New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
15 Suspicious Seven...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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15 Suspicious Seven...

On the roof top of Jiangnan University's boy's dorm, 4 figures could be seen standing as an awkward atmosphere enveloped them. Those figures were of course Song Shuhang, Soft Feather, Su Clan's Seven and Sixteen. Due to the... embarrassing incident earlier, neither of those 4 figures knew how to restart their previous conversation at all.

To the front of Shuhang, there were Soft Feather who was smiling brightly and a madly blushing Sixteen, whom looked like someone that's about to end her own life due too much shame. She is also currently wearing the spare clothes of Soft Feather however, as her frame was much smaller, everything just hang off loosely and actually looked quite cute. To his left side stood Seven who looked like he was plotting one thing or another. Hm... this... how would one break the ice after something like that just happened...?

--cough-- "So... this little fairy who joined us recently... mind introducing yourself?" Since no one was willing to talk, Shuhang took the initiative and baited them with a topic changer. Willingly taking the bait, she immediately replied "Senior! I am Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather. Please, call me Soft Feather!"

"Aah~ the one that was sneaking out of her home when her father wasn't there?" replied Shuhang in a teasing tone. Hearing his respond, Soft Feather did a spit take and denied his claim right away. "I... I didn't run away from home... 😓"

"Pfft! Haha relax! I'm only joking with you." said Shuhang to calm her down. "By the way, because we were in an emergency, I didn't say anything earlier but... it's really uncomfortable for everyone to address me as 'Senior'... I'm only 18 this year after all." added Shuhang much to the shock of everyone there.

(W-what!? only 18 years old!? How is that possible?!) were exactly the thought of everyone there. One must know, that the higher one goes in cultivation realm, the harder it becomes. For someone to be in the True Monarch realm such as Shuhang, one usually takes at least a century to reach that stage. And yet here Shuhang is... claiming that he took only around 10 years or so to reach the 6th stage. What kind of monster is this guy!?

Were he to say that he began cultivating while in his mother's womb, everyone might actually believe him no matter how ridiculous that sounded. What were all their efforts spent cultivating their whole lives? Were they perhaps fake cultivators or something? They even started questioning their whole life purpose now. If only they knew that it took him only a year... Well, Seven and Sixteen did while Soft Feather just had an amazed look on her face.

"Senior! That's amazing! 🤩" exclaimed Soft Feather loudly which woke the others up. "Haha, it was nothing... I just had a fortuitous encounter is all... By the way, Sixteen, how are the changes in your body? Do you feel anything wrong?" asked Shuhang as he turned towards Sixteen even though he already knew through the 'Library'.

Being stared at all of a sudden by the man who just moments ago saw.... her everything... Sixteen began to blush unconsciously. It wasn't something one could instantly forget after all or ever for that matter... Fidgeting a little in her extremely loose clothing, Sixteen answered shyly in a very small voice "t-there's... no problem... I'm all healed"


At this sight, Shuhang's heart couldn't help but skipped a beat. (H-holy shit! What is this cute creature!?) thought furiously in his heart although none of it showed on the outside.

"I... I see... and your other... changes...?" slowly asked Shuhang as he couldn't help but glance at those newly acquired... meat buns...

Not noticing the direction of Shuhang's eyes, Sixteen answered in a more calm manner now as this is a serious topic which concerns her future as a cultivator. Seven who was still busy plotting... whatever it is... now turned to turned towards Sixteen and seriously paid attention as well. Soft Feather being the curious bird she is, was also paying serious attention.

"Mm, my body feels so much... stronger now and I seemed to have gained a new innate ability to instantly increase my power by at least a fold as well. And... for sometime now, I have been able to strongly feel your presence even if I were close my eyes." described Sixteen one by one, the list of changes she knew at the top of her head.


"Hm... the new ability you've gained is called 'Boost', a weaker version of what I have. If you master this ability well, it could become a trump card for you in any battle in the future." explained Shuhang. Suddenly, he had a thought "hm... since she can gain my innate ability from my blood... does that mean my future descendants can gain it as well...?" whisper Shuhang at the end.

Hearing the word 'descendants' from Shuhang's mouth, Sixteen's face once more grew crimson with steam coming out of her head. Seven who heard that on the other hand, had the biggest glint in his eyes to date as he started muttering one thing or another about 'clan'... or 'marriage'...Shuhang for some reason started to get a bad feeling about that muttering and shivered a little.

(Okay...? Whatever he is planning, not gonna poke my head into that.. no sir...) thought Shuhang warily. "A-anyways! Although there doesn't seem to be anything wrong so far... I still would like you to stay in a close vicinity to me for a time, Sixteen." said Shuhang as he looked directly at Sixteen.

"Y-YES!" shouted Sixteen in a somewhat high pitch voice while madly blushing. "As for where... well since I'm currently a student here and living in this dorm... fellow Daoist Seven, you can decide for yourself where Sixteen can stay at for the time being. Oh, don't forget to tell everyone in the Chat Group that the situation is no longer dire and resolved."

"No problem! Senior! I already let everyone know earlier!" exclaimed Soft Feather in an excitable tone. Really... why does she always seem so happy all the time...? Not that he mind really... Shuhang does like the energetic kind after all... Not that he would say that to her face of course.

"I see, then what do you plan to do now, Soft Feather? I remember reading that you had some sort of errand around here...?" asked Shuhang to confirm her plan even though he already knew. It's not like he can just out and say that he knows pretty much almost everything about her after all. That.. would be very creepy and would probably send Venerable Spirit Butterfly coming his way... not that he was afraid but it still wouldn't have been a pleasant visit either.

As for that one guy that's been hovering around his warding barrier since a while ago... of course Shuhang had noticed him though he just ignored that presence as it was likely to be that lazy senior of Soft Feather's. He was probably sent by Venerable Spirit Butterfly to secretly guard her.

Being reminded of her purpose here, Soft Feather once again answered in an excited manner. "Oh! That's right! There was a place I wanted to go to but couldn't seem to find any information on it. I was wondering if I could get Senior to help me!"

Chuckling a bit at her manner, Shuhang easily agreed to it. "Sure, I don't mind. Also, you guys don't need to call me senior, it's making me feel old... Just call me Song Shuhang, Shuhang, or just by my Dao name."

"Then... as you will, Dragon Emperor." replied Seven.

"Y-yes... Song....senior?" then came the un-assured response of Soft Feather.

As for Sixteen... "Sh-sh-shu...hang..." (Hm.. well... work in progress I guess... and why do you look so embarrassed? It's just a name you know ?😅 You're seriously making me embarrassed as well here... I don't remember you being this timid in the original though...? hm something to think about later...)

Taking down all of wards and barriers, Shuhang turned towards the other three and said "Well, it's been a pretty tiring day so let's all turn in for now and talk more tomorrow. Seven, Sixteen, and Soft Feather, let's share phone numbers for now and once you've found yourself a residence around here, contact me and send your location. Ah, I suggest Soft Feather to stay with Sixteen as she could help out in case of uh... feminine problems."

To the plan Shuhang proposed, everyone nodded in understanding and readily agreed. Some more enthusiastic than others... (looking at you Soft Feather...)

"Well then, until tomorrow."

After bidding their temporary farewells, Shuhang returned to his room and just jumped straight into his bed, instantly falling deep asleep. Then suddenly... Shuhang noticed his body was a lot smaller than her remembered and... he doesn't seem to be able to control his body at all as he moved about... (a dream..?) After awhile, Shuhang heard the familiar voice of Seven calling out to him however, what he was referred to wasn't Shuhang nor was it Dragon Emperor.

"Hey, what are you doing there, Sixteen?"


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