New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
33 Crashing the Party!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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33 Crashing the Party!

Not too soon after Anzhi, Doudou, and Justheart left the area, another cultivator of the Immortal Farmer's Sect had shown up at the site. Upon noticing who it was, the disciples who were on guard before shouted out his name in joy.

"Apprentice Brother Justmight! What are you doing here?" Hearing the question from one the younger ones, Justmight put on a serious expression told them that there was news of Su Clan's Seven being around a giant valley somewhere along with the 'Moon Saber Sect'.

Now normally, this would have worked really well like it did in the original story and roused their spirits while taking all the disciples towards that location. Too bad no one had expected the interference of a cheating bastard that is Song Shuhang.

Before being 'taken' away, Shuhang had quickly relayed to Justheart of quite a few shocking things. One such a thing was to be aware of Justmight trying to lure them away with the news of 'Su Clan's Seven'. Although Justheart really wanted to trust his fellow disciple, there were just too many inconsistencies pointed out by Shuhang that he couldn't bring himself to blindly trusting the guy.

With that mind, Justheart quickly relayed his suspicions to all the 3rd Stage Cultivators that were within the group. With a heavy heart, they could only nod in understanding all the while hoping that they were wrong... that Shuhang was a liar only trying to mislead them. There was no way that their much admired senior brother Justmight could be a traitor...!

Not even too long a time had passed when Justmight had shown up and proceeded to say the exact same thing they didn't want to hear! Now become more wary of the person in front of them, all the 3rd Stage had agreed to go with Justmight in case it was true while ordering the lower ranks to return to the sect.

Before Justmight could even refute, the other disciples quickly said one thing or another to make Justmight not be able to take them with him to their possible deaths as well. Although a little dissatisfied on the inside, he couldn't say anything against their decision as it made more sense. It seems it would do to just have the few but higher level disciples go with him...




At the Blue Plains Valley, all the high ranking members of the Immortal Farming Sect had just encountered the Moon Saber Sect. With barely any words exchanged, the Moon Saber Sect disciple just started madly attacking with all their might... almost as if they were crazy even. Young Master Hai observed the situation with a glee as he was making further preparations for when Su Clan's Seven finally appeared.

Not too soon after the bloodshed started, Young Master Hai could feel his Demon Monarch Anzhi fast approaching their location. With that new knowledge, he gave off a smile as his plan would soon unfold and Su Clan's Seven would soon be here as well. Suddenly, he sensed that Anzhi's movement halted, but he didn't put too much stock into that as he was probably stopped to get rid of that other presence following behind him.




Whatever Young Master Hai had hoped couldn't have been more wrong. The reason why Anzhi had halted his flight was not to deal with Doudou, but it was Shuhang completely killing him body and soul. It was so quick that he didn't even realized he had already died as his body turned into dust. The reason he acted now was because there was no longer any need for his guiding since Shuhang was so close to the place already.

Doudou who was still chasing after Anzhi hastily put on a brake at the unexpected development.

"WANG! Who are you?" spoke.. or rather barked Doudou for the first time in confusion and wariness. This person with seemingly no cultivation had suddenly dealt with his target with ease! Definitely someone powerful...

Hearing his question, Shuhang only returned an enigmatic smile before saying "Ah, you must be fellow daoist Yellow Mountain's monster dog that ran away from home, Doudou. Nice to meet you, you may call True Monarch Dragon Emperor." Not giving the chance for Doudou to say anything, he added on "Come, watch a show with me"

Then beckoning his hand towards Doudou, his giant dog form suddenly shrunk as he was pulled into Shuhang's arm which held him from escaping.

(WANG! I.. I can't move! HELP! WANG WANG! This is dog-napping!) Struggle as he might, Doudou was alas powerless to resist Shuhang as he was taken towards the battle field in the valley ahead. Justheart and his junior sister had caught up in time to see Demon Monarch Anzhi getting obliterated with ease.

Seeing such a sight, they couldn't help but shiver a little. The Anzhi that had nearly decimated them with almost no effort got taken out... just like that? What a powerful senior! Before Shuhang and Doudou got too far away though, he finally snapped himself back from his stupor and gave chase once more.

Once Shuhang had made it to the battle field, he couldn't help but sigh at the massacre taking place. Both sides were crazily attacking the others while the death count were numerous. The Immortal Farming Sects seems to be on the losing end however as many of their elites and top level experts were dying left and right. Someone who looked like their sect leader and Justmight was also seen being attacked.

If someone doesn't interfere soon, their legacy would definitely end right here... And interfere Shuhang will do. Sure it wasn't really his business, but since Shuhang didn't like that Young Master Hai bastard, he might as well do it to hinder his plans. With a thought, Shuhang had sent a message to the waiting Sixteen. Almost immediately, a multicolored light could be seen flashing atop the battlefield, which brought everyone to a stop at the sudden event.

Looking towards the source, every saw the figure of a 'beautiful' man holding a Pekingese in one arm. He was also... standing on the air without the aid of a flying sword. (A high level expert!) everyone thought. Young Master Hai especially had a bad feeling when he saw the sight of Shuhang. For some reason or another, he started to get an uneasy feeling gripping his heart as soon as he saw him.

Just as everyone were trying to figure out the identity of this person suddenly showing up, four figures blurred into existence from the multicolored light. One of them was of course Sixteen as Shuhang had expected and pulled into his embrace. The person next to her, he also expected which was Seven who quickly took out his flying Saber. The other 2 however were the unexpected faces of Medicine Master and Purple Mist.


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