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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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9 That is...

With cold sweat running down his back, True Monarch Yellow Mountain finally woke up with a start when the black clouds started to gather and lightning roiled about. "Even the Heaven is furious!? No! This divination must never be allowed to be known by others!" he suddenly shouted as he hastily dispersed the divination result. While he was at it, the True Monarch even completely burnt away the hardcover Tang Poetry book to erase all evidence. With his hasty action, the lightning and thunder calmed down a little while the black clouds still lingered about.

Warily studying the black cloud a little, True Monarch Yellow Mountain turned towards the chat once more. After a bit of thinking, he started typing on his keyboard.

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "We shall leave our fellow Daoist.... 'Dragon Emperor' until he is ready to integrate with our group."]

Everyone that were currently paying attention to the chat noticed his use of 'fellow daoist' while also getting the feeling that Yellow Mountain was really putting on a big emphasis on the 'Dragon Emperor' part. This naturally gave everyone a strange feeling but they just couldn't tell what it was. Perhaps it was their 6th sense as a cultivator that is telling them this but since they didn't know anything concrete, they just left it as is for the time being.

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Then let's leave it for now, I reckon that we would have more chance to talk with him in the near future. Speaking about it, True Monarch, what were the divinatory results?"]


[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Oh right, I have something urgent so I'll leave first, you guys continue chatting."]

Seeing his unwillingness to reply and sudden excuse to leave naturally raises their suspicions about this new fellow daoist of theirs. Alas, they could only leave it be seeing as Yellow Mountain refused to say anything further.




Shuhang on the other hand... ever since he's seen the divination by Yellow Mountain, he had been in a trancelike state. In his mind, one line in particular stood out the most amongst them all.

'All the myriad realms shall fall, Dominated by the True Heaven!'

Over and over, said line kept repeating in his head until he closed his eyes and fell into a deep meditative state. Even when his roommates Gao Moumou, Lin Tubo, and Li Yangde came, he didn't even wake up. Seeing the unresponsive Song Shuhang, those three actually didn't find it all that strange as it actually happen quite often when Shuhang meditated so they just left him be and do their own things.

Somewhere in the depth of his 'Spirit Lake' where Ddraig continues to lie in unconsciousness, said heavenly dragon actually twitched a little and started to glow on and off in a rhythm like a beating heart. If one had actually investigated, they would see that the pulse is actually in sync with Shuhang's own heartbeats!

In this way, time slowly passed by until the next day arrived. Even when his roommates left for their classes, Shuhang was still in his trance. The only difference now, only three words kept repeating itself in his head. Each repeat, the words resounded just a little bit louder than the last.

'True Heaven... Dominate... '

Unknowingly, one full week had past by. As a 6th Stage Cultivator, as well as his crazy amount of life force, not eating or drinking for decades is nothing to him at this point let alone a mere week. At this point into his meditation however, other changes were also starting to occur in his Spirit Lake. His Life Wheel for one had fully condensed with its structure made completely of crystal.

The Jeweled Color Lotus sitting atop the lake had also grown a little in size and astonishingly. a silhouette of a 'Seed' could already be seen inside starting to condense into existence. Ddraig whom was glowing like a giant light bulb at the start, is now glowing brightly as if he was the sun itself. As the glow continue to increase in luminosity, Ddraig's connection with him continued to increase. Shuhang on the hand continued to gain more control over Ddraig's abilities and making them into his own.

On the outside however, all of the world's spiritual energy stirred wildly as they continue to grow richer in density, as if they were being 'Boosted' by something. All of the cultivators on Earth were astonished by this discovery yet they felt nothing malicious about it... as of it. And so, everyone below that of the 3rd stage took as much advantage of this phenomena as possible and cultivate seriously. Even some junior members of the 9 Province chat group were affected.

The senior members on the other hand took the wait and see approach as they studied this mysterious phenomena more before deciding on what to do. Time passed and in the blink of an eye, 3 more days had passed. The purity and density of the world's spiritual energy seem to have stabilized now but compared to the past... it's actually estimated to be at least 100x the norms!

This naturally sent the world into a sort of turmoil as every seeked to find the origin of this phenomena. Some thought it was the doing of a great expert while others thought it was the birth of a heavenly treasure. Either way, a lot of cultivators went on a hunt for awhile, especially the loose cultivators as this could be a great chance for them to obtain fortune, greatly boosting their chance to advance. Most big sects, the 9 province chat group include however, still adopted a wait and see attitude as if this doesn't affect them either way.

The main culprit of this worldly turmoil, Song Shuhang on the other was completely oblivious to everything and continued to his meditation trance. The only difference now is that the only word left to appear in his head was 'Dominate'. Each time, it resounded loudly as if it were the booming of thunder. All of a sudden, another change appeared in Shuhang.

'Dominate... what does it mean to Dominate? The myriad realms under Heaven and Earth... the path towards True Heaven... what are they?... As a cultivator... what am I?' Shuhang suddenly started questioning himself over and over again. In this way, time once again continued to pass.

Over in H-City where Su Clan's Sixteen was facing her tribulation... was actually in a bit of a crisis! Thinking that the 'Boost' in spiritual energy would make it a perfect time for her to try advancing to the next realm but who knew... that even the Tribulation itself was also 'Boosted' by phenomenon! Thankfully Seven was there to save her before it too late, however, the wounds seemed even more grievous than the original. In both Seven and Sixteen's thoughts, they swore if they ever find who or whatever caused this phenomenon, they would rip a new one in them!

Suddenly, Shuhang's eyes trembled and they slowly opened. His pupils now glowing in the resplendent light of the Kaleidoscope's theme. At the same time, all the world's spiritual energy had a drastic boost up to 1000x the normal level all the while, all the normal and magical beasts around the world especially those with 'dragon blood' suddenly prostate themselves towards a certain direction. Even the whole of Earth itself trembled while black clouds roiled with lightning and thunder in hundreds or so kilometer around the Jiangnan area spread about.

Fully opening his eyes and regaining clarity, Shuhang slowly uttered out "I see... that is the way, MY way towards True Heaven... My path is that of Domination! That is my Dao... My one and only path!"


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