New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
18 Hm... What to Do...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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18 Hm... What to Do...

Silence... what greeted Shuhang was nothing but silence after his little proclamation. (Hmm...? Oi, where are the retorts I was expecting? They... know that I'm joking right? So why does Sixteen look like she's contemplating on the greatest question in life? And Soft Feather... why aren't you saying anything? I know that you of all people knew that I was just teasing you girls!)

As for his buddy Lin Tubo and the rest of the bikers... they just felt confused! Seeing that the girls weren't denying his claims, they knew in their hearts that they should be extremely jealous of Tubo's pal and hate this gigolo whose got both feet on two boats. For some reason however.... they just can't seem to hate him! Just something about Shuhang that doesn't allow it! Weird... this is too weird! Is it charisma?... or maybe charm? Whatever it is, they hated their parents for not giving birth to them with such things.

What Shuhang seem to forget though... is the fact that Soft Feather's little body guard that's just hovering around at the edge of the girls' sense had heard everything! If only Shuhang knew what sort of things his teasing today would get him into... alas, there is no medicine for regrets and what's done is done.


"Say, brother Bo, I was wondering if your gramps know anything about a Ghost Lamp Temple around Luo Xin street? I figured with their age, they might know something?" quickly asked Shuhang to change the awkward atmosphere. Just like magic, everyone woke up and no longer thought about Shuhang's proclamation from before. Or maybe they just wanted to escape reality? Who knows...

"Huh? Ghost Lamp Temple? Never heard of it actually, but maybe my grandfather might know something? He is a native of J-City's Luo Xin street after all." replied Lin Tubo as recalled information of grandfather. Shuhang who knew this already wasn't surprised or anything but played along anyways.

After some more back and forth pleasantries, his friend Lin Tubo decided to give the trio a ride to his grandpa's house. The only problem they had... or rather, problem the girls had... they weren't willing to sit with anyone else but Shuhang as the bikes only had 2 seats. Having no other choice, one of the bikes were lent to Shuhang's party.

After stealthily modifying the bike with patchwork Talisman, Shuhang had increased the space in the seat without letting any of the mortals know. But seriously though... how is this situation even a thing right now? With her smaller body frame, Sixteen is riding in front, with Shuhang in the middle, and Soft Feather in back. Oh boy... is that Soft Feather's meat buns pressing themselves on him? Damn, hope his 'little brother' doesn't react right now... at least not with Sixteen currently seated so closely in front of him.




After sometimes, the group made it to Lin Tubo's place and the trio are currently conversing with Tubo's grandfather on what he knows about the Luo Xin street Ghost Lamp Temple. For some reason though, this kind old man just kept on teasing and jabbing Shuhang about the two beauties with him. Grandpa... please just tell us your story! Don't mind me having flowers on both arms! What is it with old people and their likes for gossiping!? 🙄

After getting the information they needed, Shuhang and the girls excused themselves and left to tour the area a little. There weren't much to see around there however and they had to cut their little date short and head back to their hotel to wait until night time. Oh right... unlike the original work, they actually only rented one room instead of two. It seemed the idea was raised by Sixteen and Soft Feather being Soft Feather just accepted it like the most natural thing in the world...

While waiting for time to pass, Shuhang finally got the chance to hop online and checked out the Nine Province (1) chat group. With half sitting and half lying on his bed and pillows, Shuhang was currently checking out the chatroom with laptop on ...well... his laps. On both his sides, Sixteen and Soft Feather had both their heads resting on his shoulders as they leaned in really closely to also observe the screen.

(This... this I like... I like a lot actually. But Sixteen and Soft Feather... what are you girls doing? Seriously, aren't you girls a little too close to someone that you just met for about a day?) thought a confused a Shuhang as he didn't know what they thinking. Shuhang of course would never bring up the topic of relationship with them... at least not this soon. As the girls didn't mind this close proximity thing they have going on... he also wouldn't mind it either.

Back in the chatroom... Shuhang finally conversed with everyone that was currently online and updated them on Sixteen's situation. Shuhang found that the group actually had a surprisingly warm reception for him even though it was his first time chatting. As a gift for him finally integrating with the group, Shuhang gave them the new and 'improved' Body Tempering Liquid (revised, 2nd edition).

Right, what he gave the group was materials and concoction steps for his version of the revised edition of Medicine Master's own revised edition. The only difference is, Shuhang's version actually costed less while having almost the same level of efficiency as the recipe. He also gave them the 'ordinary mortal' edition just for the heck of it along with a few 'lost' recipes or so.

Needless to say, Medicine Master almost went nuts after looking at the recipes Shuhang's given. The way he kept asking when Shuhang is free and when can he come over might have scared Shuhang had he not known that this is just the way Medicine Master was when it comes to pills and elixirs. Soft Feather and Sixteen who saw the whole thing played out front row actually had their eyes sparkled the whole time.




Later that night at the ruins of Ghost Lamp Temple, Shuhang was observing Soft Feather and Sixteen trying to seal the ghosts at the focal points of the formation. With his 'Divine Sight', Shuhang could easily locate that poisonous dragon plant... not that he would need it this around to take care of the ghost spirits... it's just... why leave behind a treasure when it's just sitting there...?

After coming to the location, Shuhang 'noticed' that there were actually two Ghost Spirits and decided to have both the girls take one each. Since Soft Feather only had to worry about 1 Ghost Spirit unlike the original, the sealing went without any problems whatsoever.


"Sigh, having two beauties dancing for me under the moonlight sure is a nice experience... if only I had some alcohol with me... Anyways, you girls did a good job. 😉" complimented Shuhang offhandedly which earned him some blush. Suddenly, Shuhang a hand and swiped at empty air.


Reacting quickly, both girls got into their combat stance and looked to the direction of the 'person' that was dragged in by Shuhang. Lying there miserably on the ground at Shuhang's feet was more than likely... the Altar Master! Finally! About time he showed up...

"Now then... you must be the leader of those guys that had been spying on us since noon today... Hm... What... should I do with you...?" asked Shuhang with a teasing voice. If one were to look at his eyes however, there was no warmth there and only a cold glare that promised nothing but eternal pain and suffering.


Having been crushed so badly... the Altar Master couldn't reply properly due to pain. What he heard next however, sent chills right down the depth of very being.

"Say... you don't mind if I did a little 'Soul Searching' on you right?" asked Shuhang nonchalantly.


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