New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
40 The Incoming Tribulation
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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40 The Incoming Tribulation

It had been over a week since the event with the Immortal Farming Sect transpired and a few things had happened in that time period. One of them was that the medicine couple had to leave and cure Medicine Master's amnesiac friends due to their exploration of the 'Mysterious Floating Island'. But really though... Shuhang knew the real reason why they ran away. It was because Venerable White was about to come out of his long seclusion and would be received by Shuhang.

As for Shuhang's meeting with Joseph Guy Maupassant, he unsurprisingly decided to step forth and entered the dangerous world of cultivation. Apparently... the main reason why he had chose to do so was because he saw the scene of Sixteen, Seven, and the Medicine couples flight and teleporting away with the 'Moon Bracelets'. This had further increased his admiration towards 'martial arts' and solidified his resolution into becoming a cultivator.

When Shuhang had heard his reasoning, he was of course shocked out of his mind. Sixteen aside... everyone else there were 5th Stage cultivator and experts in their own rights. So how then... did this ordinary middle aged guy managed to elude all of their senses?! It's not like he had a special constitution or anything as Shuhang had checked with 'Divine Sight' and the 'Library of Heaven's Path' multiple times to make sure.

With something so strange happening more than once, Shuhang himself to later check this matter out more thoroughly later once he had the time. In any case, Shuhang had of course accepted Joseph as his student. He didn't give him the status as an official 'Disciple' yet however and would only do so when Joseph had activated the 'sealed' knowledge Shuhang had imprinted onto his mind.

As he was a middle aged with his own family, Joseph had of course long ago lost his 'original Yang essence' and missing the best period for cultivation. In order to allow Joseph to tread on the path of a cultivator, he would have to first strengthen his own physique to hell and back before he could even begin to start ingesting the revised 'Body Tempering Liquid'.

After showing Joseph the form of the 'True Heavenly Fist' without the mantra, Shuhang had imprinted the knowledge of the basic fist technique's mantra in Joseph's mind. The mantra would of course be sealed and would only unseal itself when Joseph at practiced the 'form' to perfection and when his body his strong enough.

To ensure this, Shuhang had 'boosted' Joseph's regenerative ability to astounding heights and gave him the body tempering methods along with a batch of the ordinary mortal version of the 'Body Tempering Liquid' and its formula. Depending on his resolution and the amount of hard work he put into this, Shuhang predicts that it could take anywhere from 2 to 3 months before Joseph could begin to use Medicine Master's revised edition of the 'Body Tempering Liquid' without having his body exploding into a gory mess.

After sending him Joseph off, who looks like he's on cloud 9 and uncaring of the fact that his training regiment looks more akin to torture than training, Shuhang went to a pet store to get that dog food for Doudou. It was then that he had saw the pets being sold there that he remembered about the whole cat raising thing and really bought one while he was at it.

What Shuhang settled on buying was a recently born British Short-hair kitten with snow white fur. And just to mess with Venerable White, he named the kitten 'Xiao Bai'. The first thing Shuhang did was of course to 'boost' Xiao Bai's life force/life span, intelligence, and its 'aptitude' towards cultivation. No matter how much aptitude it had though, it still wouldn't be for awhile until it could start cultivating since it was technically still a 'baby'.

The moment Shuhang got back 'home', Doudou had a reaction that is akin to one finding a new 'bullying target'. This of course made Shuhang amused which he expertly hid with a poker face. Wonder who's going to bully who once Xiao Bai started cultivating to becoming a 'Monster Beast' and eventually surpassing Doudou's cultivation level...




[Oi partner, don't be distracted! The tribulation is about to begin!]

Seeing that Shuhang was looking a bit absent minded, Ddraig shouted out from within his inner world. He had awoken only a couple of days ago and boy oh boy was he surprised at the changes. The picture of a mega sized dragon crying in depression was really too perfect and Shuhang made it even worse when he called him by a new nickname, Skittles. It took him a full day in order to calm the guy down and finally accepted his new looks where his scales were no longer red and constantly shifting in colors.

"Ah relax Ddraig. It's just another tribulation. Not like we hadn't undergone any in the past. 🙄" said Shuhang dismissively. Hearing Shuhang's lackadaisical reply, Ddraig only gave a hum as he landed on the 'island' in Shuhang's inner world. At a distance away, Shuhang's 'nascent soul' had it's eyes beginning to open. He couldn't really say anything to that as Shuhang simply waved off the 6 tribulation that he's been through before. His confidence did held some merits.

Currently, Shuhang was standing on another nameless mountain peak as he awaited his 6th Promote 7th Tribulation. This one was in an especially remote and desolate location just in case he's got himself the Great Sun True Fire tribulation.

"Sigh, this stupid tribulation should just come already... I just want to-" before Shuhang got to finish his complaint, he was suddenly shifted into a different place that is similar to that of the Eighth Stage Tribulation World. This suddenly made his face cramped and mouth started twitching.

"Oh... crap." was all Shuhang could say to this sudden turn of event. Looking upward, he could feel an oppressive strength gathering into one spot. Judging by the looks of it, he won't be able to easily brush off the tribulation like the other times. It looks like he might actually have to do this seriously.

"Phew. Ddraig, it seems like this tribulation will be more powerful than anything we've faced before. Heck, I might even need to use 'Balance Breaker' towards the end of this..." suddenly said Shuhang which caught the attention of Ddraig.


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