New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
31 Holy Sh*t! He Gave You What...!?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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31 Holy Sh*t! He Gave You What...!?

If one is a cultivator and happened to be looking at the sky at this moment, they would be able to see a wondrous sight of a ball of shadow currently being chased by a giant Pekingese. That's not all as behind that Pekingese, there seem to be a 'mad' uncle following behind and shouting profanity at the top of his lungs.


His angry shouts were largely ignored by the other 3 ahead though, Shuhang included. While Anzhi was arguing about one thing or another with the chasing Doudou, Shuhang was using one of the hidden function of the Sun & Moon bracelets and sending 'messages' to the real Sixteen whom was left behind. Honestly though... how had this Anzhi not noticed the strangely calm and quiet 'Sixteen' that he held hostage? Something had got to ring some alarm by now.... right? Is this guy alright? With this level of intelligence, how did he even cultivated and survived up to this point...?🤔




Back with Sixteen who had been left behind. she was currently on the phone with Seven and telling him to come to her location. Not even a couple of minutes passed by when he appeared by Sixteen's side.

"I'm here, Sixteen. What's the situation?" asked Seven in bewilderment. What did she want him here for? And where was Senior Dragon Emperor? He really need to be out there looking for those Moon Saber Sect bastards for apparently scheming against him. Getting the answers from Sixteen however left Seven shocked speechless before doubling over and laughed his guts out.

"Hahaha...! W-wait... who did you say that guy --pfft-- kidnapped? 😂" Seven asked her again just to make sure he didn't mishear anything. He even made sure to clean his ear out this time. Once again hearing the same thing from Sixteen though, he couldn't help but laughed even harder. If there were any nearby people, they would surely look at Seven as if he were a fool.

"Yes, and taking this as a chance, Shuhang wanted me to test the gift he gave Soft Feather and I earlier just to make sure they work as they should." Sixteen then began to tell the reason why this transpired and that he was here as a 'cab driver' in case the teleportation didn't work as it should.

(Hmm? Already on given name basis? When did they get so close?) thought Seven in bewilderment. He was still happy at the unexpected result though. The best part... he didn't even implement any of his 'plans' yet. Good... This is good. After fully hearing what she had said, Seven became interested. When she had shown him the bracelet and tell him the functions however, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and almost had a heart attack then and there.

How could he not? The thing Sixteen was casually wearing on her wrist was something akin to a top level sect's treasure after all. Heck, even if it were an 8th Stage Saint Monarch finding about this, they might just go mad from greed. That's how valuable this thing that Shuhang casually made and gifted was!

"T-t-th-this is...!?" Seven asked in stutter, almost breaking into a yell. After which, he spread his senses around the area warily before casting a few concealment spells in order to hide the bracelet. As it was emergency however, he couldn't truly do a perfect job and would have to consult the Clan about this matter for better instructions.

Seeing the strange reaction of Seven, Sixteen couldn't help but wonder what was up with him. (This bracelet is of course very powerful, but is there a need to be so overly flustered like so? Where is your dignity as the 'Strongest 5th Stage' cultivator...?) What she didn't realize however... by hanging around Shuhang, albeit not too long a time, still eroded her common sense.

A 'cheating' bastard like Shuhang who casually broke the rule of how the world works is definitely not for someone who valued their world view to hang around with...! If they want to keep their sanity that is. After finishing up his patch up work, Seven then began to reprimand Sixteen for being so careless with a supreme treasure such as this.

"Little Sixteen... it's okay to display it however you want from now when you are near Senior Dragon Emperor. If you are not however... Sixteen, promise me to never display this... this 'thing' in public like you just did. You have no idea how much trouble this could attract! Should the wrong person ever see it..." said Seven as he gave a stern warning.

(But still... just who is this Senior really? To be casually making such a priceless artifact as if its nothing. This is too scary...!) thought Seven apprehensively. Good thing that their Clan didn't react rashly when he reported about him... looks like there will be need to be another emergency clan meeting soon... damn it!




Back with the Shuhang and co... Demon Monarch Anzhi is currently letting out an air of gloom at the monster dog chasing after him. He didn't ever remember seeing this thing before yet for some reason, it attacked him the moment they met! The worst part is that it was actually really strong and he couldn't ditch it or even get rid of it as quickly as he'd like due to its strength!

Further behind Doudou, the Immortal Farmer's Sect uncle is giving it his all to give chase. He looked like he was about to pop a vein as well due to anger and all that shouting. Mostly from the shouting... (What is that clown playing at? Why did he suddenly started chasing as well?) thought Doudou in confusion but soon chose to ignore the guy and focused on following that kidnapper.

After traveling a bit of distance, a handful of Immortal Farmer Sect's cultivators barred their path. They even began to viciously shout threats and profanity at Demon Monarch Anzhi to hand over the 'Su Clan's Junior'. (Hm... whether or not to save these guys from the soon to be ensuing slaughter...) thought Shuhang as a new dilemma presented itself.


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