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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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17 Mine!


Both girls now awake, are sitting opposite of Shuhang atop his bed in awkward silence. Who wouldn't be...? Both girls of marriageable age woke up in the arms of a man after all and one that they just met only one day prior at that. Not only that... they barely had any interactions other than self introductions and a few instructions given here and there.

"I say... Soft Feather and Sixteen... as much as I love being woken up to having beauties in my arms... exactly why, or how did this come to pass again?" asked Shuhang after a bit of pause.

Suddenly hearing Shuhang's offhand compliment, both girls blushed a little at that.

"Um...." was all that that Sixteen managed to say before she looked down to her lap in shame.

"W-well... It... it just kind of... happened?" Soft Feather who picked up where Sixteen left off explained, kind of, which only left Shuhang more confused than before.


"Kind of happened?.... Hm..." parroted Shuhang as he continue to give the girls a deadpan stare which made more and more uncomfortable as more time passes. "Sigh, girls... I'm not mad or anything like that (no warm blooded man would be... seriously). I just want to know how this came to be."

"....." Looking at Sixteen... she seems to want to explain but was too ashamed to do it. With no other choice, Shuhang turned towards Soft Feather instead.

"Haha.... well. Last night, Sixteen started to feel very uncomfortable for some reason and before we knew it, she came charging out of the house and came here towards senior. I of course followed as I was worried but... when I came into the room, I found her already... you know..." 😓

Listening to Soft Feather's explanation... Shuhang had an inkling as to why Sixteen did that. It was most likely... his presence as the heavenly dragon that affected her. The explanation he remembered from the DxD world said something Dragons and Power always attracting the opposite sex or some bullshit like that.

The fact that his blood is now a part of Sixteen's might have amplified this effect to a stupidly high degree. At the same time, her own dragon bloodline is probably reacting and attracted his higher tier status as a Dragon and is resonating the effect even more. At least... that's the only the explanation Shuhang could think of that would make Sixteen act this way around.

"Hm... I see." Shuhang closed his eyes and nodded in understanding of his own little theory which has a high chance of it being true although not definite. After a bit of silence, Shuhang reopened his eyes and continued staring holes into Soft Feather's head. "That said though... you still didn't explain how you ended up in this situation as well...?" added on Shuhang with a bit of confusion still.

"Haha... well... it just looked really comfortable? For some reason, there was a sudden urge for me to just lay down as well? Uh... so I kind of just...😅" explained Soft Feather in a really awkward manner.

Hearing Soft Feather's words, his mouth couldn't help twitched a little. What the heck...? Because it looked comfortable? ---sigh--- Well... whatever, it doesn't matter anymore. He's definitely not going to complain since he got the better deal out of this anyways.

"Oh, right... what about the place where you girls were... originally... staying at? Let's go there now... so I can make some additional check ups on Sixteen. After that... we can attend to Soft Feather's errand. I did say I would help out after all..." suddenly said Shuhang after a bit of silence.

Not having any issue with the plan, Sixteen just silently nodded in agreement while Soft Feather just smiled brightly and agreed as well. When the trio made it to the place in question that they found. Shuhang just stared at that house a little dumbfounded. This... the house was actually the one that Medicine Master coerced the owner to sell to him in the original work!

Although not 100% sure, Shuhang had the feeling that this house was definitely 'that' house. Fate sure is strange indeed. Not giving it too much thought, Shuhang just decided that he would live there for as long as Sixteen and Soft Feather were in the area. He didn't want people to notice these two girls going in and out of the boy's dormitory too often after all. Plus, Shuhang would be able to react to any unexpected situation with Sixteen more easily this way as well.




After some time passed, Sixteen was given the clean bill of health and in fact... she was even much better than before. The only thing Shuhang needed to monitor now were the changes happening due to his essence blood which seem like it will take a while longer to complete. As for Seven not being there... the only answer Shuhang received was that he left in a hurry back to the clan after finding this place for both Sixteen and Soft Feather. This is probably to report that the danger had passed for Sixteen so Shuhang didn't really bother with that anymore.

As for Soft Feather's 'errand', it was as expected and is something to do with retrieving the Ghost Spirit that Venerable Spirit Butterfly left for her some years ago. Not that Soft Feather knew this of course. It was then decided that Sixteen would also tag along on this little side adventure as well. The travel there was definitely something nice for Song Shuhang...

As it wasn't something urgent, they, mostly Shuhang, decided to take it easy by going to J-City by taking the train. Along the way, many heads turned towards their group of three. The fact that his 'charm' couldn't completely be suppressed didn't help in that regard either. Sigh... Shuhang definitely really regretted going overboard with that 'Boosting' at the time.

What made Shuhang uncomfortable however... wasn't the fact that the crowds were staring at them in jealousy... at least not towards him, the male, but towards the girls instead! There are even a lot of other 'males' in that crowd as well! Damn it! This isn't what he had in mind when he boosted his charm! Women? Of course he welcome that! But men... just... no!




After sometime, the group made it to J-City and are now checking into a hotel. With his senses spread out, Shuhang of course noticed the woman trying to discretely monitor them after knowing their group asked about the location of the Ghost Lamp Temple. The reason why Shuhang doesn't just use his 'Divine Sight' to locate the place right away?... That is of course to lure the altar master out so he can destroy him along the way.

Shuhang could also just used the 'Divine Sight' to locate him as well however... that is just too much work on some small fry he doesn't even care about. It was definitely better to catch him once he showed up at the Ghost Lamp Temple. When that guy shows up... hehe... he definitely won't know what hit him...

After a bit of asking around... and running into some drunks bothering them which was most likely the Altar master sending probes, Shuhang ran into his acquaintance, Lin Tubo. After some small chat, Lin Tubo examined the two beauties accompanying Shuhang in wonder. For some reason though... Shuhang had a sudden reckless urge to tease the girls and couldn't hold it in.

With no further thought, Shuhang put his hands over Soft Feather and Sixteen's shoulders and pulled them closer and...

"Bad Tubo, these are mines, you can't have them." stated Shuhang in the most self righteous manner which immediately sent the crowd of 'biker gangs' into silence and the girls to be frozen from shock!

********Author Note******

changed the ending of last chapter. Nothing too major and even if you don't go back to read it, you won't really miss anything.


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