New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
28 Hm.. What to Do With You...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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28 Hm.. What to Do With You...

Hearing what Shuhang suddenly said, Sixteen was shocked as she actually didn't notice anyone there. Was she so into the fight that she ignored her surroundings? What a failure! This... needs to be rectified as soon as possible. It might save her life one day after all. If it wasn't Shuhang that was with her and the voyeur turned out to be someone intending to sneak attack...

Seeing as Shuhang wasn't really putting up a guard against the intruder however, brought some sense of relief to Sixteen as it meant the intruder wasn't dangerous... at least to Shuhang himself. Looking over to the spot Shuhang was looking at, Sixteen saw a middle aged foreigner with blond hair walking slowly towards them. On his face were wariness and great awe... no, that looks is more like... reverence... worship?

The moment Shuhang saw the blond foreigner walking out, his mouth couldn't help but twitched as he had an idea of who this might be. Seriously... he was only peripherally thinking about the guy earlier but to think he actually showed up for real... Just as he was about to open his mouth, 'Divine Sight' suddenly activated on its own once again.

Noticing Shuhang's eyes going silent as his eyes changed his colors, Sixteen was stunned as she remembered the first time this happened. The intruder on the hand was gobsmacked the strange sight. Now even more than before, his look of admiration and worship had actually even increased another notch.

After a little while, his eyes finally returned to normal and the visions started to fade away, Shuhang now sported a very dumbfounded look. Blinking once, then twice, he opened his mouth to say something... only to stop and closed it again.


(Nn? Just did Shuhang see in his vision? To be that badly stunned...) thought Sixteen in wonder.

After taking a few more seconds to recompose himself, Shuhang once more looked toward the intruder. By this point, he was almost 100% sure that this person is Joseph. The question however... how the fuck did he even come here in the first place? There were more than a few formation that blocked sound and tremor around this building. Not to mention the anti-normies barrier which is supposed to keep exactly the kind of people like Joseph out and yet... there he is.

"So, this foreigner friend... just how and why did you come here?" asked Shuhang along with his almost ever present smile. Hearing a question that was directed at him, Joseph woke up with a start before suddenly going down his knees and did a kowtow.

"Great Master and Mistress, please take me in as your disciple!" shouted Joseph while completely ignoring Shuhang's questions. Sixteen on the other hand was shocked at the sudden and brazen request and wanted to say something. Sixteen stopped herself however when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Hm... first, tell us your name and second... how did you come to this building...?" asked Shuhang once again as he truly was very curious on how he achieved it. If Shuhang was serious about putting up a ward, not even a tribulation immortal with their space attribute can ever hope to breach it. An Eternal Being might be able to but still wouldn't have an easy time at it. That is of course if Shuhang is not manning the formation/barrier at the time.

Even without putting up a ward, Shuhang was usually always aware of his immediate surroundings... unless of course his 'luck' somehow or another interfered with that. Such was the case with all the treasures he's ever come across after all. And even the latest one... that strange and normally something to over look rock was another fine example.

Even if Shuhang had seen in his vision that the Joseph of 'this world' could actually reach great height in cultivation, right now he is still only an ordinary... a very ordinary middle aged old man. (Don't tell me... that my luck could even work on people as well? Are the people I'm fated to meet will always show up even if I try to actively avoid them?) thought Shuhang in great interest.

"Oh, Great Master! My name is Joseph Guy Maupassant and as for coming here. I suddenly had this feeling that something lucky would happen to me and so I did. Who knew that as soon I entered, I would get to witness two Great Masters sparring with genuine Chinese Kung Fu. It's actually been my dream since childhood to learn the real thing. So I'm begging you... I'll do anything! Please take me in as a disciple!"

Holy crap does he sound desperate... Why is he even more desperate than the original to become a martial disciple of mine...? Ah, is it the difference in what he witnessed? In the original he only saw Shuhang practiced at the Foundation Building stage where as what he saw just now... were two powerful 4th Stage cultivators having a somewhat serious spar...

If Joseph was willing to become a disciple to 'that' amateur me then seeing the great master version... hm I can see why he seem so desperate now. But still though... the world of cultivators is not really a pretty place like you imagined, Joseph.

"Sigh, you say that you want to learn but... do you realize what it is you're asking for? To be apart of this world... you must accept all of its cruelty as well. What you see in those fictional... 'kung fu' movies aren't even lukewarm compared to the real thing... I suggest you give up now and save yourself the trouble." said Shuhang in a dissuasive way and even going as far as to release enough pressure to let Joseph see the illusions of many, many death and suffering.

Realizing what Shuhang was trying to do, Sixteen only raised an eye brow at the act in wonder. It's fine to dissuade the guy but... is it really necessary to go this far? Even without saying anything, the way she's looking at Shuhang conveyed it all. At that, he only lightly smiled at her and shook his head a little before looking at towards Joseph again.

(My apologies... Mr Joseph. Even if my visions told that... through me, you became one of the most fearsome and revered 'Sword God' under the myriad realms, if you couldn't withstand this bit of pressure and suffering, then I will not accept you as my student.)

Even if Shuhang think that this is only 'a little bit' of pressure, it was actually strong enough to completely suppress an ordinary 2nd Stage Cultivator. To use that much strength against an ordinary middle aged man like Joseph, if Shuhang made even a tiniest bit of mistake, Joseph would more than likely die of a heart attack.

Taking out a little paper from his Universal Bag of Holding, Shuhang started writing a message on it for Joseph whom he estimated to wake up in a couple of minutes or so. He then began to leave along with Sixteen after leaving that note in front of Joseph which he set to burn itself after Joseph finished reading the content.

(Now then... show me your will, your determination. Please don't disappoint me, the future Dragon General of my army, 'Sword God' Tyrant ******.)


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