New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
12 You Have Two Choices!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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12 You Have Two Choices!

Even when she rode a taxi and had the address, Soft Feather's innate talent to get lost still somehow managed to take her close to 3 hours to find her way to Jiangnan University. The only reason that knew she was in the right area at all were the answers she got from passerby that she was 'close' to the University. Yet for some reason, every time she thought she got near, she would always unknowingly go pass it one way or another.

"Muu... ever though it's supposed to be near here... why I can't find this is Jiangnan University at all?" said Soft Feather depressedly. Unknowingly, she had actually fallen prey to Shuhang's warding barrier which had its effect boosted many times stronger if a 'cultivator' is detected. The only 2 ways for one to travel in a straight path towards him is have Shuhang use his own Qi signature as a guide; this is the method Shuhang used with Seven. The 2nd way was to directly be keyed in to the barrier itself by its creator, Song Shuhang.

With no other way to proceed, she turned towards the Nine Province (1) Chat Group for answers, more than likely from the Eternal Internet Warrior, Northern River.

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "Seniors! I need some advice!"]

And as expected, the first one to reply was Northern River.

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Hm? What is it, Soft Feather? Have you not arrived at the location provided by Senior Dragon Emperor yet? 🤔❓ "]

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "Senior, I have actually been in the area for awhile now but for some reason I can't seem to find it! Every time I would just walk pass it for some reason! 😭 "]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Oh? It must be some sort of ward then. Have you tried contacting Su Clan's Seven? He should be there currently."]

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "...😅"]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "...."]




Seeing as Song Shuhang started his pill concocting, Seven was full of anticipation as soon, Sixteen can be healed. The wondrous techniques that Shuhang employed look even dazzling to both Seven and Sixteen. Although he wanted to keep watching, Seven nevertheless didn't forget his original purpose of keeping a watch out for not just the surrounding area, only sneaking a glance here and there.




Soon, about 3 hours had passed and just as everything was going smoothly, he noticed a slight fluctuation in Qi around their area. (A cultivator!) even though Seven noticed right away, he didn't inform Shuhang as it could break his concentration so he flew towards the source, getting ready for a possible battle.




It's now been more than 5 hours since he's started and even at his current stage, Shuhang is starting to get a little haggard as he had raised his focus to the peak all this time. He of course had noticed there was a new addition joining them hours ago however, with Seven there, he didn't worry that it was a foe so he just ignored that presence.

The nice thing about this new person, although it was just something minor, had been helping him by wiping away the sweat he's accumulated over time. Judging by the fragrance he'd managed whiff every now and then, it seem to be a female? Shuhang had guessed it was the new person and definitely not Sixteen because as it is, she could barely move.

The only thing that made Shuhang extremely uncomfortable however... were the three pairs of adoring eyes that kept boring into his back all this while. (What the hell? What's with these distracting gazes... oi! I'm only just making a pill... there should be plenty of people in your clan that can do this too! And Seven! Aren't you a man damn it!? Don't look at me with those eyes!) thought Shuhang at the back of his mind as he tried his best to ignore the new fans he's somehow gotten.

What Shuhang didn't realize was that... as he was so focused into his pill making... he completely forgot to suppress his own charm, which had been on full blast ever since he's started the concoction! If there was one thing that Shuhang had regretted since reincarnation... it was actually him boosting his charm up by so much!

The first time he was seen in public... let's just say Shuhang almost got traumatized by the mob that surrounded him. He even had to lock himself away in his room for almost 3 whole days to learn how to suppress his charm. Finally understanding the plight that Venerable White goes through because of... uh.. his condition... Shuhang truly felt pity for him and swore he would become White's real friend. It's no wonder that White valued the original Shuhang's friendship so much. Since he had that high resistance against White's charm, White knew that friendship was real, genuine... and not a product of his grossly overpowered charm.

Back to the pill furnace, Shuhang had finally put in the last ingredient and is at the final step!


Suddenly, the lid burst open and medicinal scent spread throughout the whole roof. This naturally got the 3 audiences' attention as they stared at the pill. Immediately, confusion filled their faces as it looked... really ordinary! For a supposed Saint Grade pill, why does it look so... lack luster? Ignoring their confusion, Shuhang covered the pill with his energy started Boosting its efficacy.

This time however, he didn't use the Boosted Gear but his own ability gained from his connection to Ddraig since he didn't want to reveal its existence as of yet. Soon, 3 pairs of eyes became round in amazement as the once lackluster pill's fragrance became richer and richer. Every 10 seconds, they could feel the pill becoming even more amazing than the before! How is this possible!? What heaven defying is this Senior Dragon Emperor even using!?

Shuhang stopped boosting after about 2 minutes or so as he didn't want to overdo it as the medicine efficacy might become too strong which instead may cause harm upon consumption. With the pill still hovering over his palm, he turned towards sixteen and walked over. it was then that he noticed Soft Feather standing there. For some reason though... when he saw Soft Feather and Sixteen next to each other, his 'Divine Sight' activated on it's own!

Stunned at the future he's seen concerning both girls, Shuhang stood there with a dumbstruck expression as his mouth was left gaping. The other 3 individuals were of course confused by his reaction when, they thought, he saw Soft Feather. Especially those Kaleidoscopic eyes of his... they looked as if they could see through all of their everything which gave them a slightly uneasy feeling yet were still mesmerized at the same time.

"Senior?" asked Soft Feather as she was the first to wake up from her trance. "Ah?" exclaimed Shuhang as Soft Feather's voice woke him up from the visions he was seeing and 'Divine Sight' deactivated. "Ah my apologies, one of my innate ability activated on its own when I saw you 2 together..." explained Shuhang while not really explaining anything at the same time.

'Even though I'm now Song Shuhang... at the same time I'm still different. To think our fate would be so connected... even Sixteen now became entangled...sigh.' unintentionally whispered Shuhang. As he had never interacted with any cultivators this past year however, Shuhang had forgotten that all cultivators' five senses are much more sensitive than normal mortals which had of course, let those 3 people overhear his soft whisper.

Before Seven, Sixteen, or Soft Feather could ask what he meant however, especially the latter two as it concerned them, Shuhang started talking again. "Sixteen, this pill here is actually still missing one final ingredient. When I patted your head earlier... I actually sensed Dragon Blood inside you. I will now present to you with 2 choices. Choose carefully."

"The first choice... is to take this pill now, which will not cure you completely, then find some 'Dragon Bone Withered Vines' that will complete the cure. Doing so would have a significant chance of awakening your Dragon's Blood."

"Your second choice... is to take this pill now, along with the final ingredient and be completely cured. This would strengthen you significantly and also have a chance of awakening your Dragon Blood. So then... what is your choice?"

Hearing those two choices; Seven, Sixteen, and Soft Feather were completely dumbfounded. Weren't those choices pretty much the same except that one would heal Sixteen now rather than later? Heck there is even a boosting effect with the 2nd choice at that. So why the choices then? "Senior?" asked Seven in total confusion.

Understanding Seven's unasked question, Shuhang sighed and proceeded to explain to Sixteen. "I am presenting these choices because of the final ingredient. Should you choose the 2nd option... your blood and karma would then forever be connected to mine. Any future, or past enemies (not that I have any...) I would encounter in the future, they might be able to sense me, through you, thus putting you in danger. The reason is because the final ingredient... is actually MY essence blood!" (the blood of a Heavenly Dragon...) thought Shuhang as he purposely left that last part out while he studied her reaction.


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