New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
32 Approaching Calamity
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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32 Approaching Calamity

Opting to see how the situation develops, Shuhang chose not to interfere too much in their clash. As Shuhang wasn't a cold blooded person though, he chose to stealthily protect the Farmer Sects disciples from receiving any true fatal wounds from Demon Monarch Anzhi. All throughout the struggle between the Farmer's Sect and Anzhi, Shuhang had one thought in mind as he looked at the attacking Doudou.

(Hmm... I wonder if I should find some ordinary cat and raise it to become the strongest ever demonic cat just to annoy Doudou?) The more Shuhang thought in this line, the more his eyes seemed to gleam. Doudou who was focused on harassing Anzhi for some reason became annoyed and its eyes started twitching. Mistaking that as Anzhi's provocation, he began to attack with even more fervor than before.

(You know what... that's not actually not a bad idea. I can even take this chance to experiment on the effect and after-effects of my boosting abilities on other ordinary and non cultivating mortals. Should be useful when I plan on taking in 'disciples' like Joseph in the future. Plus raising an animal has the added bonus of gaining experience for raising Demonic Beasts in the future should I succeed...)

As Shuhang was lost in thought, he accidentally forgot to hold back his strength against Anzhi's hold which caused him to lose his grip in surprise as Shuhang fell from the air. How could he not? So far, Shuhang had been quiet and cooperative all the along before suddenly 'retaliating' with a 'surprise attack'. Becoming angry, Anzhi immediately turned to the resisting 'Sixteen' in order to retake the 'hostage' into his grasp.

This split second distraction proved to be a big mistake as Doudou ceased this chance to deal a huge damage on him.

"Guu---! Damn beast!" shouted Anzhi in fury before blasting Doudou away from him. The Immortal Farmer's Sect uncle, who is now identified as Justheart, took this chance where 'Sixteen' was out of Anzhi's grasp and rushed toward him. As he closed in however, Justheart finally noticed that the hostage wasn't Su Clan's junior at all and is someone else. Heck, it's not even a she but rather a he!!

Facing such an unexpected situation, Justheart froze at the suddenness of it. It was at this moment that Justheart suddenly felt a force pushing him away and Shuhang's voice entered his head through a telepathic skill. The one who pushed Justheart away was of course Shuhang himself. He still needed this Anzhi fellow to take him to Moon Saber Sect's new base after all. Otherwise, how else would Shuhang be able to take care of them all in one fell swoop? Ain't nobody got time to go look for them one by one...

Not really questioning why Justheart had failed to take the 'Su Clan's Junior', Anzhi once again grabbed a hold of Shuhang and flew off into the distance. Probably because of his dog's instinct, Doudou had of course given chase once again. Justheart on the other hand was still in a daze at the voice that had given instructions to him earlier.

(F**! That person was...) thought Justheart before seeing that his junior brothers and sisters were waiting on him for further instructions. Snapping out of his stupor, Justheart yelled out "Junior sister Justjoy, you come with me to give chase! The rest will stay and help nurse our fellow disciples!"

With that, a chorus of "YES!" resounded which earned a nod from Justheart. Not too soon, he took Justjoy with him on his flying sword before once more giving chase to Anzhi and Doudou. This time however... he's giving chase for a different reason than before. (If what that person said was true...) Justheart gritted his teeth hard as he thought of his fellow brother, Justmight.




At the new secret base of the Moon Saber Sect, Young Master Hai was somehow feeling a bit uneasy for unknown reason. It was as if a calamity was about to befall him or something which was absurd. With all the plannings and preparations he put in, a mere Su Clan's Seven wouldn't really be able to do anything when he gets here. That is especially true when the clone of the Demon Monarch Anzhi reported that was everything was going well and that the Su Clan's Junior was in captive and on the way.

"The 'Strongest 5th Stage, Su Clan's Seven'... Hmph. We'll see how arrogant you are when this Young Master here show you the miserable face your clan's Junior in my grip" said Young Master Hai arrogantly as he dismissed the feeling of approaching calamity. If only he had listened to what his 'Sixth Sense' was telling him. Alas, when the time comes, there wouldn't be any medicine for the regret he would soon feel...


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