New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
41 An Extreme Way of Running Away From Responsibility
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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41 An Extreme Way of Running Away From Responsibility

On the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group, everyone was discussing about the Mysterious Island that had been appearing lately once again. Apparently, those that have went to investigate seems to have all suffered the same problem, memory loss.

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "As I was saying, leave the safety gears, both modern technology and protective charms to me. That Mysterious Island is much too dangerous otherwise."]

[Medicine Master: "Wait until I finished with my investigation in the cause of the memory loss."]

Judging by the speed of response, it's definitely his apprentice uh... wife, Purple Mist, that did the typing. Ever since those two finally got together, she's been sticking to him like glue. Before anyone could response to Medicine Master though... someone had uploaded a picture with a caption attached.

[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor has uploaded a picture.]

"About to attempt my 6th Promotes 7th Tribulation. 😎😎😎 "

In the picture was Shuhang sporting a confident smirk and in the background, was the accumulating tribulation cloud hovering in the sky. Even though it was just a picture, everyone there could actually still feel the strength and the enormous pressure it brought. Before anyone could react though, Shuhang went offline as quickly as he came on.

[Drunken Moon Scholar: "Good luck, senior. 👍"]

[Medicine Master: "👍+1"]




Many of the seniors that happened to be online continued to send thumbs up emoticons before going on another bout of discussion.

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Sigh, if I remember correctly, didn't @Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather say that senior Dragon Emperor is only 18 years old? How inconceivable that he is already attempting to breakthrough into the 7th stage."]

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "Yes, senior! Isn't senior Song amazing!? 😁"]

Not afraid to show her admiration towards Shuhang, Soft Feather immediately replied before going back to preparing for her own breakthrough. She didn't even question whether Shuhang could make it or not. The only thought that she had was to catch up in level as soon as possible as she wouldn't be able to go on many fun adventures with him if her strength is too far behind. The same situation could be seen with Sixteen as she was going about her daily life as per normal. Currently, she was watching Doudou messing around with Xiao Bai in amusement.

Reading Northern River's message, Venerable Spirit Butterfly who was once more spying on his daughter's chat log, spit out the tea that he was in the midst of drinking. (18!? Impossible! Since when had cultivation been so easy?!) thought the Venerable in great confusion. Before long, he called up his lazy apprentice that he tasked to do secret investigations.

The answer he received however only served to further agitated the Venerable even more. Assuming that he wasn't someone who's greatly skilled at infiltration and manipulation of course. The fact that his student's research spanned across multiple generations and many family trees though... it's hard to think otherwise. Back on the chat, there appears to be another startling discovery.

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Hm. This esteemed me just noticed. The place that fellow Daoist Dragon Emperor is at seems to be in a tribulation world? Doesn't this mean... that the strength of his tribulation actually exceeds the Great Sun True Fire Tribulation, the strongest one there is for the 6th Promote 7th?"]

As soon as that piece of info was revealed, the chat group went into another flurry of discussions. Many of which sigh lamentation as they believed that the chance of Shuhang surpassing this tribulation to be too small. It's not that they wished for him to be harmed but... only tribulations strength that are comparable to a Saints' tribulation or stronger would take place in the tribulation world.

The reason after all is due to their destructive might which could destroy the planet they're on. As someone who is 'only' in the 6th stage, True Monarch like Shuhang... the chance of survival against something that many hopeful 8th Stage cultivators failed throughout the ages is just much too low! Due to realizing the situation that Shuhang is in, the whole chat group was actually enveloped in a depressing atmosphere as the chatting seemed to have stopped. That is until...

[Mad Saber Three Waves: "Say... could it be that Senior Dragon Emperor found out the truth about True Monarch White and chose to tackle his tribulation in order to escape?"]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "..."]

[Palace Master Seven Lives' Talisman: "..."]

[Venerable Seventh Path: "..."]

[Drunken Moon Scholar: "..."]

And so on and so forth. Although inappropriate, just about everyone had the same though (It... that could actually be possible but... isn't this method a bit too extreme?)




Somewhere in an unknown location, Young Master Hai was busy plotting the revenge of his life against the Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor that ruined his plans and reputation until they're pretty much worthless. Due to the 'Saber' that he was gifted with, Young Master Hai had quickly gained an infamous nick name of 'The Bloody Impaler'. His trade mark is no longer his elegant demeanor which he was known for... it is now this brightly glowing 'Saber' (or so he claimed...) that he never seem to let go of... ever.

As for why he was known as 'The Bloody Impaler'... well... barbs and spikes plus his 'insatiable thirst to attack any nearby men's rear end is more than likely the main cause. It's due to this that no 'man' or even women had ever dared to go near Young Master Hai anymore. Not even his 'brother' Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant who, thankfully was able to escape from the clutches of Young Master Hai until he eventually ran out of True Qi to power-up the 'Saber'.

He once thought to take advantage of the 'Saber's' nigh indestructible property and use it as a weapon however, Young Master Hai found out that the weapon would always become intangible when ever he had the intention to use it as a weapon... much to his dismay. As he was drowning out his misery by using his now recovered arm to pour vats of alcohol into his mouth, an explosion suddenly sounded out followed by a mighty yell.



Of course... let's not forget the constant harassment that Su Clan's Seven had been dishing out almost daily. Were it not for the Mad Tyrant, Young Master Hai would have died by his hands since long ago... The better question is... how the heck does Seven keep finding him!? He had been on the move almost constantly...!!!


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