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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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29 Intruders

Venerable Spirit Butterfly who originally wanted to use making a contract with the Ghost Spirit as an excuse to keep his daughter at home was astonished to find out she had already done so. Even more when he found out that the Ghost Spirit had actually mutated into an extremely high grade one.

What the heck happened on his daughter's little trip? It should have been at most a mid rank one! He should know... it was the Venerable himself that planted that Ghost Spirit after all. Tch, now he had to find some other reason to keep her busy so she doesn't have time to think about going outside to play. It's all the fault of that 'Senior Song'!

Ever since his little girl came home, that's all she ever talked about! Senior Song this... Senior that... he just about can't take it anymore! and there's nothing for him to vent his pent up frustration on! 💢 Hm, maybe he should go back and look for that Three Waves fellow again...? Kuh, just what is taking A'Yi so long with that investigation?!

Speaking of that despicable Song fellow though... that life saving gift he made for Soft Feather is truly a marvel. He, as a Spirit Venerable is already a rarity to have some attainment in the Space Attribute but that Song fellow's mastery of it is just in another realm. To think he is only a True Monarch.

The materials used to make that bracelet is also a marvel all on its own. Spirit Butterfly speculated that even were he to use his full strength, he couldn't even dream of putting a scratch on it! No matter how you look at it, that thing is a priceless treasure that many would go mad for just for the material alone... Not to mention all the other enchantments and life saving capability. The best part, it's not a one time use item either and it could even regenerate it's own energy in as short as 24 hours!

"No matter how you look at it, that 'gift' was just too priceless a treasure to casually give out to someone. Is he truly that generous a senior or... does he have some sort of design for my daughter? No matter what though... as a Venerable myself, there's no way I can stay quiet after he gave my daughter such a 'gift'. Sigh. that's going another headache... just how am I going to match this 'greeting gift'...?"




Back with the 'Chinese Kung Fu' enthusiast, Joseph Guy Maupassant's place... well to say that was disturbed was an understatement. After having been buried for so long, his dream of learning the genuine Chinese martial arts was finally revived today. The chance to live his dream - it was so close! It was then that he was hit with a figurative bucket of water and woke him up from that dream...

The things that he saw in those visions... just thinking about it gives him the shivers once more. Joseph couldn't help but think of the words that Shuhang spoke at that time as well as the note he left behind... was he trying to tell him something? Is that his way of rejecting in taking him in as a disciple? It kind of made sense and yet... why does something feel off?

If it truly was that Great Master's way of rejecting him however... could he truly bear with it and once more bury his dream before he could achieve it? Even if the chances were there in front of him and all he needed was to step forward? But... those visions... would those things happen to him at some point or another if he chose to tread on this path?

Not being to make true decision, Joseph Guy spent his night sleeplessly. Going through the unforgettable combat scene between the masters and the question posed by that 'Great Master' he met. His anxiousness was even starting to worry his wife a little.




Back with Shuhang, he's already put the matter with Joseph into the back of his mind. Or at least a part of it. What Shuhang was thinking of currently was the vision he saw and that of his 'army' in the future. It seemed that everyone was preparing to face down a great threat or something... just what is that even about? What kind of threat was so great that he needed to build an army for it?

As he didn't really have other clue to go on however, Shuhang reluctantly stopped thinking about this matter for the time being. In his hand, he was currently studying the mysterious 'rock' received earlier. Surprisingly, when he tried to inject in some of his own energy, there was a reaction in his Spirit Lake. To be more precise, it was the lotus seeds that reacted to it.

Raising a brow at this, Shuhang thought of the many possibilities involving this strange rock and his nascent soul seeds. A strange rock that can take in energy and souls... this kind of actually reminded him Ji Ning from the 'Desolate Era' when he made that 'Primal Twin'.

"Hm... a primal twin eh.... with many more of these rocks and my growing number of lotuses... I wonder..." mumbled Shuhang out lout at a crazy but seemingly plausible idea. If this works though... wouldn't he solve the problem of the 'army' thing? And what kind of army can one trust the most if not an army of own 'twins'...? The more he thought of this, the faster Shuhang's heart started to beat.

Before Shuhang could continue to entertain this train of thought, he felt a ping on his barrier around town. "Hmm? Cultivators? All 4th Stage and lower... " frowning at the sudden intrusion, Shuhang right away activated 'Divine Sight' and soon, his vision expanded itself towards the direction of his barrier's detection.

After a bit of spying from each of those trespassers, Shuhang learned that they actually were the Immortal Farmer Sect's uncle and the Moon Saber Sect people! "Wtf are they doing here... o.O? How can that thing with Seven being framed still be a thing?" Intrigued at their purpose here in this city, Shuhang decided to observe them a bit more before eliminating those Moon Saber Sect guys. As for the Farmer Sect's uncle... as long as he doesn't try anything against Sixteen then he won't be too heavy handed against the guy.

"Seems something's going to happen around here soon... I should let Sixteen know just in case. With her always sticking so close to me these days though... I doubt anything would really happen..." Not putting any thought into this, Shuhang went back to studying the mysterious rock and techniques from the Desolate Era throughout the night.


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