm soon. At such a young age, she's really outstanding!"]

Back at his place, Yellow Mountain continued to admire the praise the talents of Soft Feather but all of a sudden he realized something..."Eh? My old friend's daughter dao name isn't called Kaleido Sage Dragon Emperor! Wait, what or who the heck is this Kaleido Sage Dragon Emperor?" Realizing he might have made a mistake, Yellow Mountain became embarrassed.

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "..."]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "True Monarch, could it be that you've added the wrong person?"]

Northern River he couldn't help but ask after seeing that addon reply... hmm? How strange...

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Give me a moment... let me get to the bottom of this..."]

A moment later, Yellow Mountain said,

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "To think that I've really added a wrong person. There's only a slight difference between their account numbers—I had accidentally keyed in 9 instead of 8… to think I would make such a big mistake."]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "But even so... the Dao name of this person you'd added, have you ever heard of such an expert before? The fact that he called himself a 'Sage' and 'Emperor' actually intrigues me a little... could it be an 'ordinary mortal' or is he truly a fellow daoist?"]

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Hm.. that.. is uncertain however... Give me a few seconds... I'm going to invite the right person for now."]

'Group Notification: 'Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather' has been added to Nine Provinces Number One Group'

Mad Saber Three Waves whom have been lurking all this time, chose to once more reveal himself and once again perform his death seeking actions!

[Mad Saber Three Waves: "Oh! The new friend is a fairy? Show us your photo and announce your three sizes! If you're pretty, should we date?"]

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "..."]

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "As the time is late, this old man's daughter has started her meditation according to schedule. Her account is currently used by this old man while waiting for fellow daoist Yellow Mountain to add me into the group… cough... I've long heard of Nine Provinces Number One Group's distinguished and accomplished, with the gift of gab, fellow daoist Three Waves. Nothing beats knowing you personally compared to the rumors. Fellow Daoist Three Waves, this old man admires you and wishes to invite you for a drink sometime soon."]

Shuhang who was watching this whole time almost choked on his own spit after witnessing such a spectacle! Holy shit! Good thing he wasn't eating or drinking anything...! This Three Waves though... pfft... what's more he's even continuing to dig his own grave deeper and deeper as he kept he kept talking! Haha! What's with this guy? Is it his inborn constitution to seek death or something? Phew.. good thing Shuhang doesn't have such a thing...

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "True Monarch, what about this... Kaleido Sage Dragon Emperor?"]

[Su Clan's Seven: "Are we going to kick him? After all, we don't know if he's an ordinary mortal or not... and even if he isn't, we don't know his alignment nor what group he belongs to either..."]

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Sigh, since it's a mistake on my part, it can be counted as an affinity between us. Let esteemed me do a divination to see how I should handle this"]




Shuhang who was reading became interested... "Hoo... I wonder what the divination result will it be... if only I could see the result... Oh wait I can!" said Shuhang and with a thought, he activated his upgraded ability 'Divine Sight'. Suddenly, his once black eyes turned jeweled colors and his 'sight' expanded as if he was seeing through all of heaven and earth. Soon, he's located True Monarch Yellow Mountain and from his non reaction... he can't sense Shuhang spying on him at all!




Back with Yellow Mountain; after saying that he going to do a divination, he used a Tang Poetry book as reference and used his hands to turn it over while executing a secret method of divination. An unfathomable energy extracted a verse out while forming a trigram. The divination this time was super smooth. Ever since True Monarch Yellow Mountain had self-learnt the divination skills, it was the first time he had ever felt like that!

He looked at the divinatory results happily.


True Monarch Yellow Mountain's face became tranquil.

Then, his face turned into that of complete dismay and shock, as if he had just been told the Heaven and Earth would be collapsing at any moment now! Shuhang who was currently spying on him was also shocked silly by the result! What the hell... is that supposed to mean!? He was hoping it would be different from the original, but... this is too drastic a change damn it!


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