New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
11 OMG! It Can“t Be... Another One!?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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11 OMG! It Can“t Be... Another One!?

[Su Clan's Seven: "Truly!? I'll be there right away, Senior!"]

After sending that reply, Seven immediately went offline. Presumably to take Sixteen to the address Shuhang had posted.

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Oh! How fortunate indeed. The new fellow daoist turned out to be a senior after all? I wish I could go as well however, I am unable to leave currently..."]

[Medicine Master: "Address"]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Hm? Now that I think about it you're right. This address seem to be in J-City where Soft Feather is going? In that case, I'll let her to know to pay Senior Dragon Emperor a visit when she gets there, hopefully to update us on the situation if this isn't resolved by the time she got there."]

It seems that ever since True Monarch Yellow Mountain had, for some reason, put an emphasis on the 'Dragon Emperor' part of his dao name, everyone's also decided to also call him as such. The name just stuck ever since. Shuhang who went offline earlier to make preparations like he said, of course had missed the ongoing chat where the members discussed his sudden willingness to chat with them. He even somehow gained the reputation as a 'kind' and 'easy-going' senior as his first time chatting with them was to save a junior... and even willing to use Saint grade medicine at that...




Meanwhile, Song Shuhang was going through the many books in the 'Library of Heaven's Path' about 3rd to 4th tribulations and the medicines on related injuries it would cause at high speed. "Phew... I found what I needed to make but... with the materials I have on hand... I can only make the low grade version." thought Shuhang as he frowned a bit before he facepalmed himself. "Duh, Boosted Gear! If the effect is too low I could just boost its effect."

As if the word 'boost' was some sort of trigger, Shuhang reeled in shock from a realization. "W-wait a minute... boost? From the chatlog... it seem the mysterious phenomenon had also started around the same time as my enlightenment? ...Shit! It really was my fault!? 😨 Now I really have to do everything I can to save Sixteen otherwise I wouldn't be able to sleep at night from now! But why in the hell would my gaining enlightenment cause something like that? On a global scale no less! Tch, no matter, save Sixteen first then investigate more later!"

With a plan in mind, Shuhang was finally ready to begin the concoction and went onto the roof. Before he started though, he made a quick warding formation to make everyone unconsciously stay away from the roof and anyone else that were currently there, all had the sudden urge to leave no matter what they were doing. After which, he also made some sound, wind, tremor, and any other kinds of barrier that Shuhang thought could cause an interruption... just in case.

After a bit, Shuhang made one final check and sigh in satisfaction. "Good... Don't want to get interrupt during the important process after all... were that to happen, not even that Loli Goddess can save her then. Speaking of which... I wonder what's she doing now? Not getting ready to erase this universe anytime soon I hope..." said Shuhang before he shook his head to get rid of the distraction.

After about 3 hours time, Shuhang sensed 2 cultivators entered the wide area barrier formation he's placed around J-City just as he finished concocting one of the catalysts needed for his elixir. "Oh? Good timing..." said Shuhang as he suddenly flared his energy. Immediately, the 2 cultivators that seemed to have paused at the edge of his barrier flew at high speed towards his direction. Not a moment too soon, he saw Su Clan's Seven on his flying saber along with a really pale face and not looking too good Sixteen. (wow... she's really petite just the story portrayed.. and cute too)

"Senior Dragon Emperor? I am Su Clan's Seven and this is Sixteen. I thank the Senior in advance for your willingness to help us!" said Seven as soon as he saw Shuhang and landed onto the roof. Although he felt somewhat strange calling Shuhang 'Senior' as he looked really young and felt like he was even younger than little Sixteen. As for his appearance... it made him a little uncomfortable to look at Shuhang as he got a strange feeling and his heartbeat couldn't help speed up a bit. (Oh no! Is he another Senior White!? Or somehow related?!) thought Seven fearfully while in his heart, he was imagining all the beautiful fairies he knew to date.

At his strange reaction after the greeting, Shuhang could only raised an eyebrow in confusion. No matter... Sixteen's matter comes first. "I am. We'll be doing this here as it's an emergency and can't waste any time. Even though I've already placed many barrier formations around, just keep a lookout for our surroundings just in case. First, place her down here." quickly said Shuhang as he waved his wave his hand and took out a comfy looking sofa from his Universal Bag of Holding.

Hearing the no nonsense tone in his voice, Seven quickly carried Sixteen over to the sofa and placed her in it. Once Sixteen was in the seat, Shuhang took out 2 items, a coffee mug filled with crystal clear liquid, and a bottle with 6 pills in it, exactly the one he had just concocted earlier and handed the mug to her first. Sixteen who took the mug into her small hands and gave a questioning look to Shuhang.

"This is a high grade Living Spring water. Drink it first as it could help strengthen your body a little and increase your lifespan by about a hundred or so years." said Shuhang nonchalantly. Sixteen who heard Shuhang's words nearly dropped the mug due to shock while Seven himself was frozen stiff. "S-senior... this... this is too precious!" shakily said Sixteen.

Seeing her reaction, he just gave a light chuckle. "It's fine. I can get more of these anytime I want. Just drink it." said Shuhang with a smile as he lighty pat her in the head. Seeing Shuhang's smile and the way he put it like that, Sixteen couldn't help but blush a little and drank everything in one go. Seven who was standing on the side was now feeling even more grateful towards Shuhang. (To think he would willingly give away such a precious treasure without batting an eyelid along with his willingness to help Sixteen already... I've decided, from now on, I will be the first to answer his call should he need anything no matter the difficulty!) solemnly swore Seven.

After storing the emptied mug, Shuhang finally handed the pill bottles to Sixteen and said "Take one pill now and continue to take one every hour. These are not the true cure but only something to relieve the symptoms while I concoct the real medicine. It should take around 6 hours or so." After seeing her nod in understanding, Shuhang turned towards Seven and said in a very serious tone "I'm going to concoct the medicine now. As you've heard, the process will take about 6 hours and during that time.. I mustn't be interrupted no matter what. Make sure to keep an eye out at all time."

Sensing the gravity of Shuhang's words, Seven nodded seriously as he spread out his sense and made other preparations as well. Without wasting anymore time, Shuhang quickly got to work. Sixteen who was sitting quietly in the sofa was watching Shuhang's every moves with a small blush and slightly glazed eyes. Whether she was affected by Shuhang's 'charm' or something else... no one but her would know the answer...




At the same time in Jiangnan District Airport... A long-haired lady with fair skin, considerable height, and long legs walked out of the airport, dragging a huge luggage behind her. She is precisely that Soft Feather whom 'sneaked' out of the house to go out and play. She seemed to be in distress however and looked a little lost as she took out her phone and soon, she got the message from Northern River about Sixteen's situation and the 'Senior' that was in the area.

"Oh! This is perfect! I can make a trip to check up on Sixteen and if I'm lucky... I could get that Senior to help me on my little errand!" exclaimed Soft Feather happily as she hailed a taxi over.


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