New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
27 Who“s There?!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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27 Who“s There?!

(Hm... wasn't it around this time that Farmer's Sect uncle is somewhere around town looking for Sixteen right now, along with the Moon Saber Sect as well? Although, that whole framing Seven thing only happened because Seven went around asking for a cure to heal Sixteen's injury but since he's already headed it... doesn't this mean that Seven won't be getting framed and Sixteen won't be hunted?)

Thinking about all the possible changes due to his interference, Shuhang couldn't help but let out a big sigh at not knowing future events anymore. Stupid butterfly effect... 'Divine Sight' has the ability to see possible future sure, but just like what happened when he saw Sixteen and Soft Feather together for the first time, it activated on its own and not something Shuhang know how to control... at least not yet.

(And what about that Joseph guy...? Meh, if we're fated to meet, we will and as for taking him in as an apprentice...) Before Shuhang could let his thought wander any further, he felt a little tug on his elbow. "Hm..? Oh, class is over already?" said Shuhang in surprised as he looked at the person pulling on him earlier. Sitting in a seat next to him, was Sixteen whom had just 'transferred' in as of today.

After gathering all of their belongings, both stood up and turned towards the 3 guys behind them staring in awe at their sight. Well 2 out of 3 of them at least. With the exception of Lin Tubo who had seen Sixteen with Shuhang before, the other roommates Gao Moumou and Li Yangde stared at Shuhang in both jealousy at getting the cute transfer student and admiration for doing it so fast.

"OI, Shuhang, when you did you get such a cute little wife?! You need to treat us to some fish heads for celebrations! 🤩" Li Yangde shouted as he 'pulled' Shuhang into a semi headlock. "Right right! Double the servings for keeping it a secret from us bros! 😤" echoed in Gao Moumou. Looking at Sixteen who didn't deny their 'little wife' claim and just blush a little, the duo got even more energetic as their demands for treats grow more and more outrageous.

Lin Tubo on the other hand was curious of one thing... what about that other pretty lady that was with Shuhang? Before Tubo got to voice out this question however, he was interrupted by Shuhang. "🙄 What treating you guys? You guys still haven't treated me yet for winning that race. Also, we can't hang out today since Sixteen and I have something to do later."

"AAh!? You can't run away now? Also, this and that are different!" opposed Gao Moumou. "That's right! This is and that are completely different things!" echoed Li Yangde and Lin Tubo. After which, the whole group went into a light hearted bickering between friends which made Sixteen giggled a little.

(Looking at his friends and he acting like this... he really does look nothing like a mysterious 'senior' but rather, just another ordinary teenager. Although, it's a bit annoying that all these 'flies' are staring my Shuhang with such obvious love struck eyes 💢💢💢) thought an irritated Sixteen as she observed the female students hanging around the classroom and looking towards Shuhang and his friends. It would seem like his charm was unconsciously leaking out to the surrounding again...





In an old abandoned building, 2 figures could be seen darting around and locked in combat with one another. The two figures were of course none other Shuhang and Sixteen. As there weren't anyone suitable to test Sixteen's new changes in strength, Shuhang had promised her that he would undertake that role and as promised, that's what they're currently doing now.

Shuhang was of course suppressing his own cultivation to that of the 2nd Stage, Acquired Master realm otherwise it wouldn't really be that much of a test. At first, he lowered himself down to 1 level lower than Sixteen's real strength which was actually at the 4th stage. Even after suppressing himself that much however, he still completely outclassed Sixteen due to his abnormally powerful physical body. With no other choice, Shuhang went a step further and kept himself at the 2nd Stage to finally even things out.

As his "Severing Heaven Sword' was too powerful a weapon for this little spar, Shuhang decided to take this chance to get used to fighting with the Boosted Gear instead. Sixteen was more than a little irritated that Shuhang had to suppress himself that much just so he can 'match' her in strength. The longer the fight continued however, the more into it she got as her battle lust once again surfacing itself.


Quickly responding to what look like a linked attack, Shuhang parried off the 1st and 2nd saber slashes with the Boosted Gear while evading the last. Due to not getting parried, the last strike's power and momentum still carried on causing a shock wave to collide with and level the wall behind Shuhang. Now more worked up than ever, Sixteen once more charged towards Shuhang with Saber raised and a smile on her face.

Once she was in range for her intended move, her saber was enveloped in flames as slashed with all her strength, aiming at Shuhang's Torso. (Heaven Scorching Saber is it?) thought Shuhang as he right away recognized the move that he taught to Sixteen. Although simple, this move was still quite powerful and matched her pretty well due to her extremely high Fire Attribute.

In response to the move, Shuhang punched out with his basic punching routine from the early days, the 'True Heavenly Fist', aiming straight at Sixteen's saber.


Their resulting clash produced a decent sized dent in the floor beneath them and a shock wave so powerful, the debris around them instantly turned into dust. Both knocking each other off balance due to neither having advantage over the other, Shuhang and Sixteen corrected their postures in preparation for the next clash. Sixteen surprised Shuhang however, as her strength and speed sudden increased by at least a fold and struck out before he could launch another strike.

Just as the strike look like it was unavoidable, Shuhang suddenly smiled and willed his ability to the surface. 'BOOST!'


Although expecting Shuhang to respond somehow... this wasn't what Sixteen had expected. In front of her was the sight of a slightly smiling Shuhang. His non gloved right hand raised to block her Saber that was still covered in flames. What's more... he's doing it with just using 2 fingers to pinch onto the blade! The worse part is... she could sense that Shuhang hadn't release his power suppression either! So... how!?

"Hehe little Sixteen... did you forget that your 'Boosting' ability came from me?~" said Shuhang in a teasing tone which finally made Sixteen realized how he did. "Rather than that... that little friend who was watching as since earlier... why don't you come on out? I know you're there." said Shuhang suddenly as he looked in the direction where he heard a little gasping noise during SIxteen's final attack.


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