New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
24 Disappointed Sixteen
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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24 Disappointed Sixteen



Before the man could say anyone, the sound of a blade tearing through flesh could be heard and his head fell to the ground. All over the floor, there are different body parts littered on the ground everywhere and blood flows like river. All the others who saw the fate of their latest comrade instantly lost any will of resistance.

Even if they chose to surrender however, they would still not be spared by this she demon that appeared all of a sudden. Everything was going as it should have been like every other day until this crazy bitch appeared out of nowhere and started the slaughter with no questions asked! The perpetrator is none other than Fairy Purple Mist who was on a warpath of course.

The one question in their mind the whole time was 'w-what the hell did they to this crazy wench!? Why did she suddenly appear out of nowhere and started a slaughter!?' The whole was made even creepier as the whole time she was killing their colleagues, she was muttering something 'being in the way' and 'Medicine Master' with a crazed look the whole time!

They of course tried to resist the best they can against this 'demon'. How could they even think of resisting though...? Purple Mist was a 5th stage cultivator while none of them had even surpassed the 1st stage, Beyond Mortal. Heck, even a little snot nosed kid could put up better resistance from a grown man stealing their candy.

As for those that tried to escape and contact the main branch well... 'tried' was key word here. She didn't even bother looting anything in the building as they were all trash in her eyes and just focused on eliminating everything that moves and breathes. Not more than 15 minutes later, the whole building complex became deathly quiet as not a single soul were spared. After making sure all the evidence of her being there were destroyed, Purple Mist left without even so much as a glance back.




Medicine Master on the hand, he wasn't as cruel as his 'apprentice', Purple Mist, and did everything in a quiet and efficient manner. All he did was crushing a few poison pills and spreading them through out the whole building complex. Within seconds, every single living things inside peacefully fell into their eternal slumber without realizing that someone had 'attacked' them.

Spreading his senses around in a wide area, Medicine Master sensed that everything went without any trouble and nodded in satisfaction. "Hm, that should take care of everything. All that's left is..." with those final words, he crushed a few different set of pills and once again spread them into the air with his Qi, carefully controlling it so it doesn't to unwanted areas. Soon, all the corpse along all their belongings began to dissolve into nothingness and with that, his job was done.




Although not as 'cruel' as the terror that is Purple Mist, a similar scene could be seen being played out where Shuhang and Sixteen was at. Well... it was just Sixteen's doing while Shuhang stood high in the sky and observed everything with cool dispassionate eyes. Before starting this massacre in the name of testing Sixteen's new strength, they even did a selfie together in front of the Ghost Cultivators' HQ and posted it on the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group with captions and everything.

This naturally earned the envy of Soft Feather who was left out of the 'fun' and she made sure to let everyone know of it by flooding the chat with many 😭😭😭 emoticons. Shouldn't she still be on her flight...? How did she had signal to use her phone? Must be modified by her father to be able to receive signals everywhere then... "Sigh... what did I even expect? Of course these guys wouldn't be good targets to measure Sixteen's strength. Their strength disparity is just too great after all. Oya? Trying to escape are you?"

Seemingly without any effort, Shuhang pointed his finger at the 'stealthily escaping' ghost cultivator and shot a Qi beam at him, instantly turning him into space dust. With that done, Shuhang once more turned his attention to the massacre happening in front of him. Hm..? Sixteen seem to look as if... she's not satisfied with something? He should probably ask her when this is over.

Suddenly, Shuhang could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket. Looking at the caller, it seems to be Su Clan's Seven that disappeared after getting that house for Sixteen and Soft Feather.

'Ah, Senior Dragon Emperor? This is Seven talking.'

The voice of Seven could heard from the phone as soon he received the call.

"Un. How can I help you? Took care of your business at the clan?"

Suddenly hearing the words 'business' and 'clan' from Shuhang, Seven's heart almost leaped to his throat in fright. (D-did he found out..!? No, it shouldn't be possible! Calm down Seven, it was just a normal greeting.. nothing more.) thought Seven as he took a moment to calm his nerve so as to let it appear in his voice.

'Ah, yes Senior. Everything went smoothly without any problem. That aside, may I ask Senior to look after Sixteen for a bit more? I suddenly had something come up and is unable to pick her up at the moment. Of course, our clan will make sure to compensate senior for the trouble.'

"Hm...? Sure, I don't mind since she is a pleasant company around here." replied Shuhang and thought (He's having trouble with something? Could it be that thing with the Farmer's Sect? Huh, I had thought that wouldn't happen until a bit later..?) "Ah, maybe you could also get her into my University so that she would have something to do when I go to class or something." said Shuhang as he suddenly had an idea. If she's at his school, he would be able to keep an eye over once that crazy 'uncle' shows up.

'Ooh, that is a great idea, Senior! I'll do it right away and let Sixteen once I'm done. Then Senior, I bid you a pleasant day as I have something..."

"Un. Take care." Just as he hung up the phone, the 'battle' (Pfft yea right...) seem to have come to an end. Floating down to where Sixteen is, Shuhang noticed that her 'dissatisfied' look had gotten even worse than before.

"What's wrong, Sixteen?" asked Shuhang in curiosity. Seriously though... what's up with her?

"Ah... nothing at all, Shuhang. It's just... I had expected more of a fight than this but I worked myself up for nothing. As for those ghost generals and what not...sigh 😒" replied Sixteen with a hint of battle lust in her voice. Hmm...? That battle lust... is her.. or rather 'my' dragon blood inside of her the cause of it? Dragons are very straight forward and combative creatures after all.

"Haha sorry that these guys are all small fries... let's clean up this place and go back 'home'. But still though... what to do with all these lingering ghost and their hatred permeating the air...?"


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