New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
26 Eh, I“ll Do It I Guess
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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26 Eh, I“ll Do It I Guess


Looking at the perfect spherical jewel around 3 times the size of a chicken egg in his own hand, Shuhang was honestly at a loss as what to do this thing. Just a few moments prior, he had been playing around with the Kaleidoscope magic and somehow or another snagged this thing into his room. According to the 'Library', this rock thing is actually a pretty amazing treasure that can be used for quite a few things.


There were two that stood out the most to Shuhang as not only can one be able to store 'energy' into it, one can even store 'souls' in as well. As for why one want to store away energy... that's a no brainer. As for soul storing though.... there are so many things Shuhang could probably do with that. It's just there are way too many though. Well, he's going to have to comb through the 'Library' later in order to find the perfect thing to use this 'rock' for so as not to potentially waste a treasure.


On a side not, the number of Lotus atop Shuhang's Spirit Lake had increased from its former number of 1 to more than 100 now. The weird part though... that number is still increasing. This actually really intrigued Shuhang a bit as the 'seed' condensed by that Lotus atop the 'Spirit Lake' would become his 'Nascent Soul' later which signifies his entering into the 7th Stage, Spirit Venerable realm.

*BOOM!* *trembles*

Having THAT... many Lotuses though... how the hell is that going to work...? Does that mean he's going to have... more than one 'soul'...? 🤔 That aside, Ddraig's consciousness seem to be returning little by little though it's still weak at the moment. One thing Shuhang had also figured about Ddraig being in his 'Spirit Lake' though... he's actually somehow or another turned into 'Lake Spirit'. This is kind of neat actually as unlike the Original Shuhang whom had a 'Whale' as his 'Lake Spirit', he gets a Dragon instead.

Back to the rock though... nope, still got nothing.

"Hm, might as well just store it away for now. Should probably also get more of these too since for some reason, my '6th sense' is telling this might become important later on... The problem is finding that one world where this thing came from again. Ugh, just thinking about sifting through that many realities hurts my balls a little..."

On another note, Seven had contacted Sixteen about what he and Shuhang talked about during their little operation against the ghost cultivators. Apparently, she will also be joining as a student in the same department as Shuhang's, same classes, same schedules.... pretty much the same everything. That made Shuhang really think... no matter how dense one is... not even one of those disgusting beta as f*** Japanese novels protagonists, would not understand why this is happening.

Then, he suddenly remembered the 'urgent business' that Seven got with the clan and had to leave Sixteen here with Shuhang. Knowing the 'original' story, Shuhang of course made the connection in no time however he was also confused at the same time. Didn't their clan only support and pushed for 'that' because of 'original' Shuhang's status as a powerful and influential 'Saint'? He should still be a nameless Cultivator at this stage so... why?

Sure, Shuhang likes Sixteen but he definitely can't say that he 'loves' her yet. They haven't even been acquainted for a week yet after all. Rushing into a relationship based on shallow feelings feels like a recipe for disaster, one that Shuhang does NOT want to deal with, at all. So for now... Shuhang was going to wait a bit more to see how far their relationship could develop. If what he saw in his vision at that time were anything to go by though...


Before Shuhang could put anymore thought into this, a series of explosive sound rang throughout the whole house. The furniture fell out of their place as intermittent trembling could be felt along with lights flickering on and off. Jesus... that Purple Mist... maybe he should have held giving her 'that' until after the duo were leaving and going back to where they belong...

Too bad though that Medicine Master for some reason really wanted to stay near Shuhang for some odd reason. Well maybe not so odd... Shuhang after all IS the 'Grand Master' when it comes to the Dao of pill making. This would make it a really perfect opportunity for Medicine Master to learn and improve his Dao. It's even more so better as Shuhang is an easy to get along with 'Senior' making this an extremely rare opportunity.

"How the heck is this possible...?!😲 I put up multitudes of anti-sound, and anti-tremor barrier all over that room! Sigh, it seems I've really underestimated the 'might' of a 5th Stage cultivator hyped up on BIGGRA. This... Medicine Master isn't going to die from snu-snu right...? Hm wait a sec... wouldn't it be Purple Mist in this case...? Un. In either case, I shall pray for whoever's soul ahead of time."

No longer caring about those two silly people's business, Shuhang turned to look at the chatroom on his laptop to see if there's anything new happening. As it turns out, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Northern River, Three Waves, and even Copper Trigram were talking about senior/fellow daoist coming out of a long secluded meditation. Well... it was more like each and everyone of them doing their best to NOT be 'it'.

"Oh...? Is White going to come out of meditation soon? Hm... Having sworn that I would definitely become his real friend and all because of his 'charm' problem, this feels like it would be perfect for me to take the task. At the same time though... even if I've already advanced quite far in the cultivation aspect, I'ms actually still very lacking when it comes to 'ordinary mortals' matter in terms of wealth as I had neglected that part entirely and focused on cultivation..."

It was then that Shuhang had an idea... So what if he's 'poor'...? Aren't the guys trying to shirk responsibility to each other extremely rich in the mortal realm? That Yellow Mountain especially. With that thought in mind, Shuhang began typing...

[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "Since no one seem to want to take up the responsibility for receiving this new fellow daoist White... how about I do it? All I ask is a little 'help' in setting up a way for me to earn sizable amount of ordinary mortals' wealth. I am still only a 'student' after all. 🤤"]

Spotting an easy 'prey' that volunteered itself, Yellow Mountain replied as fast as he could so that Shuhang wouldn't have time to blackout at the last minute. As for what he asked for? Hah! That's way too easy! Too cheap! Shuhang might as well have asked to do this for free or something...

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Deal! I can easily help you out with that!"]

All the other fellow daoists that were lurking but not daring to say anything earlier, immediately responded pretty much the same way as Yellow Mountain.

(These guys... 😅... oh well. At least at the end of this, I know I'll be... no, more importantly, my parents' lives will be set for life and not having to worry about financial stability anymore... this is the least I can do for them as... they're not just the 'original' Shuhang's parent, they're also mine as well...)


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