New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
37 Gift Within A Gif
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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37 Gift Within A Gif

"I-I say... Young Master Hai sure has some unique taste. I, True Monarch --pffft!-- Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor --huhu-- really admire your style. That is definitely the most powerful looking 'Saber' I've ever seen!" Shuhang managed to finish his introduction while also mocking Young Master Hai at the same time before busting into another gut wrenching laughter.

Hearing the word 'True Monarch' in that sentence, Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant who was currently doing his best to hide his snickers suddenly became frozen stiff. Young Master Hai on the other was too overwhelmed with anger to notice the way Shuhang identified himself. This is even more so after he had noticed the Blood Red Saber that he was holding loosely in his hand. There were also 4 blood red crystals hovering harmlessly around Shuhang.

"YOU! THOSE ARE MINE!" Mad from anger, Young Master Hai shouted at Shuhang with blood shot eyes. He even unconsciously channeled True Qi into the 'Saber' in his hand which proved to be a big mistake.

Due to suddenly receiving True Qi, the 'Saber' became 'alive' as if it's just been recharged. Not only was it glowing even brighter than before, it even started to wriggle itself in an obscene manner and even started vibrating. To make matters worse, it actually started pulling itself, along with Young Master Hai towards the nearby Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant.


The sudden 'attack' from Young Master Hai definitely greatly surprised the Mad Tyrant who was just standing there, not understanding how this turn of event unfolded. He wasn't a 5th Stage cultivator that could take on Seven's strongest attack head on for nothing however as he immediately reacted.

"Younger Brother Hai!?" shouted the Mad Tyrant as he took out his blade and tried to parry away this glowing 'Saber'. Just as the blade was about come into contact however, the rainbow 'Saber' wriggled itself in a way so as to 'dodge' the Mad Tyrant's blade. The way that thing changed directions gave the Mad Tyrant a really bad feeling in his heart.

His worry grew true as the 'Saber' forcibly pulled Young Master Hai along and maneuvered him and itself behind the Mad Tyrant. With his back now drenched in cold sweat, Mad Tyrant suddenly felt his rear bottom in grave danger! "STOP! YOUNGER BROTHER HAI!" With no other choice, Mad Tyrant shouted as he jumped further away from the now frantic Young Master Hai.

"I-I can't control my body!" He shouted back desperately as he couldn't control his body while his true qi continued to be sucked into the 'angry Saber'.

Left with no other choice, Mad Tyrant further increased his speed and distance while shooting a qi beam filled Spirit Energy towards the 'Saber'. As the speed was much faster this time, the 'Saber' couldn't dodge and received the attack in full. Mad Tyrant let out a sigh of relief as he was confident that the abominable thing targeting his rear end was definitely destroyed.

He couldn't be more wrong however as it got even more 'energized' and started wriggling and vibrating even faster! The speed at which it targeted his rear end became even faster as well. "NO!" shouted a now very desperate Mad Tyrant as he increased his speed flying off into the distance. Young Master Hai on the other continued to relentlessly chase after Mad Tyrant into the distance.


Flying off into the sunset, Young Master Hai's voice could be heard echoing off the walls of Blue Origin Valley. Everyone else left at the scene couldn't help but be dumbfounded at the sudden outburst of that 'Saber' and looked fearfully towards Shuhang. (S-scary...!! This senior Dragon Emperor... definitely must never get on his bad side!!!) thought practically everyone save for Sixteen and Soft Feather.




After a moment of settling their feelings, Seven turned towards Shuhang and asked "Senior... is it alright to just let them escape like that?" After putting the life-bound saber and blood crystals away, he turned towards Seven and explained his reasoning.

"Hehe. No need to worry. That 'Saber' I've gifted him wasn't just a prank. There is a tracking spell on it. It also cannot be hidden from view with any magic/spells and definitely could not be taken off his hand unless he was willing to chop them off." After replying, Shuhang threw a little compass to Seven. His meaning was clear - 'go deal with those guys as you will. they were the ones to provoke you first after all'.

Everyone else that heard the functions of that colorful... 'Saber', couldn't help but once more getting a shiver down their spine. (Th-this is just too vicious! I'm really starting to feel bad for that guy now...) thought everyone. Soft Feather on the hand just had her gleamed as if she just learned a valuable trick for her next prank or something.

"In any case, I extend my greetings to the senior. May I have the pleasure of knowing how to address you?" Shuhang suddenly said towards a certain direction which greatly shocked everyone. With no other choice, Venerable Spirit Butterfly revealed himself which earned a surprise yelp from Soft Feather.


Briefly looking at his daughter, he then turned his gaze towards Shuhang who definitely noticed him since he's been here. The more he learned about this 'senior Song' the more astonished he became especially after seeing what his daughter's gift, the bracelet was capable of. To make matters even more interesting, he could not sense Shuhang's realm at all! The only way he knew was that he identified himself as a 'True Monarch' but even then... is that really his true cultivation stage?

"This Venerable Spirit Butterfly must thank the junior for taking care of my daughter as well as his generous gift. As I currently do not have anything appropriate, I do apologize for making you wait a bit more before I could give something presentable in return as appreciation."

He really... really do want to have a 'talk' with Shuhang then and there for beguiling his daughter. As there were other juniors nearby however, he had to hold himself back lest he lose face.

"No no. Senior is too polite. As it was something I did of my own volition, there is no need for senior to gift something to me in return." returned a smiling Shuhang politely yet not in a servile manner.

"As a senior, I insist. My daughter, you've had enough 'fun' for now. Return home with me as you still need to get ready for your tribulation." said Venerable Spirit Butterfly. Not giving a chance for Soft Feather to refute, he pulled her onto his Flying Sword and looked at the rest. "Apologies for not staying however, as I have something, I will be going off first." With that said, he quickly sped off into the distant sky, presumably the direction of their island.

Not minding their quick departure, Shuhang turned towards the others and said "Well then. Let's all head towards the other victim in this ordeal, the Immortal Farming Sect."


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