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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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38 It“s Time...

Following the marker he'd left on the little trinket given to the Immortal Farming Sect's leader, Shuhang lead the group towards their HQ. When they arrived however, there was a tangible air of gloom permeating the premise. Without waiting for anyone's permission, Shuhang just barged into their meeting hall like he owned the place.

Upon entering the room, he noticed right away that everyone wore both the look of anger and depression all the while pointing their weapons towards the same direction. The one person on the receiving end of this is Justmight, the Immortal Farming Sect's most talented and strongest disciple. He was currently bounded to the ground with magical bindings that for some reason glowed in different colors and continuously shifting.

Since some time ago, Shuhang's energy had been changing into the kaleidoscope's color and he wouldn't even be surprised if that becomes one of his trade mark one day. Heck, even the sky where his Spirit Lake lies were in this color scheme. Speaking of which, there was actually an island, with patches greens growing, forming in there as well. At that point of discovery, Shuhang just gave up on guessing where the direction of his cultivation is heading.

(Seriously though... why the island? Maybe Ddraig can perch himself there once he gets tired of swimming in the Spirit Lake?) thought Shuhang seriously. Speaking of the guy... Ddraig seemed to have gain an increase in body size during this little nap. If he keeps growing like this, Shuhang suspects that he would grow into around the same size as the Apocalypse Dragon by the time he's awaken. Which should be some time soon after he's advanced to 7th Stage, Spirit Venerable.

(Actually, this reminds me of something. If Ophis represents the void/infinity while Great Red represents Dreams... then what of this new Ddraig that is fusing with the Kaleidoscope? Dimension? Reality....? I really need to think of a new title for him since literally nothing about him is a Red Dragon anymore. More like... Skittles, the Rainbow Dragon... Let's think more about this later though as these Immortal Farming Sect's disciples had been staring at our group for awhile now. Me especially...)

Before Shuhang could open his mouth though, one of the people on the scene had interrupted him.

"Senior... thank you for the earlier warning. I had wished it wasn't true but.... kuh!" said Justheart in a pained voice as he gripped his sword to the point that it broke his skin and leaking blood. Their sect master looked even more miserable as he couldn't stand to greet their groups without his disciples supporting him.

With the help of Medicine Master taking care of his injuries... even though he already did before their retreat... both Justmight and that sect leader explained to Shuhang and the group of what transpired after coming back the HQ. Because Justheart and that 3rd Stage female disciple were still hiding themselves, the sect leader was giving Justmight the speech like in the original while handing him the Sect's Secret regarding that stolen fruit.

Just as Shuhang thought, Justmight really did attack the guy with the intention of killing. It was at that moment however that Shuhang's little trinket activated itself and bound Justmight down and the moment Justheart finally revealing himself. The sect leader's injuries was aggravated once more due to grief at the outcome and actually made it worse than before.

"Sigh, the hearts of men are truly unpredictable things..." Medicine Master sigh as he lamented the decisions of Justmight who seems to be strangely quiet throughout this whole debacle. As his role was only to lead Seven and Medicine Master here as they have unfinished business, he bid everyone farewell and left with Sixteen and Doudou who is being held tightly in her arms. Not to mention the fact that it was about time for Joseph to make his decisions soon....




'Fellow Daoist Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor? This is True Monarch Yellow Mountain. I need to talk to you about True Monarch White. Do you have time?'

Currently walking towards an abandoned building is Song Shuhang, dressed in a casual outfit. On his way to meeting his would be apprentice Joseph Guy to show up, he suddenly received a call and it turned out to be Yellow Mountain. Because of the whole Blue Origin Valley thing, he almost forgot about White coming out of seclusion.

'Of course, fellow daoist. Do you finally have the date and location?' replied Shuhang casually while thinking (hm... wonder what his reaction would be if I told him I'm gonna be a Venerable in 2 weeks or so...) That's right... Shuhang had actually decided to delay his breakthrough and waited for Ddraig to wake up first instead. This way, he could allow for Ddraig to finish whatever upgrade he's going through first before he advanced. Just in case something unexpected might occur again of course...

'Yes. Fellow Daoist White had contacted me earlier. The location of his seclusion is at ******** and will be at this time, ********. I've also taken the liberty of sending you a few dozen vehicles of different types in your names as well for fellow Daoist White.'

'A few dozens? Fellow Daoist, shouldn't one be enough? Could you perhaps be expecting frequent replacements of some sort?' asked Shuhang in a subtle jabbing tone while knowing full well of the reason why. Thinking about it... he wondered what would happen if both of them are in the same place with how high both White's and Shuhang's Charm + Luck stats are so ridiculously high. Would they clash or amplify each other...? Hm.

On the side of the line, True Monarch Yellow Mountain was getting cold sweats running down his cheek. (What a sharp intuition...! As expected of the cultivator with 'that' kind of fortune telling... No, more like a prophecy...)

'Haha of course not, fellow Daoist. This is just for variety's sake as who knows which kind of vehicle fellow daoist White would take a fancy to' smoothly replied Yellow Mountain. He's not a few hundred years old 6th Stage expert for nothing... there wasn't even a hint of nervous in his voice as he flawlessly answered Shuhang's question without truly lying nor telling the whole truth.

After talking a bit more, True Monarch Yellow Mountain suddenly shifted the topic to Doudou. It was decided to have Shuhang take care of Doudou for the time being as he himself was a little busy. There was of course rewards promised for the trouble which Shuhang easily agreed. It's not like he minded anyways.

Before he knew it, Shuhang had made it to the abandoned building just in time for Yellow Mountain to bid farewells as their business talk concluded. With his sense spreading throughout the whole building, Shuhang could 'see' Joseph standing there in the place where they met the first time.

"Now then... time to find out what decision 'this version' of Joseph would take..."


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