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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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13 I Choose...

(His essence blood? To use something like that... wouldn't that weaken him considerably?) Thought everyone in confusion. "This... senior, this can't be appropriate. You were already willing to help us, we can't ask you for more than this! What's more, your essence blood..." Seven almost instantly refused in Sixteen's stead. Although he didn't finish the sentence, everyone knew what he meant. To give away an essence blood is almost like shaving away your own life! To do something like that so casually...

(What a kind person...) thought Soft Feather in admiration. Although they had never interacted with each other before, she could already 'feel' he was a good and trustworthy person. Somehow, she felt a connection towards him even though it was just their first time meeting. Also... that thing about 'fate' that he unintentionally whispered before... was there something between them she didn't know about...?

Hearing Seven's words, Shuhang only looked at him a bit and shook his head before turning to Sixteen again. His message was clear... 'Let her be the one to decide'. Seeing his actions and looking at Sixteen who was still deciding, Seven could only sigh in his heart and kept silent. That's right... he didn't really have the right to interfere in the first place as the one to decide was ultimately Shuhang and Sixteen.

Had they known however, that to someone like Shuhang who could boost his 'cultivation' and 'life force' to a stupid high degree anytime he wants, a little drop of essence blood is literally nothing to him. Heck, he could even give them a bucket full and it wouldn't phase him at all. Alas, Shuhang chose not to tell them as doing so would make Sixteen's decisions have a lot more weight in them. Not to mention, what Shuhang could do is completely out of the norm in this world and definitely wouldn't want to let other people know of this. Not until he had absolute power in this world.

Seeing the firm look in Shuhang's eyes, Sixteen tried to think harder on why he would be willing to go so far to help her. She was after all, only a 'junior' that had never met her before. Also... dragon blood? He had detected something like that just from a touch? Not to mention, his blood can also awaken the dragon blood inside of me? How is that possible?

Even after half an hour of thinking, she still hadn't made a decision. She can also feel that her 'pain reliever' was to starting to lose its effectiveness. (I'm running out of time... I have to decide soon!) she thought as Sixteen once again thought about both options. All of a sudden, she remembered Shuhang's whisper from before and thought seriously about what he meant.

"Senior, I've thought about it an decided. I will take... the 2nd option!" shouted Sixteen with resolution in her eyes. This option of course surprised everybody, Shuhang included as even he also thought she would go for the 1st option. "Hou? Can you... tell me the reason?" Shuhang couldn't help but asked as people normally wouldn't choose the option that brought them danger after all.

As if expecting Shuhang to ask, Sixteen just nodded and said "Senior, even though the 1st option is the safer choice... there is no guarantee that we'll be able to find those 'Dragon Bone Withered Vines' in time. And either way, my Dragon Blood had a chance of awakening from either options. Also.... if what you said before was true... then our fates are already connect...." explained Sixteen, unable to hold back a blush as she said the last part.

"Pfft! Y-you heard that?... Uh" asked Shuhang in stutter as he couldn't help but blush in embarrassment from his own mistake. Aaah! He completely forgot about the heightened senses of cultivators! Seeing his reaction, Sixteen and Soft Feather felt a little funny in their heart and they couldn't but smile and thought (So he really didn't mean to say that part out loud? What a clumsy senior... he's kinda cute)

---cough--- "A-anyways! You are absolutely sure in this choice? You should know that there's no going back after this." asked Shuhang one last time. To that, Sixteen just nodded once again, her eyes completely firm in her decision. Upon seeing this, Shuhang had no more reason to hesitate either. "Sigh, then so be it... after you take this pill however, you would have to stay near me for a time so I can make sure that everything went perfectly without any mistake." said Shuhang seriously once again.

(Stay near him..!?) thought Sixteen as she couldn't help but blush, totally misunderstanding what Shuhang meant and nodded in consent. (Un...? What's with that reaction? I just needed her to stay nearby in case something went wrong with the treatment...?) thought Shuhang in confusion. He no longer thought about it however as the suppression medicine he's given Sixteen looked like its about to run at any time.

With no hesitation, Shuhang put an index finger towards his forehead then slowly removed it. Soon, a multi-colored drop of blood seeped out of his forehead and floated silently on his index finger. Seeing this, everyone, Shuhang included was flabbergasted! (The hell!? Shouldn't blood be... you know... red?! Then what the fuck is with this color?! This color though... looked kind of like my kaleidoscope? Was it from that time I advanced to the 6th stage? Just how much had this damn magic affected me!? I hadn't even use it once for fucks sake!) thought Shuhang in dismay. His expression however, was still tranquil like water, as if this is nothing but the norm.

Although he was a little confused, Shuhang no longer thought about it as he could always investigate more later. Then with a thought, the drop of 'blood' flew towards the medicinal pill and seeped into it. Instantly, the pill started to rapidly change to the same color as his essence blood.


Startled, everyone looked up towards the sky to find... a tribulation cloud forming! "This is... pill tribulation!? For it be this strong... just what kind of pill did senior concoct!?" shouted Seven in surprise and a little bit of fear as he could sense that... he probably wouldn't be able to withstand this tribulation at all! What the hell!? Isn't it just a pill tribulation?! How can it be this powerful?

Shuhang on the other hand only growled in annoyance and thought (goddamn it! another one of those things!?) Then with a snort, Shuhang brought out his living item 'Severing Heaven Sword'. Immediately after the sword was taken out, an oppressive feeling instantly enveloped the whole area... even with Seven's cultivation level... he was still suppressed as well! Lightly sweeping his gaze over the sword, he noticed the power up and a slight trace of sentience within the sword. (Good, it seems to be growing well...)

Gripping the sword with his unoccupied hand, Shuhang made a light slash towards to tribulation cloud. Instantly, an intense sword beam made its way towards the cloud and everything was 'cut' apart. Witnessing such a spectacle, Seven had cold sweat running down his back... (This! Such a powerful and profound sword intent! It was as if all of Heaven and Earth were cleaved apart...!) he thought with admiration in his heart.

With the pill tribulation cloud gone, the pill was free to complete it's changed. What used to look like a pill however, now looked like a multi-colored marble instead. Shuhang knew better however as he was checking with his 'Library'. With a final nod, Shuhang handed the 'pill' to Sixteen to which she took into her hand wordlessly.


Breathing out slowly, Sixteen then swallowed the pill in a resolute manner. At first, she felt nothing happening as she stared questioningly at Shuhang. Then all of a sudden, she felt a heat in her throat, before it slowly spread to her stomach, then dantian, and finally her whole body! "Kuh" grunted Sixteen in surprise at the suddenness.

"It's starting..." said Shuhang as he activated 'Divine Sight' to monitor the changes in Sixteen's body.


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