New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
34 Don“t Start Without Me!!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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34 Don“t Start Without Me!!

"Uh. Medicine Master and Purple Mist? What are you guys doing here?" Shuhang asked them with a raised brow and completely ignoring everyone in the battle field altogether. Even though the person talking wasn't really paying attention to them, none dared to rashly make any moves since no one knew of what his intentions are for showing up here.

"Fufu. Senior, it's like this. My 'husband' and I were in the area and happened to sense fellow daoist Seven's aura. After meeting up, it was junior Sixteen that explained everything. I decided it was a good opportunity for me to show my sincerity and came along to help out. I hope Senior don't mind."

Standing tall and proudly on her own flying sword, Purple Mist took the role of the explaining how they came here. For some reason though, she reeeally put a big emphasis on the word 'husband' as if afraid that no one could hear it. (This girl... really 😅)

"--cough-- It's just as Purple Mist said, Senior. I hope you don't mind us?" Medicine Master added on with embarrassment. (Did she really have to keep advertising their status to every acquaintances and friends though...?) thought Medicine Master bitterly in his heart.

"Shu-... Senior Song. What is the situation here? So many deaths..." Sixteen finally asked after noticing the many corpses littering the whole Blue Origin Valley. She really didn't like to address Shuhang so formally though as it some what make her feel uncomfortable. As there were other seniors around however, she had to observe the proper decorum less it cause Shuhang to lose face.

Rather than answering her, Shuhang just smiled and took out his cell phone.

"Everyone, come closer for a selfie. I want to share this moment with the chat group members as we're about to do something fun together." After hearing that, everyone mouth twitched a little but complied none the less. Even Doudou, who had finally realized that Shuhang was a member of the Chat Group, had stopped resisting and let out a bark in compliance.

Although Shuhang didn't raise his voice as he spoke, every single person on the battle field had been nervously standing still and even quieter than even the dead. Adding to the fact this is in a valley, his voice reverberated off of the natural walls and everyone can clearly hear what he said. When they finally understood what his words meant, everyone almost coughed out a bucket's worth of blood due to shock and anger.

(WTF!? Can't you see that we were having a Sect Wide Annihilation Battle here? What do you mean selfie?! This isn't the site for a family picnic damn it! Where the hell is your pride? Where's your dignity as an aloof expert?!) Every single person in the valley at this time had the same thought as each other. They just aren't brave enough to voice out their retort.

The Moon Saber Sect leader, Ba Qianjun, had originally wanted to attack the new person after noticing that Su Clan's Seven was with him. As soon as the word 'Senior' left Seven's mouth however, his battle spirit quickly evaporated as soon as it came. Still not knowing what to do, everyone stayed rooted in their spot as Shuhang did what he said and really took a selfie with all of his group members.




The Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group which was dead and filled with nothing but the bored, lurking seniors, suddenly received a new post. It appears that someone had uploaded a picture with a caption on it...? Everyone had quickly

[True Monarch Dragon Emperor: "Here at the Blue Origin Valley with fellow daoist Medicine Master, Purple Mist, and Doudou. We're about to watch Su Clan's Seven and Sixteen tear the Moon Saber Sect to pieces. 😎😎😎"]

Unlike his last post where his face was somewhat hidden, Shuhang's face was fully shown in this picture. Standing in the middle was Shuhang with Sixteen snuggled closely in his right arm and Seven further to the right side. In Shuhang's left arm was the Pekingese, Doudou with its tongue poking out and mouth ajar. Further to his left stood Medicine Master and Purple Mist linking arms. In the background, were the sight of the two sects in a stand off filled debris and corpses all across the valley.

Not even more than a few seconds had passed, all the lurkers came out in drove and flooded the board with many likes. People such as Northern River's Loose Cultivator, Mad Saber Three Waves, Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, Daluo Sect's True Monarch Rain Moon, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, Wandering Monk Profound Principle, Immortal Master Copper Trigram, Scholar Drunken Moon, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman… and so on and so forth.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain who was drinking tea while reading the chat suddenly spit out everything into a tea mist as he noticed Doudou that was in Shuhang's arm rather than Shuhang himself so he was spared from a pitiful fate that would soon befall the various group members. (What the heck? How did that naughty dog come to be with fellow daoist Dragon Emperor?!) Yellow Mountain thought with an on-coming headache.

All the cultivators that took a closer look at the mysterious 'Dragon Emperor's' picture couldn't help but thought 'beautiful' and had their heart moved a bit. The females blushed a bit while the male cultivators had terror running up their spines. (Oh god no! Another senior white! And this is just a picture and not even in person...! How were those guys there not affected by his 'charm'?!)

Well of course they wouldn't be affected by his charm. Stealthily, Shuhang had been boosting the 'charm resistance' of all the male he's in contact with as well as Purple Mist because NTR is trash fetish. Heck even Doudou wasn't spared and got his resistance boosted. Soft Feather was the only one spared as she already had impossibly high charm resistance to begin with.

Sixteen on the other hand... even after boosting her resistance, she still acted as she normally was. It's odd to say the least but Shuhang didn't put too much thought into it as long as he knows that the resistance was there. The Chat Group members on the other hand didn't have such a luxury so everyone could only do their best to think of the person they like most while chanting mantras.

Suddenly, Soft Feather typed in a message into the group chat which left Shuhang stunned.

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "AAH! No fair, Senior Song! 😭 I already missed something fun last time and I won't miss it again!😤 I'm coming to you right now! 🤩"]

Getting a bad feeling, Shuhang hurriedly pulled out his Flying Sword and deposited Sixteen and Doudou onto it. Not a moment too soon, another multicolored light sprang to life in the valley as another person, a girl, came out of the light and fell right onto Shuhang into a princess carry. This new person is of course, the Soft Feather that was in the chat just now!


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