New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
36 Check Out My New Sabeeeeeeeerr....!?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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36 Check Out My New Sabeeeeeeeerr....!?

"DIE!" shouted one of the Moon Saber Sect's disciple in a formation as he charged at the giant demon dog in front of them. The only reply he received was a bark and a giant paw that smacked him away and most likely ending his life. Undeterred by their brethren's death, the others quickly tried to surround Doudou and brought down their sabers.


The shock wave from this one bark had blasted them away and gave Doudou some breathing room as he continued his game of attacking and dodging. (There're too many of them, woof! They're just recklessly attacking too... something's definitely wrong with them!) Doudou thought with a frown as he continued to use his claws to swipe away at their weapons and fangs to bite them to death when given the opportunity.

A couple of distance away, Sixteen was mercilessly and almost effortlessly cutting down everyone in her path. No matter if their weapons, armors, or any defensive artifacts, Sixteen's saber easily cut slice through everything. Sixteen's incredible strength gained from her physique easily put her on par with a 4th stage cultivator. Now that Soft Feather and her Sun Bracelet were here as well, she gained a further boost which easily brought her strength up really close to a 5th stage.


With a slash, another group of 4 cultivators were shredded along with all their equipment. The same thing happened to her with Doudou however as there were simply too many of them and she got surrounded again as soon as she cut one group down.


Shouted one of the Moon Saber Sect's disciple in front as he brought his weapon in a downward swing. Two more from the side did a low and mid sweep attack while the one in the back did a diagonal slash simultaneously. Although Sixteen was 'trapped' in their attack formation, she surprisingly didn't panic and gripped her saber harder as flames started to erupt forth.

"Heaven Scorching Saber!"


As soon as Sixteen attacked, a saber beam with an unbearable heat swept forth and everything that is 180 degrees in front of her were turned into charred corpses while some directly burned into ashes. As she didn't attack the one behind her however, the Moon Saber Sect disciple thought that his attack would definitely reach and gained a murderous gleam in his eyes.

Before his attack found its target on Sixteen's unprotected back however, 2 sword beams from the side and crashed into him. One of them blew away his arms holding the saber while the other cut into his neck, fully separating it from his body. Those sword beams of course came the nearby Soft Feather whom just crushed 2 Sword Talismans.

Because she suddenly paused in order to block an attack for Sixteen, the 2 opponents she was fighting took advantage of this opportunity and brought down their weapons. One aimed at her head while the other aimed at her waist.


Soft Feather whose base stats was just 'boosted' by Shuhang and further being boosted by the Bracelets easily reacted to their attacks.


Using her bracelet, she blocked the overhead strike and parried the other with her own sword. Before they could even begin to feel any shock, Soft Feather kicked away the one that aimed at her waist then used her now free sword to cut the other down. Just like before, another group of disciples replaced those two as they tried to surround her.

Rather than attacking, Soft Feather simply jumped back before the temperature in the surrounding had a sudden spike. "Heaven Scorching Saber!" was the only thing this new group of disciples heard before they too turned into charcoal. Seeing another group decimated, Soft Feather simply jumped into the fray against another group nearby, not even questioning the perfect timing that Sixteen had just as Sixteen hadn't when Soft Feather blocked an attack for her.




"Hou. It seems the 'synchro' function is working really well. Not only are their abilities properly boosted, even their senses are linked and able to know where each other was in the battlefield. What a scary tag-team combo..." said Shuhang in interested as he observed the girls' fight. Even Purple Mist and Medicine Master were incredulous at their prowess and unable to believe that they were still only at the 3rd stage.

"Also... to attack with such fervor, Soft Feather must be stress relieving from being forced to stay home by her dad all this time." Shuhang added with a smirk as he looked up to a location further away in the sky. Standing there with his face twitching, as if having just heard what Shuhang said, was Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

As someone who had some attainment in the Space Attribute and some time studying Shuhang's work, he had devised a way to track his daughter should she 'run away' from home using that bracelet.

Taking his eyes off the daughter-con Venerable for a moment, Shuhang turned towards another area where Seven was taking on Young Master Hai and Ba Qianjun. Due to the imposing will of their sect leader due to the formation, the Moon Saber Sect disciples felt empowered and put their everything into maintaining the formation.

"ELDER HAI! SECT LEADER! ELDER HAI SECT LEADER!" chanted the disciples which is now in a state of madness as they focused even more effort into maintaining the formation. This in turn, boosted both Ba Qianjun and Young Master Hai's ability to resist Seven's Saber Beam attacks infused with Spirit Energy from his Gold Core.

It was at this time that Young Master Hai began to gloat about his plans of using Seven and the two sects involved. As Demon Monarch Anzhi never showed up however, Young Master Hai had to activate the Blood God's Evil Saber Formation with Ba Qianjun instead. The Moon Saber Sect's disciples were nothing more than walking corpses at this point as all their blood, qi, and life force are forcibly sucked out by the formation.

"Hmph. A Blood Saber Sect's remnant? No matter." said Seven dismissively before he started his own ultimate attack.



As Seven's Saber Attack clashed against the blood mist of their formation, the deafening sounds of explosion rang out continuously. Right after, the sound of Ba Qianjun's miserable scream rang out while Young Master Hai sounded as if he had taken a great damage to his body.

"KUH!" "NO!"

Sheathing his Saber, Seven waited for about 5 breaths while the blood mist in Blue Origin Valley continue to dissipate. What appeared before Seven were the 3 figures of Ba Qianjun which had a massive hole in his chest area and Young Master Hai's miserable appearance and an unknown cultivator who appeared out of nowhere! Not a moment later, Ba Qianjun's eyes grew dull as his corpse fell headlong into the ground.

Young Master Hai who was still alive as Seven's attack was blocked by the mysterious intruder, had most of his clothes ripped and bloodied. One of his arms was severed from the elbow down and his hair in a mess. "Hehe, brother Seven truly lives to his reputation... I almost died to that attack of yours... almost." said Young Master Hai with an annoying smile on his face.

Even with him continuing his gloating, no one seemed to actually be paying attention to him however. Every single person in that valley, the person recently just appeared included, stared unblinkingly with a funny expression at the 'thing' that Young Master Hai was proudly carrying. Noticing their gazes, Young Master Hai felt even more proud of himself as he began to boast about his, now identified, 'life-bound Blood God Saber'.

"PFFT!" *giggles*

Suddenly everyone began to snicker and giggle uncontrollably at Young Master Hai who up until now, had now properly looked at his 'life-bound Blood God Saber'. Sixteen and Soft Feather who were now at the sides of the Medicine Couples were blushing red in embarrassment while also trying to hold back their laughter. Even Venerable Spirit Butterfly had his mouth twitch as if he's trying to hold himself back.

Getting a really bad feeling, Young Master Hai turned his gaze towards the 'life-bound Blood God Saber' in his hands. To his horror however... the thing he's holding in his hand was what he had expected. At around 1/2 a meter long, it was a cylindrical 'stick' filled with bumps and spikes along its surface. It's tip was in the shape that every man is familiar with.

That's right... in Young Master Hai's hand is not the 'life-bound Blood God Saber'. It is in fact... a glowing rainbow colored dildo filled with barbs and spikes!

"@)(#*@)(#" shouted Young Master Hai in unidentified language. This of course prompted everyone in the scene to bust their guts laughing.

"BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!" Shuhang laughed the hardest of them all.


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