New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
25 We Meet Again...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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25 We Meet Again...

"Nn..." grunted Sixteen sulkily as she honestly don't really care much about all this linger ghosts and what not. She was expecting a good fight and not... whatever the heck that disappointing display was... some 'organization' they are... hmph.

Shuhang couldn't help but sighed and rub her head a little at the sight of her sulking. "Hm, how about this... once we have sometime, I'll spar with you to test your strength. With my strength suppressed of course in order to let you reap the most benefit out of this." Blushing a bit at the sudden contact, Sixteen silently nodded in acceptance, no longer caring about the fight earlier.

After compiling all the scriptures in his 'library' that is related to ferrying the souls of the dead, Shuhang speed read through it all began reciting. Immediately, the souls ceased all their anguished cries and looked toward Shuhang in gratitude as they were finally released from their shackles and suffering. Light of Karmic Virtue began to glow around Shuhang making him look pretty surreal.

Due to the the higher grade scripture, and Shuhang ferrying the souls by himself unlike the in the 'original' where he had a helper, the amount of Karmic Virtue is massive. It was in fact so much that it almost reached the equivalent of when one ferry the soul of an Eternal Being like 'original' Shuhang did. What would actually happen if Shuhang did help ferry an Eternal Being...? Hm. Food for later thoughts.

Something strange began to happen as Shuhang began to gather more and more Strength of Karmic Virtue. The light was actually invading straight into Spirit Lake and went straight towards the sleeping Ddraig. On the outside, Shuhang's Strength of Karmic Virtue actually started condensing into a silhouette of Ddraig's yet couldn't yet form itself as there wasn't enough Virtue.

Seeing that silhouette, Sixteen was surprised as she recognized the shape. She was currently wearing it's image on her arm in the form of a bracelet after all. (Even his Strength of Karmic Virtue had condensed into the shape of this Dragon... just what is the story behind this Dragon and Shuhang...?) thought Sixteen in wonder. She couldn't come up with any good answer however and chalked it up to her being too inexperienced still as she is pretty much a 'kid' in the cultivation world after all.




After taking care of all those lingering ghosts, Shuhang and Sixteen began to loot the place for valuables. They were of course all turned over to Sixteen as she was the one who did most of the work. As a 'Senior', there is no way in the world Shuhang would be shameless enough to snag them off of Sixteen... even if she were willing to hand over the spoils to him. Ain't nobody got time for that gigolo life... just living in Sixteen's current residence for free is already the limits of what Shuhang was willing endure in shamelessness...

Now back at their home, Sixteen was currently talking with Seven about the arrangements of her getting into Shuhang's school while he was in his room tinkering with the Kaleidoscope magic.

"And... that should do it as the 'anchor' for this reality... All that's left is activating it and pray the world doesn't explode because I accidentally shifted the planet's core or something..." mumbled Shuhang about an exaggerated but very real danger. Sure it shouldn't be possible for something like that to happen with the original Kaleidoscope and with his knowledge on the magic. Since his other 2 cheats got upgrades however... who's to say that this one didn't get an upgrade as well...?

"Phew... one way to find out I guess... here goes nothing..." ! All of a sudden, Shuhang's body began to turn blurry and started becoming incorporeal before slowly phasing out of existence altogether. The experience of shifting through reality with his own body... definitely a strange and pretty painful one. All surrounding energy, in all the myriad existing colors, bombarded his body, almost as if trying to tear apart, atom by atom. It was agonizing to say the least.

Shuhang had the feeling that... if he had foolishly tried this at a lower cultivation stage, he definitely would have died without knowing how. After what felt like an eternity, Shuhang finally reached a destination, where ever that is, as he literally stumbled into existence and fell face down into the floor.

"Oof...!" groaned Shuhang at the sudden 'drop' and still reeling from the pain of traveling.

"Ugh damn it, forgot to cover myself in a protective layer of energy... Damn, where is this plaaaaaace...!!?" loudly exclaimed Shuhang at the end. Looking at his 'surrounding', literally everything was white in all 6 directions but the most shocking thing of all was the thing.. or rather person in front of him.

In front of a flat screen TV with some sort of drama playing, and laying on her belly flatly on the ground with hand in the midst of reaching into a potato chip bag, was actually someone Shuhang had met before.

At such a sight, the first thing popped into his mind was "Ah, a wild Loli appeared." and actually said it out loud for the other occupant of the 'room' to hear. Said 'loli' on the hand, had the most dumbstruck face at the unexpected arrival and froze completely until she heard Shuhang's comment.

"Don't call me loli!!! 👿💢"




Now sitting on his knees and sporting a comedic bump atop his head, Shuhang was currently leaking buckets of cold sweat down his back. The loli goddess on the other hand was standing on top a stool and looking 'down' on Shuhang and still deciding whether or not to forgive his rude remark.

(T-this... what the hell...? Why... how am I here? Did I mess up and got myself killed again on the first trip!? 😭) thought Shuhang frantically as he tried to remember the process of his trip. Before he could think back to any mistakes made, a child like voice interrupted him.

"Sigh, it seems you've been doing well, Mr. Fang Lin. Or maybe I should call you Song Shuhang now? And if you're worried about making a mistake using your 'Kaleidoscope' magic then don't. It was my doing after all to make you come to this place no matter where your first intended destination was."

Hearing her words, Shuhang breathed out a relieved sigh, unknown as to since when he had been holding his breath. At the same time however... still just as absurdly powerful loli as ever. "Ah, please call me Shuhang as I now have fully accepted my new role and identity." replied Shuhang. The one thing he had been wondering the whole time however... he can actually 'recognize' what this loli goddess actually 'look' like unlike their first meeting.

"I see...." said Shuhang even though he didn't really 'see'.

"Nn. No need to worry too much. I only brought you here to give you a warning seeing as you've already started to use your Kaleidoscope." explained? the loli goddess after noticing the confusion in his voice.

Hmm...? "Warning...?" asked Shuhang as he straightened up his posture and stared at her in curiosity but with his full attention. A 'warning' from a 'universes' destroying goddess is not one to be taken lightly after all. And the plural had to be emphasized... 'universes'

"Yes, a warning. The wishes you asked for... they were much too powerful you see..."




After listening to the mysteriously powerful Loli for awhile, Shuhang's body grew cold. How terrifying the many beings are in the multitude of worlds out there. It seems he had underestimated the power of the cheats he had asked this goddess for. The fact that she could easily give them out speaks volume of power as well...

Damn... looks like he's too weak still in the multiverse's standard. It seems he would have to be extra extra extra careful from now if he's going to be traveling to different worlds. But why is she going out of her way to warn me? Sure, I could understand her granting me these cheats in the first place as it was fault but after that... she shouldn't have any more responsibility towards him. Or was there something more to his 'death' in the first place....?

Nah couldn't be... he was after all just a regular nobody back in the original world. For what possible reason would this seemingly all powerful entity have to scheme against him? After a bit of Q & A later, Shuhang bid farewell to the loli goddess and activated his Kaleidoscope and went back to his new 'home'.

Back in the 'white world', the loli goddess gradually lost the demeanor she showed Shuhang and grew more serious.

"Fang Lin... No, Song Shuhang. Grow strong. Much stronger than you are now. Once you've reached my level..." mumbled out the loli goddess as she narrowed her eyes at the last part. Soon, her form was engulfed in a blinding light, before transforming into the most stunningly beautiful girl from her loli form. Giving one last look at the place where Shuhang was standing before, she sighed with a look of longing before disappearing from the white space entirely.




Back with Shuhang's trip home... well he messed up yet again somehow. As instead of getting straight towards his destination, he kept getting lost and making stops at a bunch of different worlds. There was even a weird one where all sentient life forms were nothing but vegetables... Another one, he actually materialized into the nest of a giant dragon and boy was that not fun...

There was also one where Shuhang materialized upon a war zone that seemed as if it was being fought three ways. Up high in the sky were two really powerful dragons duking it out with each other. One of them even suspiciously looked like Ddraig himself. Suffice to say, Shuhang got the hell out of there REAL fast.

On his latest stop, Shuhang materialized himself inside a decrepit old house with no sign of life for at least decades or so. Deciding to just get out there as soon as possible, Shuhang once again fired up Kaleidoscope and did one more teleport. He could 'feel' the anchor that he left behind so this should be the last stop before getting 'home' for real.

In the process of teleporting however, Shuhang's strange 'luck' decided to work its magic at that moment. The dust in the old house had tickled his nostril and caused him to sneeze. This resulted in a little spherical rock sitting high on a cabinet to fall out of place and hit Shuhang in the head just before the teleportation process completed.

Back to his room in his 'home world', Shuhang rubbed his head and looked at the culprit that caused another bump to appear on his head. How is that even possible at his current cultivation stage...?! From the loli goddess? Sure, since he might as well be bug compared to her but this... this rock!?


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