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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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30 What the...!?

It's already been 3 days since the Immortal Farmer's Sect uncle and Moon Saber Sect had intruded into his territory. They still hadn't been able to find Sixteen yet however which makes Shuhang seriously look down on those guys. Seriously... they've pretty much been brazenly going out and no intention of hiding at all and yet... Sigh. What a let down. Did they need to start hanging up glowing neon signs on their heads or something?

As for Joseph... well there were still 4 more days until the deadline. He was really curious on what kind of decisions he would make after the time limit is up. Wonder what that old man is up to currently...

Speaking of Joseph, that reminds Shuhang of his regular mortal side of things. With the help of the various members in the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group, Shuhang is now a proud owner of a sporting goods franchise. They mainly deal in any and all things related to sports, exercising equipment, and even the various nutrients and supplements. How those guys did all this in such speed is nothing short of amazing.

The 'new' business is surprisingly doing so well that Shuhang won't have to start worrying about money anytime soon. Well, for the mortals side anyways... The hard part now is how to tell the Papa Song and Mama Song about this without blowing the socks off of them due to shock. Oh well, that can wait for a bit more. Maybe after giving them some hints here and there that he's doing some 'investing' in the markets...?

That aside... the changes in Sixteen's body had finally stabilized and as Shuhang had expected, her power is currently on par with any normal peak 4th Stage cultivator. If the opponent doesn't know about her 'Boost' ability on top of that... well, sucks to be that guy she's fighting.

Other than training Sixteen, Shuhang had also been making some breakthroughs in the cloning techniques. The only thing now is making a decision between 'True Clones' or mere mindless drones... Hm. On the one hand, a true clone is a 2nd life while the other options gives him minions that he won't feel bad when certain questionable orders are given... Sure there are ways to revive oneself but... there are still many ways to permanently keep people from coming back... Otherwise there would definitely be more immortals than there are ordinary people on Earth by now.

"Hmm.. I should probably make a decision soon since I can feel my breakthrough is coming soon..." said Shuhang as he rubbed his chin in wonder. Just yesterday when Shuhang was checking out his Spirit Lake, he actually found out there was an additional Lotus to his already hundreds. The reason why this had to be mentioned is due to the size of this new lotus. That thing... is huuuuge. Not even putting together all the other Lotuses would reach half the size of that newly appeared one.

"That new giant lotus is most likely the one where my main Nascent Soul would borne itself. Given the speed of the condensation... probably another week?... Two at most."

Hm.. what else is new around here...? Oh that's right! Old boy Medicine Master and Purple Mist 'finally' left their room and man did their look of shame were priceless. Well Medicine Master anyways while Purple Mist on the hand couldn't look anymore happier. It looks like everyday is Christmas for her from now on. Thanks to Shuhang 'helping' her out, she even swore eternal loyalty to Shuhang so long as his alignment doesn't conflict with her own moral beliefs.

When the news that Medicine Master finally accepted her as a dao companion was spread, the whole chat group sent many 'congratz' messages along with a whooole lot of 'FINALLY!' Not sure if they're going to do a wedding or some similar ceremony or not though since they never mentioned that...

As congratulatory gift for the happy occasion, Shuhang promised to give Guidance on the Dao of Pill Making to Medicine Master. Well... it's mostly Shuhang's way apologizing for setting him up though.

Oh yes, they also went and got their own place to stay as they didn't want to shame themselves anymore by making 'too much noise'.




On the 4th day, the Moon Saber sect finally 'found' Sixteen and Shuhang. Since she's not gravely injured like in the original, Shuhang didn't even have to lift a finger as she basically destroyed all the attackers. Sadly though, reading their memories didn't yield any new information of use. All Shuhang got was who they're affiliated with and that they were on orders from their sect master. Tch, useless grunts...

The Immortal Farmer's Sect uncle though was trying to 'hide' from Shuhang's sight throughout the whole encounter. Judging by his expression, seems the Immortal Farmer's Sect uncle seem very shocked by Sixteen's prowess. Not to mention Shuhang that was hanging around her all the time. The fact that his realm couldn't be sensed could mean that he must be 'Su Clan's Sixteen' as she was supposedly severely injured. Not wanting to take any chance to fighting that strong cultivator besides 'Sixteen', the Immortal Farmer's Sect uncle decided to wait for reinforcements before taking actions.

As they were leaving the area after clearing up the evidence, Shuhang suddenly got 2 pings in his barrier which also appear to be heading their way. Discretely activating 'Divine Sight', Shuhang saw the new intruders which happened to be a giant Pekingese chasing after a giant ball of shadow.

(Huh... that must be Doudou and that Anzhi fellow... Now then, to capture or get captured on purpose... actually, yeah let's get kidnapped. This way I can go to their base without any work and at the same time, test the teleportation function of Soft Feather/Sixteen's bracelet.) thought Shuhang as he nodded to himself. After sending a telepathic message to Sixteen, Doudou and Anzhi finally made it to their location.

"Hiihiii, Su Clan's Junior, I finally found you!" suddenly said a cold voice as the ball of shadow swooped down.

(The one who practically 'had no' cultivation must be the Su Clan's Junior!) decided Anzhi as he 'pushed' the 3rd Stage cultivator aside and swooped up the 'injured Sixteen'.

"Hiihii, I am Demon Monarch Anzhi! Would you be willing to take a trip with me? Not that I would give you a choice though." said Anzhi as he took the 'injured Sixteen' and flew back into the sky leaving the Immortal Farmer's Sect uncle stunned at the sudden turn of event.



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