New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
19 I Hereby Swear...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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19 I Hereby Swear...

After Shuhang soul searched the Altar Master... well he wished he hadn't. Had he not experienced the 'Baptism of Kaleidoscope' on his 2nd day in this world, Shuhang had no doubt that he would already be the side throwing up his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sensing the sudden shift in Shuhang's atmosphere, Soft Feather frowned in worry.

Sixteen now could also do the same as Soft Feather now due to their connection. Liu Jianyi who was still observing the group narrowed his eyes a little as well. Even though Shuhang doesn't show it... the shift in atmosphere seemed a bit too great? Should he get ready to act soon in case junior sister get in trouble...?

Looking a bit paler than before, Shuhang released his grasp on the Altar Master as his body began to spasm due to shock. As Shuhang didn't hold back even a little, Altar Master's mind was completely destroyed and soul damaged as well. Even though he 'knew' about the Altar Master before hand... but to actually read his memories... Aaah! This... this sick fuck!

"Fuu.... I've seen many... many things before through my kaleidoscope but... you... your character, your ambition, your heart, and your dao... they disgust me to no end. Even a pig covered in mud seemed more beautiful than you!" gripping his fist hard, Shuhang spouted out everything in his heart at the moment as his eyes radiated his raw fury.

Unknowingly, his power starting leaking into the surroundings sending out pressure to everyone nearby, Liu Jianyi himself who was in the 5th stage couldn't even resist a little as he fell to the ground. As for the Altar Master, he was already squashed into meat paste by the pressure. Strangely enough, neither Soft Feather nor Sixteen were affected by Shuhang's release of power. Her face was in fact turning red and heart started beating faster due to this sudden display of power.

All of a sudden, Shuhang felt warmth from both his sides and soft sensations on both his arms which immediately caused the pressure to recede. Looking at the culprits, they were of course Soft Feather and Sixteen. "Sigh, sorry about losing control all of a sudden and... thanks..." said Shuhang as he pulled both girls into his chest and returned the hug.

Liu Jianyi who was finally released from the pressure, got up shakily and in a bit of fear. (T-that pressure...! Not even from teacher... had I felt such a tremendous pressure! Just who is this guy!?) thought Liu Jianyi in trepidation. Before, Jianyi wouldn't have mentioned Shuhang to Soft Feather's father as he was too lazy. After feeling that dreadful pressure however, he definitely need to report this as it could somehow endanger her safety.




After some moment passed, Shuhang gave the girls in his embrace one last tight squeeze before separating. "Sorry you girls to see me lose control like... Sight, that was really unbecoming of me... and thanks again for stopping me. I don't know what i would've done in that state..." said an apologetic Shuhang.

Hearing his words, Soft Feather just sweetly smiled but didn't say anything. Sixteen also lightly smiled and replied "Un, it's fine. You helped me out as well. If I couldn't at least do this much... I'd be too ashamed of myself..." Giving the girls one last smile, Shuhang turned towards the remains of the Altar Master.

With a wave of his hand, everything turned into ash, floating in the wind and left behind only a little insignia. His soul never even had a chance to form into a resentful ghost before that too... was dissipated as well. Suddenly, Shuhang turned upward and solemnly proclaimed towards the heaven.

"With my title as the 'Kaleido Sage' and pride as the 'Dragon Emperor' on the line, I hereby swear to eradicate everything related to the Altar Master and his organization... even if I have to overturn both Heaven and Earth to do it!"


Dark clouds suddenly began to gather and flashes of lightning could be seen. Sixteen and Soft Feather were of course surprised by Shuhang's sudden oath towards heaven. But they even more shocked when he suddenly 'threatened' to overturn even the heaven itself which immediately gather tribulation clouds! This... could Senior Song be so powerful that heaven had to take his oath that much more serious than when others do so? Liu Jianyi was also flabbergasted at seeing such a sight as well.

Unaware of the girls' thoughts, Shuhang took out his phone and uploaded a picture of the Beast Mark Medallion to the chat group and post a question right after.




[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "Found and interrogated the head leader of this 2nd rate, but still despicable organization. Any fellow daoists interested in joining in for an eradication exercise? I plan to do it soon. Most likely within a week or so."]

Within seconds, the eternal online warrior Northern River replied.

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Oh...? I don't recognize that organization mark at all. Senior, how did you get involved with this group of unknowns? How did they even dare to offend you? 🤔"]

[Medicine Master: "Unknown"]

Hm using only one word... that's his style alright. Did he meant that he had no information on them either?

[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "We've just recently finished up with Soft Feather's errand and these guys had been bugging us all day long. Who knew though, that the first guy I captured happened to be their leader."]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Was the group that bad, Senior?"]

[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "I searched his memories a little and needless to say that such Dao... Sigh, I couldn't help myself and swore an oath then and there to eradicate them. Well then, I only wanted you all know just in case anyone had some unfinished karma with this organization. If anyone need anything, just contact me through this number #&*#$*&#."]

After saying his piece, Shuhang closed the chat app and sent a telepathic whisper to Liu Jianyi which almost scared him shitless. (Sorry there little friend... I couldn't control myself and let you be affected by my pressure. I'll give you some compensation on a later date.)

With that done, Shuhang finally turned towards the girls and gave his usual smile. "Let's head back to our home in H-City. We'll go using my flying sword instead of the train. Once there, I'll help you with making the contracts with your Ghost Spirits. I'll even have a surprise for you girls~." said Shuhang as he took out 'Severing Heaven Sword and enlarged it to give enough rooms for the girls.

Nodding in acceptance, both girls hopped onto the sword as it flew off into the distant, leaving behind a stunned Liu Jianyi as he tried and failed to catch up to Shuhang's speed. Although it was just the slip of the tongue... no one had actually rebuked Shuhang's choice of word - "our home" and just accepted it. Whether missing the wording or hearing and accepting them... no one really knew except the Soft Feather and Sixteen themselves.


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