New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
35 The Young Master Hai Who Miscalculated
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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35 The Young Master Hai Who Miscalculated

"Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather at your service! 😆"

Looking at the grinning face of Soft Feather that was in his arms, Shuhang's mouth couldn't help but twitch. (I say Soft Feather... could you not use your 'Life Saving' treasure just so you could go to the most 'interesting' event taking place?) thought both Shuhang and Sixteen at the same time. (Well, at least I know that her bracelet works like it was supposed to so that's one plus...)

Young Master Hai who was still 'stealthily' watching the whole event taking place had a frown marred on his face. (Not good, I'd better get started now before anymore 'reinforcement' could make it here.) Other than the 'senior' who had the ability to walk on air without assistance, everyone else seemed to be using their Flying Swords which means they're at most at the 4th Stage.

Oh... how he wished to slap himself later for coming to this stupid conclusion.

(Looking at the 'senior' that was so casual with the two 3rd stage little girls, I surmise that he should be at 5th stage at most, same as Seven. Hmph, no problem. I can still redeem this situation. But where is that fool Anzhi at? Why hadn't he shown up yet?)

With no further thoughts, he silently activated the formation that he prepared earlier before speaking to the Moon Saber Sect people.

"Our enemy, Su Clan's Seven is here! Even better that he brought his comrades here as well. What better chance than now to make our stance here!?" Young Master Hai without pause, kept giving more and more rousing speech to the Moon Saber Sect's people. To rouse their spirit even more, he even released his own imposing power as a show of strength and it worked wonders.


Hearing the sudden rousing speech and the crowd getting stirred up, Shuhang's only reaction was a raised brow as he also deposited Soft Feather onto his Fly Sword before turning to Seven.

"Hm. that person should be the 'Young Master Hai' that you were seeking. I leave him to you, Seven."

Seven didn't need to hear anymore details after that since he's finally found the bastard that had been scheming against him. The rising combative spirit in his eyes was clear a message to their group - 'Leave that guy to me! - it said. None there had anything against that as they knew that just Seven alone is more than enough to take care of this ordeal.

"Well, now that Soft Feather is here as well... might as well take this chance to test the synchronizing function of the two bracelets. Sixteen and Soft Feather... and Doudou as well, you guys can take care of the regular disciples." Shuhang continued to give instructions as brought out the 'Boosted Gear' to permanently boost the size of Soft Feather's dantian further as well regenerative ability to give her an even footing with Sixteen.

"YES!" "WANG!"

With that, the 3 'juniors' jumped off to their own battle. "Aah Purple Mist, I'd like you to keep a lookout on those 3. I believe in their abilities but... just in case." Purple Mist merely nodded to what Shuhang said as she understood her role. Feeling the sudden 'boost' in Su Clan's Sixteen as soon as Soft Feather appeared though... it doesn't seem like she will need to make any move at all.

"As for Medicine Master... I'd suggest you help out the Immortal Farming's Sect out. Since they specialize with precious herbs and plants, you could probably make some sort of deal that benefits both of you later. And also, I'd like you to give this little trinket to their sect leader..." finally said Shuhang to Medicine Master with a mysterious smile. Especially when he mentioned the sect leader while looking to the direction of the 2 people hiding a distance away.

"I understand, senior. What of the formation that I've been feeling since we got here?" Hearing the question posed by Medicine Master, Shuhang only returned with a slight chuckle. "No need to worry about that. I've already done some tampering here and there as soon as I got here. That guy must be really tired of living to dare use a formation against me. The 'Sage' in my dao name isn't just for show you know..." returned Shuhang mysteriously.

Getting that response, Medicine Master recalled his full Dao name 'Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor' and almost started to pity these 'Moon Saber Sect' and that Young Master Hai a little. (Not only did they mess with our Seven, they even managed to drag Senior Dragon Emperor, who is definitely has a much scarier identity into the mix. What kind of heinous crime did that guy do in the previous life to incur such bad luck now...? 😓)

With his question answer, Medicine Master went in the direction of the Immortal Farming Sect's Leader and Justmight. After a bit of talking and stealthily handing the thing from Shuhang to him, the sect began their retreat back to their HQ. With his business done, Medicine Master returned to Shuhang's side and helped keep a lookout for the 3 juniors having fun. And boy was Sixteen and Soft Feather having fun... so much so that it's starting to disturb Doudou a little. That Sixteen especially...

Looking at the Moon Saber Sect's Leader, Ba Qianjun and Young Master Hai teaming up on Seven, Shuhang mumbled out with a smile "Hehe... wonder what your reaction would be after you realize what I've done with your formation, Young Master Hai..."



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