New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
22 Psst...I Have a Gift! Want It? ?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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22 Psst...I Have a Gift! Want It? ?

Hmm... judging by the jewel's color, this boosting ability might have something to do with the Kaleidoscope? It was then that Shuhang had a crazy theory. (Could it be possible that... the other boosts are actually borrowed from other realities? That could be the reason why the voices actually overlapped each other instead of hearing 6 consecutive boosts like Balance Breaker...) Before Shuhang could delve into anymore theories however, he was interrupted by Soft Feather's excited voice.

"Oooooh! Senior Song, that's amazing! 🤩 Is that another Living Item? Or is it a treasure!?" exclaimed Soft Feather. Soft Feather's voice seemed to woken everyone up from their stupor as they snap their head towards Song Shuhang. As Medicine Master wanted to ask something however... "Don't get distracted, Soft Feather. We're starting" said Shuhang as he sprinkled the saliva of dragon ghost on the formation materials and ghost sealing bead.

Noticing that Shuhang forcefully changed the subject, Medicine Master couldn't bring himself to ask about what just happened any longer. One thought came to mind however as he remembered that phenomenon where the world's spiritual energy suddenly spiked up to an enormous degree. (Could that treasured glove be the culprit of that incident? Or is it only just a coincidence? 🤔) he thought.

Soon, the figure of the Ghost Spirit appeared in the mist created by the saliva of ghost dragon. Normally, that stuff would only last about an hour or so, but thanks to a certain boost cheater, it can practically last for an eternity! Well... until the 'contractor' succeeded anyways. And just like Shuhang expected, the Ghost Spirit was subdued with only 1 use of the formation's 'Metal Tribulation' and the contract was a success.

In fact... it went way too smoothly that it confused Soft Feather a little as she learned from her father, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, that it's usually a much tougher fight than this. The same is also true for Sixteen as well. Only Medicine Master and Purple Mist felt like something was off and related to Shuhang's doing especially with the unexpected display from the senior earlier. They of course kept their mouths shut as Shuhang was a 'Senior' and respected his privacy.

Truthfully, Shuhang originally didn't want to reveal the Boosted Gear's existence just yet and wanted to use his own ability instead. With the arrival of Medicine Master and his apprentice however, Shuhang decided to bring it out in order to test the moral character of some of the group members. They may have been nice people in the 'original' but here in this world... anything/anyone can be different. Sixteen's clear difference in character along with the changes in Soft Feather is a clear indication of this.

As for enemies showing up Shuhang's doors? Hah! After reaching the 6th stage, He no longer feared anyone in this world. With just physical prowess alone, he could already fight and easily subdue a 7th stage Venerable according to the 'Library's' measure of strength in cultivation stages. This isn't even including his 'Balance Breaker' and the even more cheat ability of 'Juggernaut Drive' along with his boosting ability. Unless an army of 'Eternal Beings' were to show up at his door step now, Shuhang wouldn't even bat an eyelash at any cultivator and/or their whole clan/sects.

"Good. Looks like you easily succeeded. Can you feel your connection towards the Ghost Spirit?' asked Shuhang as he walked towards her.

"Yes, Senior Song! It still feels really weak and unstable though... But don't worry! I'm confident I can stabilize it within a couple of days! 😁👍" replied Soft Feather with confidence and enthusiasm.

"Good, then I want you to try and stabilize that connection now. I'll speed up the process for you. Just ignore everything and focus on making that connection." instructed Shuhang which Soft Feather agreed right away with a resounding 'Yes, Senior Song!'. Seriously... this girl has too much energy. Not that it's a bad thing though...

After Soft Feather closed her eyes in meditation, Shuhang extended his hand and touched her shoulder with the boosted gear. Soon, another echo of [BOOST] resounded, increasing the speed of connection stabilization and the Ghost Spirit's latent potential at the same time. Not surprisingly, to Shuhang at least, the Ghost Spirit mutated into a higher tier one which would help increase Soft Feather's cultivation speed even more than before.

Afterwards, Shuhang did the same thing with Sixteen and everything went without any hiccups. Medicine Master who was watching on the side reaaally wanted to ask questions but held himself back. As for Purple Mist... seems like she doesn't really care much as long as it isn't something that personally involved 'her' Medicine Master. Speaking of which... wonder if he should help the girl out a little.

With the new changes to the 'Library of Heaven's Path', it should be possible. Right! Shuhang finally had some time to check out the changes in his library last night and to say he was surprised is a massive understatement. It turned out that... the 'Library of Heaven's Path' no longer contained only things that were in 'this' world. It now contained a myriad of things in other universes as well!

One such world included 'The Strongest System' which suddenly gave Shuhang a very good idea! Well... it could be counted as 'nasty' to Medicine Master but who cares about that. (Hehe... when it comes to TSS's world with Men and Women relationship... one particular thing comes to mind and that is... the Legendary BIGGRA! You better appreciate my effort, Purple Mist!) thought Shuhang with a smirk.

Suddenly being schemed against, Medicine Master suddenly shivered and felt cold sweat running down his back. Although his cultivator's 6th sense is telling him that a crisis was about to befall him, it's also telling him that there weren't any 'danger' at the same time. Very confused at this, Medicine Master decided to put up his guard anyways... just in case.

"Now that you girls firmly established your connections to your Ghost Spirits, take this time to familiarize yourselves with it as it would become your companion from now on" said Shuhang which the girls nodded in understanding. After which, they left to their own room to do just that, leaving only Shuhang, Pills for Brain, and Stalker Girl in the room.

"Hm... now that I think about it, isn't this our first time meeting each other? As a 'Senior' I should at least offer some greeting gifts otherwise, where would my face be?" suddenly said a slightly grinning Shuhang which gave Medicine Master a glint in his eyes. (This... maybe I can take this chance to ask for some guidance on the Dao of Pill Making now? This is a rare chance after all!) thought the man in glee.

Giving Medicine Master a knowing glance, Shuhang took out a Jade Slip and infused with it the knowledge of a few 'lost' pill formula along with the Poisonous Dragon Plant he gained the day before. Looking at his gifts, Medicine Master felt elated and wanted to 'play' with it immediately, to which he really did and actually took out his own pill furnace right there in the living room.

At such a sight, Purple sighed aloud and Shuhang just shook his head in exasperation. Pills for Brain indeed... what an apt nickname, maybe Shuhang should let the chat group know of this... Finally, Shuhang sent Purple Mist a telepathic communication, telling her of the 'gift' he wanted to give. At first Purple Mist was gobsmacked at what she heard from this 'Senior', then blushed crimson head to toe from embarrassment, and finally... she actually started drooling from her over active imagination!

(Hm... R.I.P Medicine Master. I hope you live a more blissful life in your reincarnation...)


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