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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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23 Leaving

"Ah of course you will have to wait for until I take care of that organization." said Shuhang which suddenly brought Purple Mist back down to Earth. "EH!? B-but...!?" hearing such despair inducing words, she couldn't even form proper words to ask questions. Her face was that of someone just recently got betrayed by her most trusted person or something.

"Aha, you needn't worry. I'm not going back on my word or anything like that. It will take sometime to readjust the formula so it wouldn't be ...too effective. You might not be able to walk for a few days if I didn't..." answered Shuhang after looking at Purple Mist's expression.

"A-a few days!?" Aaaand here comes the drooling again and creepy smile again. T-this girl... scary...! 😰


"As such, just wait a bit more. At the very least until I take care of all the ghost cultivators' organization and its remnants." quickly said Shuhang to catch her attention again. And boy did it really CATCH her attention... the moment she realized the reason for the delay, her eyes gained a dangerous glint that even Shuhang shivered a little.

"The ghost cultivators you mentioned in the Chat Group, Senior?" asked Purple Mist in the most yandere like manner that made Gasai Yuno look like a tamed kitten.

(Oh crap.. did I just release a mad dog towards those ghost cultivators?) thought Shuhang as he almost felt sorry for those guys. Almost...

"That's right. Plus, I need to make a quick run to my University to see what I missed these days. Sigh, sometimes I really wonder why I'm even there still... Anyways, just pick a room for both you and Medicine Master for the night. It... doesn't look like he wants to go anywhere soon." Almost like he was the one that owned the place, Shuhang pretty much told Purple Mist to do as she like.

With that taken care of, Shuhang went to his dorm like he said he would and found his roommates playing a rigged game. They even offhandedly mentioned that Shuhang's name was forwarded to signing up for the men sprinting event.

(Oh yeah... there was something like that happening in the original. Racing against ordinary mortals though... isn't that just blatant cheating? Eh, doesn't matter I guess.) Not giving that anymore thought, Shuhang joined their game for a bit after getting the dates of the event and the one for their next test. It was somehow pretty soothing to just kick back and slay some noobs in LoL..




Back at 'home', Shuhang was currently looking over his Kaleidoscope ability. He of course already 'knew' how to use it thanks to that loli goddess. What he was currently doing is to see whether or not he could combine it with his Talisman and Artifact making skills and so far... it looked to be a very promising idea. The only question now... is what kind of thing he should make with it.


Suddenly, there was someone knocking at the door and judging by the feel of the Qi, it seems to be Soft Feather. Hm...? Wonder what she needed? "You can come in, Soft Feather." said Shuhang unhurriedly as he cleaned up some of the crafting materials he was playing with. Getting the permission, Soft Feather appeared at the door, looking a little downcast some how?

"Is something wrong?" asked Shuhang a bit worried. Did something happen?

"N-no senior Song, there's nothing wrong." Soft Feather replied as she shook her head. "It's just... my father just called and asked me to go back home soon..." She continued on, her sadness clearly oozing out of her. (Sigh... so its that daughter-con of a father? How weird... in the original he didn't contact her and only waited until she returned on her own while he's torturing Mad Saber Three Waves?)

"I see... " Shuhang said simply and the room soon got into an awkward silent situation. To be honest, Shuhang had no idea how to handle this situation. It's not like he could just say 'you don't need to go back and can just stay here' after all since this is in fact her father calling her back home. On the other hand, he couldn't just say 'okay, see ya later' either, considering that sad frown on her face.

Why does she even look so sad though? Didn't she go back home on her own without even thinking too much about it after getting the Ghost Spirit in the original though? Doesn't matter... what he need to do now is figure out how to deal with this in a neutral manner. Either way, she still need to go back so the real question is how to send her home without sounding like a dick about it. Seeing as she doesn't really want to go back and all...

Accidentally sweeping his gaze over the crafting materials he was working on earlier, Shuhang suddenly had a very good idea. "Un... in that case, can you stay for at least another day? I was actually working on a little gift for you and all." Lying straight out of his ass, Shuhang quickly said to Soft Feather to raise her spirit again.

"Really!? Then I'll be looking forward to it! 😁"

Strangely enough, it seemed to work. Huh, that was easier than he thought. With that, she finally left his room, presumably to look for Sixteen for ...whatever reason. A last slumber party maybe? In any case... let's start making that 'gift' he bullshitted about earlier though... wouldn't want to turn that to a complete lie after all. Oh, might as well make one for Sixteen too while he was at it.




After one sleepless night, Shuhang managed to finish them both in time for Soft Feather's departure. Inside the dining room where they intended to have breakfast at, Shuhang handed both gifts to Sixteen and Soft Feather.

"It's a bit late since I didn't know what to make but..."

Not waiting for Shuhang to finish, both girls opened up the boxes containing their gifts. For Soft Feather, what appeared was a golden bracelet with a carving of Ddraig's left side and the Sun in the background as the motif. For Sixteen, it was likewise a bracelet. In her case though, it was silver in color with a crescent moon behind the carving of Ddraig's from the right side. One similarity they share is the the multicolored jewel in the mouth of Ddraig's on both Bracelets.

"They're beautiful... thanks Senior Song!" "Un. Thank you very much"

"No, it was my pleasure. Anyways, these can be counted as life saving treasures. On them, I've inscribed a few small formation and one of them... will instantly teleport you to me once it sensed that either of you are in danger. The energy will also automatically recharge itself over the period of 24 hours. It could also be activated at will if you directly injects your energy into the jewel piece. As a bonus, should you two ever fight in a close vicinity to one another, all of your attributes will double with no negative backlash. I call them the Heavenly Sun and Heavenly Moon bracelets."

(W-whaaat!? Teleportation? He made these himself? But how!? Isn't the ability to manipulate space something only reserved for Tribulation Immortals and above!? Just what is the real background of this Senior?) thought Medicine Master and Purple Mist, who also joined them in for breakfast, in complete shock .

Soft Feather and Sixteen though just enjoyed their new gift and didn't really understand just how scary the thing Shuhang casually made for them. As far as they're concerned, this is the first gift that their Senior Song had given them and that's all that matters. Soft Feather even gained a glint in her eyes when she heard the 'teleport to my side' part. (This girl... planning to run away from home again already? She hadn't even gone back yet...)

After the matter of the Gifts was taken care of, 3 out of their 5 members happily enjoyed their breakfast and later escorted Soft Feather to J-City airport. After her departure, Shuhang gave Medicine Master and Purple Mist a location to a major branch of the organization each, while he and Sixteen went to the main one. It's also a good idea to test out her new strength at the same time as well.

"Hm... It's finally time to go end those disgusting bastards." idly said Shuhang as he stood tall on his flying sword with Sixteen at his side.





In a remote corner and place unknown, but more than likely Mad Saber Three Waves' place, Venerable Spirit Butterfly was talking on the phone with his student, Liu Jianyi. "So, she's already on the plane? Good. Next, I want you to stay there and investigate this... 'Senior Song' for me. The more thorough the better."

After a few more instructions, he sighed and hung up the phone. "Just who is this Song Shuhang that got Liu Jianyi this spooked...? Whoever you are though, if you had any plans on my little girl..." said the Daughter-con venerable as he narrowed his eyes in thoughts.


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