New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
10 That“s... Not My Fault... Right?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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10 That“s... Not My Fault... Right?

After doing a quick self examination, Shuhang was surprised to find out that... his cultivation already advanced to late stage of the 6th realm! Even his Spirit Lake which he estimated before to take at least another year to finish forming had already completed ahead of schedule. The 11th layer though... Shuhang knew that it's depth would surpass all the others but to find that it's actually more than 100x deeper than all the other 10 combined really made him dumbfounded. On top of that, it's even multicolored just like his Kaleidoscope.

"Okay... it seems my cultivation is taking a turn for the strange everytime I advanced. Should I be worried?" mumbled Shuhang, quietly to himself. "Is it the color of the lake itself... or is it because of Ddraig acting like a disco ball in the lake? Now that I think about it... how is he even breathing down there? On another note, how long has it been since I started gaining enlightenment?"

Checking his phone, Shuhang couldn't help but sigh when he found that it had already been 11 days since then. Even though it only felt like he'd just closed eyes for but a mere moment, to think more than a week had passed just like that. "I can't believe more than a week... hm let's just check the chatroom for now to see if there's anything new" after saying so, Shuhang immediately open up the chatroom app.

As for how his phone and laptop still had enough batteries even until now, Shuhang had long since modified both using his knowledge on talisman and formations. From then on, both his phone and laptop essentially had infinite charge and would be able to receive signals from anywhere in the world... even in secret realms and such.

After looking through the chat log, Shuhang saw that Medicine Master posted that Body Tempering Liquid (revised) just like in the original. Soft Feather had also started chatting within the group as well... oh it seems her father had even visited Three Waves for his death seeking behavior from before. As he looked kept scrolling down however, topics of a 'strange phenomena' where all the world's spiritual energy had a sudden spike were popping up. "Hm? What's that about? This never happened in the original? Let's keep looking... "




[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "It seems that Earth's spiritual energy had a sudden spike all of a sudden... Any Daoist friends online know anything about this?"]

[Medicine Master: "?"]

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "This esteemed me did some calculations - the purity and density seem to be around a hundred times that of the norms. The only reason I can think for why this happens is either the birth of a heavenly treasure or or..."]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Or...?"]




Yet even after waiting a while, Yellow Mountain still didn't reply further. It seems like he had some idea but just don't want to say it? "Hm... now that i think about it, the spiritual energy does seem a lot denser than normal? How is that possible? It seems to be rapidly dissipating and decreasing in density though..." said Shuhang as he spread out his senses.

"Judging by this speed... all the spiritual energy should return to normal levels in about a week or so? Eh whatever... got nothing to do with me." said Shuhang in ignorance... Then he didn't think about it anymore and continued scrolling down the chat logs. The topic of the chat seems to keep switching from 'ordinary' cultivators things then back to the 'phenomenon' then back. It seems there was even a manhunt setout for the cause of it.

Getting closer to the more recent chat logs, Shuhang discovered Su Clan's Sixteen had already tried advancing to the next stage. And of course Immortal Master Copper Trigram had also appeared. And as he expected, that bogus fortune of his got him into an argument with Northern River and agreed to a duel in 3 months time.

As for the matter with Sixteen's failed lightning tribulation... for some strange reason Shuhang felt a strong sense of guilt when he read through that. Why was is it that his 6th sense is telling him that it's his fault even though he was here the whole time in meditation...? No matter... he'll try to help her just in case it was his fault somehow... Oh, it also looks like Soft Feather is taking the chance that father left the island to come to J-City soon which is good... this way he can start interacting with the group faster.

"Oh? Speak of the devil, and her father shows up." said Shuhang as he saw a new message posted.

[Su Clan's Seven: "Sorry for making you guys worried. It seems that phenomenon with the surge in spiritual energy actually made her Thunder Tribulation even stronger than usual. In fact, I myself almost got injured when I intervened, but it caused Little Sixteen to lose her temper and ran away! When I found her, she'd already beat up a bunch of ordinary mortals. To make matters worse... I'm afraid her conditions are more critical than I thought and her life is in serious danger! If any fellow daoist here have a saint grade medicinal pills or higher, I'll be eternally in your debt!"]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "⁉ Her condition is so dire? I'll try asking around and keep us updated on the situation!"] said Northern River as he hastily made contact with some people that he knows.

Reading through Seven's message, Shuhang had a big frown on his face. "What happened? I knew she would fail the tribulation but for it to be so serious...? The tribulation getting stronger... that couldn't have been my fault... right?" The more he tried to convince himself of this, the less he's starting to believe in it. Somehow... Shuhang's 6th sense is telling him that... if he doesn't intervene, Sixteen will truly perish soon. After a bit of thinking, Shuhang drew a huge breath and made a decision and started to manipulate the chatting app and then...

[True Monarch Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "@Su Clan's Seven --fellow Daoist, I have a way to save Junior Sixteen. Bring her to this address '#@#@@#$'. The sooner the better as her life might be in danger according to what you said. In the mean times, I'll start preparations right away. When you get here, I'll release a Qi wave to tell you where to find me."]


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