New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
14 Huh... Well Damn...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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14 Huh... Well Damn...


As soon as the pill had taken effect, Sixteen's face immediately began to contort into one of extreme agony. "Sixteen!" shouted Seven in surprise as he ran towards her to check if anything went wrong. After awhile, a heat strong enough that made even a 5th Stage like Seven become uncomfortable could be felt radiating off of Sixteen. Her skin had also started to turn into a red hue, as if she's being cooked alive and even her clothes seemed to be affected by the heat.

Slowly but surely, her energy signature is now starting to change from what it once was. Not understanding what was happening, Seven could only seek answers from the cause of this current of event, Song Shuhang. "S-Senior... what's happening to her? Was this supposed to happen?" Even after awhile however, he didn't get any reply and so Seven turned towards Shuhang's direction.

What he found however, was not the composed face of a Senior that looked as if the situation is under control as he had hoped. Adorned on Shuhang's was the look of utter surprise... as if he just seen a pig flying by or something... "S-Senior?" asked Seven in apprehension and a little bit of fear upon seeing Shuhang's reaction.

Hearing a question that was directed towards him, Shuhang woke up with start and asked "Ah?!... ah fellow daoist Seven? What is it?" Seeing this half assed response, Seven now is definitely not instilled with confidence as he had hoped. "Senior, what's happening to Sixteen? This... doesn't seem normal?" asked Seven one more time, hoping for a better answer this time around.


Not knowing how to response, Shuhang could only to look Sixteen once more... hoping that what he saw was wrong. Nope. It's still the same as before... and the process even seem to be accelerating.

"Ah... how do I say this..." started Shuhang unsure of how to explain. "Well, let's just say... I've underestimated my blood more than I thought?"


"This... what does it mean exactly?" asked Seven now even more fearful than before.

Noticing his looks, Shuhang quickly reassured Seven "Oh. don't worry. Nothing bad is happening... in fact, this would be counted as a fortuitous encounter for her. My blood is inducing a blood line upgrade plus a few other benefits is all. Nothing big..." After that, Shuhang just continued to observe the changes happening.

Hearing his short and simple answer, Seven became petrified in shock. What!? Blood line upgrade!? How is that possible? A dragon blood line is already considered the top of the food chain... at most they can be awakened and purified, not upgraded just from just a drop of blood! Wait... there's one possible way that could happen and that is... if it's blood from an even higher tier dragon! But... how!?

His brain kicking into overdrive, Seven quickly went through all the information he had on this mysterious 'Senior' that was accidentally added into the Nine Province (1) chat group. So far, all he know about him is the Dao name 'Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor', his unfathomable strength, amazing achievement in the Dao of Medicine, and... that Living Item he had taken out before.

(Kuh! There aren't enough information! Think... was there anything strange in what I know so far?) furiously thought Seven in his mind, looking for any possible clue that induce this 'Senior's' mysterious identity. Soft Feather on the hand just quietly observed Sixteen, ready to help anytime as there was not much else she could. With her lack of experience and strength, that's really the only thing she could other than try not to get in the way somehow.




Unknowingly, an hour had already passed since Sixteen had taken the pill and the first major change was about to take place. All of her bones including the marrow, had just completed its transformation into that of a dragon's! Right! The reason why Sixteen was giving off the impression that she was burned alive... it's because she really was!

During that whole hour while the bones were transforming, all of her blood were actually being burned and purified by the energy emitted from Shuhang's pill. Or more specifically, the blood essence that was contained inside the pill. Now that even her bone marrow had changed to that of a dragon's... only dragon blood would be produced from now on! One could even go as far as calling Sixteen a dragon in human skin now.

Not only that... every single fiber of her muscles and skin were also being enhanced at the same time by the new dragon blood running through her veins. Shuhang estimates that once the enhancing process was completed, with just physical strength alone... Sixteen could definitely fight off a mid 4th stage cultivator with ease and come to a tie with a peak 4th stage. Hm...? It also looks like... she even grew a bit taller and a bit more... curvier? Can't be... must be his imagination.

"Hm... it seems my blood is turning her into more of a dragon rather than human..." before Shuhang could continue with what he was saying, the pill that was somehow still not dissolved, moved towards Sixteen's Origin Dantian and lodged itself there. (Hm...? the hell is that pill doing there? Wait... is it... actually transforming itself into a pseudo void core!? And is that a silhouette of Ddraig I see in the center!?) thought Shuhang, completely flabbergasted at the current outcome.

Seven who was still lost in his thought, were startled awake by what Shuhang just said. (What!? How can the blood of Senior Dragon Emperor be that powerful!?.... Hm? Wait a second... Dragon... Emperor...? N-No way... don't tell me... that 'Dragon Emperor' is more than just a title...!?) thought Seven in astonishment as looked towards Shuhang in both fear and reverence.

Sixteen on the other hand now looked like she was in total euphoria after the burning sensation stopped. Not only was her injury healed, she even felt much stronger than before... as if every single fiber of her being exudes nothing but power! No, it felt more like... she IS power itself! Not to mention the new ability she instinctively knew how to use... How incredible... with that... she could easily increase her strength by at least a fold! With no negative side effect at that!

(Hm, interesting... Not only had her Fire affinity become stronger... even even gained Space affinity. Plus, she seemed to have gained the ability to sense my presence as well while I can also somehow do the same... is it because apart of my blood is inside her?...) thought Shuhang he was looking at her changes through the Library of Heaven's Path.

"So, how do you feel? Was the 2nd option what you'd hoped it was?" asked Shuhang as Sixteen was was using her sense to inspect the new changes in her body and strength. Hearing Shuhang's voice, which she for some reason found really pleasing, she turned towards him and stoop up to answer. Just as she opened her mouth however, her clothes turned into ashes and flew away due to her sudden movement.

"Eh" uttered out a dumbfounded Shuhang.


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