New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
21 The boosted... Boosted Gear?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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21 The boosted... Boosted Gear?

The next morning after their returns, Shuhang wanted to help the girls with contracting their Ghost Spirits right away. That plan was derailed however as 2 unexpected guests showed up at their door steps. With his unintentional stylish 'goth make up', Medicine Master along with his *cough*stalker*cough* apprentice greeted Shuhang with a smile. Or at least Medicine Master did.

"Greetings Senior Dragon Emperor! I saw your messages in the chat group last night and thought I could help out a little. Afterwards... I was hoping you could give me some guidance on a few questions I had with pill making!" Ah... so energetic and different from his online persona... though the way he's acting like a fan girl does worry him a little.

"How do you do, senior?" asked Purple Mist in her demure style while for some reason... looking a little on guard with Shuhang? Uhm...? Why does she look so wary against him anyways? Shouldn't this be their first meeting? 🤔

"Judging by the smell of various of herbs sticking to your person... you must be Medicine Master?" said Shuhang as he nodded in greetings. Turning towards the other person, Shuhang just gave a questioning glance and asked "And this Fairy is... Medicine Master's dao companion? I say, Medicine Master, what a lucky man you are~ 😏" and decided to tease them a little.

Hearing Shuhang's words, Purple Mist was flushed red from happiness. Too bad though, pills for brain Medicine Master crushed whatever dream she had almost instantly. "Haha Senior, surely you jest! This is Fairy Purple Mist. She's just my apprentice." Ouch, that critical hit... poor Purple Mist, hang in there...!

"Hm, why don't you two come in first? I was about to help Butterfly Island's Soft Feather and Su Clan's Sixteen with contracting their recently attained Ghost Spirits." said Shuhang to quickly change the topic. Purple Mist looked like she was about to attack somebody purely out of stress...

Inside the spacious living room, Soft Feather could be seen sitting inside a formation with different sorts of offerings. Sixteen could be seen looking over the minute details of the setups to make sure nothing was amiss. "Oh, good morning, Seniors! I am called Soft Feather. Please don't hesitate to offer me guidance!" came the the energetic reply of "I am Su Clan's Sixteen. This junior offers her greetings" and formal greeting of Sixteen after noticing the new guests.

"Oh! So you are Soft Feather, the new junior that's recently joined our chat group? And Su Clan's Sixteen? How is your injury from the lightning tribulation? All better?" came the reply of Medicine Master after taking notice of each of the girls' names. Purple though... she only gave a silent nod to their greetings. Hm, seems she really doesn't like it when other girls were in the presence of Medicine Master...

"Ah, these fellow daoists here are Medicine Master and his apprentice, fairy Purple Mist. It seems they wanted to lend a hand in dealing with that organization of ghost cultivators." Shuhang decided to give the introductions since these two fellows didn't do it themselves.

Oh yeah, speaking of lending a hand... Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman contacted him late at night saying he also wanted to help but couldn't as he is tied down by something else at the moment. He did say he wanted to send some greeting gifts through the mail though. Hm most likely talismans but as Shuhang is a master at the art himself.... Eh it's the thought that counts so it doesn't matter...

"Anyways, Soft Feather, Sixteen, how are the preparations with the formation?" asked Shuhang as he wanted to get the show on the road already so he can move onto Sixteen's turn next. Getting a a confirmation from them, Shuhang let Soft Feather start right away.

"Relax, you only need to make the basic connection with your Ghost Spirit and I'll do the rest." said a relaxed Shuhang. "Hm? Making a Ghost contract right now when it is day time? Senior, wouldn't it be better to conduct these contracts around mid night instead?" asked a confused Medicine Master. Purple Mist at the side also nodded her head in agreement as she looked at Shuhang.

"Hm? Oh, if you're worried about the intensity of negative Qi which hit the peak at around midnight, then you needn't worry. I can take care of that." answered Shuhang simply as he waved their worries away. For something as simple as Qi intensity... how could Shuhang even begin to be bothered by such a thing? What the heck is his 'boosting' ability for, if not for such a situation?

As for the materials used for the ritual itself, Shuhang had already boosted their effective strength beforehand so the contracts would become even smoother than normal. As soon as Soft Feather started reciting the mantra for the 5 elements formation, Shuhang could sense a faint trace of negative Qi in the air.

(Well then, that's my cue to take the stage I guess...) thought Shuhang as he raised his left hand towards the direction of the formation. With another thought, a dragonic looking crimson glove appeared on his hand making his hand look like claws instead. On the back of the glove appeared a rainbow like jewel that was constantly shifting in colors like looking through a kaleidoscope.

The appearance greatly surprised Shuhang as it doesn't look anything like what he expected. As it had been awhile since he's used it, Shuhang forgot about the changes that were happening to it. From the gaudy looking gauntlet covering his entire forearm that it started out with... not it looked just like a regular hand glove with claws and a jewel attached.

(This... wtf happened to my sacred gear!?) thought Shuhang with a panic on the inside yet nothing showed on the outside. (Well... one way to find out.) And with another thought, the jewel on the back of his gloved hand started to gain an increased in intensity as a voice resounded throughout the room.


Immediately, everyone could feel a big increase in negative Qi by more than 50 times! Everyone in the room that were interested in the glove that suddenly appeared on Shuhang's hand were immediately startled at the sudden sounds emitted from it and the huge increased in negative Qi.

None however... were more startled than Song Shuhang himself! (WTF!? I'm not even in 'Balance Breaker'! How did I boost back to back like that!?) he thought with a clear panic.


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